White Poop in Toddler

White Poop in Toddler

Usually, a child’s stool color greatly varies on the diet he or she consumes. But if you discover a rather uncommon hue in your child’s poop which is not usually normal, it should raise an eyebrow. White colored stool in your children can be alarming in nature. Chalk white stools with a slight yellowish spread or a graying tint may occur in normal conditions. The same can be the case for children who are affected by diarrhea. To help the doctor diagnose and determine the cause for white poop in toddler, present a saved sample to him.

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What Causes White Poop in Toddler?

1. Cysts in the bile duct: Bile is what imparts a hue to your feces while the bile duct cysts obstruct the bile from passing onto the gallbladder. Such a condition may create a situation where the pigmentation in the bile is lessened owing to the obstruction. This is why the stool may contain a pale color and usually is accompanied by jaundice or darkening of urine.

2. Viral Hepatitis: In this case, the liver is affected by the virus which causes the liver to fail. The virus affected liver now fails to produce the adequate amount of bile required for digestion. This can be linked to the paleness of your child’s stool color. Even though hepatitis doesn’t really stir up trouble in a child, if you in any way feel the white poop in toddler is related to this disease, seek medical attention for him immediately. This can be induced by some drug interaction that your child must be taking. In any case, try to contain the disease and prevent it from affecting others.

3. Malabsorption: Malabsorption is an illness type that affects the body caused by the lack of the proper nutrients in your body. As your body feels the inadequacy for the essential vitamins and minerals, this condition can cause a change in the color of your child’s stool. A wide range of situations may work their way up to malabsorption which is why it is essential that you consult a pediatrician.

4. Biliary Atresia: quite similar to the bile duct cysts symptoms, the Biliary Atresia is recognized as a birth defect. Here the blockage caused in the ducts passes the bile to the gall bladder from the liver. Get this diagnosed and treated at the speediest rate possible to avoid cirrhosis of liver.

5. Gut infection: also known as stomach flu or gastroenteritis, these are infections caused by a germ carrier. One can contract this from anything be it parasites, bacteria or virus which usually results in swelling of the inner lining to the digestion tract. Apart from white poop, the other side effects are abdominal pain and diarrhea, fever and chills, nausea and vomiting etc. the seriousness of the symptom or the illness depends on the intensity of the infection and may take hours or days to recover.

6. Miscellaneous others: apart from liver oriented diseases, some other not so common illness too may affect the color of the poop. They are antibiotics, antacids or antifungal medication reactions. Putting your child on a full milk diet too may cause an effect.

7. This is just a sampling of the situations that can cause whitening of poop in a toddler. There are dozens of situations that one can sight which can be either a serious or a not so serious affair that can be related to these symptoms. To get the best out of the treatment, collect a sample and offer it to the doctor for a diagnosis so that he knows the best way to go about this situation.

Cure Regarding White Poop in Toddler

The treatments of these conditions are strictly based on the diagnosis of the causes that led to the white poop in toddler situation.
• Building up the digestive quotient of your child is important. Make sure he has enough water to keep himself hydrated and even fibrous food to make the digestion process better. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables or legumes in the child’s diet would help in the process.
• Refrain from including fatty foods, refined carbohydrates, processed food or food that has high sugar content in your diet. They put excess pressure on the digestion process and eventually the liver too.
• If the white poop situation is grave in nature, your toddler may have to subject to surgical treatments. Treatments like chemotherapy may also be considered.
How to prevent white poop in toddler conditions?
• Healthy diet is necessary: A good nutritional diet will help you grow a hardy digestive system. Get rid of foods that have low fiber or fats in them. Include a lot more whole grain meals, vegetables and fruits, beans and legumes and fibrous food in general to enhance the digestive process. Make the process smoother by drinking lots of water throughout the day.
• Good habits are equally necessary as well: If your bowel passage is maintained and regular, a healthy excretion process will keep away abnormal excretion related illness. Encourage your toddler to make a routine to visit the toilet regularly especially after a meal. If they feel a slight urge to visit, always appreciate it. Fix a ten-minute schedule and encourage your child to sit on the toilet and push if the bowel movement is not smooth. Create a surrounding where using a bathroom for the toddler is appreciated and rewarded.
• Exercise to stay healthy: a healthy well-exercised body usually aids the digestive system. plan out a half an hour workout or physical sport for your child so that she can stay fit and exercised.