Why do you lose your voice?

Why do you lose your voice

If you are wondering as to why do you lose your voice, the reasons behind it would often pin point towards a brewing throat infection or an illness of sorts. Coarseness or hoarse voice can however also be acquired from not so serious reasons even though these may not be quite common. The main reason as to why this condition occurs can be an irritation to the larynx or an inflammation of the throat. Swells around the voice box too can be a factor. However, if you experience loss of voice or hoarseness for a stagnant or constant period without any proper reasoning, medical attention is of importance.

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Why Do You Lose Your Voice- Usual causes ?

The question is why do you lose your voice and the answer to that will be some evident medical conditions, possibly a variety of them. It can be anything from a normal throat infection to excess hooting, losing of voice in your throat can be caused by many reasons, some of the most common ones being-

  1. Pressure or strain- Pressure or strain in your voice would usually be caused in the event of too much shouting or screaming like loud voices or hooting during an event or a concert.  This condition however doesn’t last too long and a much needed rest to the voice will fix it quick.
  2. Misuse of voice– Misuse of voice can be in the form of inefficient voice with improper breathing methods much like trying to speak loudly in a crowded noisy circumstances or maybe by using the wrong pitch to speak or using an excessively loud tone for a longer period of time. This causes fatigue and effort in your vocal cords and the excess tension in the laryngeal muscles add on to it causing the hoarseness or loss of voice.
  3. Acid Reflux– At certain cases, the acid formation in the stomach may go back up the food pipe causing irritation and a burning sensation to the vocal cords.  This condition in the medical term is primarily called the laryngeopharyngeal reflux disease which comes with constant coarseness or hoarse voices which may lead to loss of voice. Some of the common symptoms to this can be lump in the throat along with painful sensations, difficulty in swallowing etc.
  4. Laryngitis- To answer the question why do you lose your voice, one word that repeatedly shows up is laryngitis. Acute laryngitis is one of the most common causes through which loss of voice may occur. The symptom comes with a swollen larynx that obstacle the easy functioning of the vocals. Inflammation too may persist. The closing and opening of the vocal cords is what produces the sound that we speak in. An obstacle in this section usually creates tension in the voice. This condition may be caused by either a bacterial agent or a viral. If the laryngitis condition remains constant and prolongs for a long time, we call the situation chronic in nature. Irritants like minor or mediocre infections or acid reflux are the primary sources.
  5. Vocal Cord Lesions- If you tend to pressurize your vocal cords by over using or straining your voice too much, you may risk yourself into forming cancerous or non-cancerous lesions or growths in the vocal cord area. This changes the vibration of the cords by altering them thereby creating a change in your voice. Cysts, nodes or nodules, polyps are the different types of lesions and may lead to loss in voice.
  1. Paralysis of the vocal cord- Paralysis of the vocal cords can be formed in the event of some neurological disorder that directly affects the larynx. These conditions may be quite common and may lead to weakness of either or both of the vocal cords. The voice now would become airy or breathy with soft undertones and therefore it becomes difficult to breathe as you talk. Laryngeal nerve growth, chest surgery, neck surgery, tumors or even a viral infection of the throat can be considered a factor.
  2. Other Causes- If your question, Why do you lose your voice, is still not answered, given below are three extra causes which would help you answer your query about the question:
  • Yeast infection- an oral thrush also known as a yeast infection can often be the cause for your voice loss. This is often contracted by people with low immunity backup like an AID or HIV patient or someone whose dealing with cancer and asthma etc.
  • Hemorrhage- here hemorrhage pertains to the vocal cords where the loss of voice experienced suddenly can be caused due to excessive strain or pressure from screaming and shouting. A blood vessel in the throat may tear or rupture owing to the strain where the soft tissues get filled with blood.
  • Cancer or the larynx- hoarseness or long and frequent episodes of voice loss may hint towards an underlying medical condition which can be something as serious as throat or laryngeal cancer.

Why do you lose your voice- restoration and cure

Since the question why do you lose your voice has been diligently answered, let’s take a look inside the restoration process on how to best contain the situation.

  1. Soothe Your Throat

Home cures and remedies are often of great help if you want to fix your throat the speediest rate possible. To speed up the recovery, some of the best home remedies to provide comfort to your throat would be-

  • Ample of fluid intake ( not cold or spirited, at room temperature)
  • Steaming cup of tea mixed with honey and lemon which acts as a vocal smoothening.
  • Saline water gargle will help you clear out the mucous build up in the throat
  • Throat lozenges often offer temporary relief
  • Steam inhalation twice a day can add the moisture intake in your throat. Warmth for the throat is really relaxing so opt for steam twice a day for 5 minutes.
  1. Rest Your Throat

Resting your throat is of utter importance. In case you have encountered hoarseness of throat, resting it like the rest of your body is important before you start using your voice again.

  • Smoking still remains one of the most persistent causes for throat drying which may tamper with the voice. Therefore, quit tobacco smoking.
  • To prevent drying of throat, breathe through your nose rather than your mouth
  • Give your voice immediate rest and resort to passing notes or writing it down for a while instead of speaking.
  • If your voice loss is caused by the rupturing of a vessel, medications like aspirin for the pain would in fact encourage and elevate the internal bleeding which is why one should keep away from these.
  • Intake of too much of acidic food like tomatoes or citrus fruits may result in tearing of the tissue. .
  1. Doctoral check up

If the previous mentioned remedies still doesn’t answer your how do you lose your voice question, this condition may hint towards a doctoral visit. Symptoms that are persistent or prolonged in nature will indeed cause a suspicion as to something serious cooking underneath. Seek medical attention at once. The most common or usual advice that your doctor may give you may be like-

  • You may resort to antibiotics if the loss of voice is caused by a bacterial infection
  • Steroids at times actually assist in toning down the inflammation or the swelling to a great extent. However, this is strictly an emergency procedural
  • If you are experiencing acid re-flux proton pump inhibitors may be of great help
  • Hydration and moisture control is of necessity which is why inhaling humidified air may assist you.
  • At around this time, absolute vocal rest is of paramount importance
  • If nodes or nodules are formed in your larynx you can easily treat this with micro-surgical cure.
  • Re-positioning vocal cords to fix the vocal cord paralysis may be advised. This is a surgical process.
  • Resort to voice therapy. This assists in healing a fresh surgical vocal cord as it helps in prompt healing.  The therapy usually composes of tasks or performances that would assist in making your vocals healthy and stronger.