What is Prostate Milking?

Prostate Milking

It can be a medical benefit or simply a stimulant that arouses sexual emotions in you, but the secret to the word prostate milking is simply nothing but prostate massage. To start with, the first question that arises in the mind when you say prostate milking is the basic question as to how to milk the prostate but before you opt for such a medical performance, evaluate the reason or the cause for the need of milking the prostate. Even though it is beneficial medical wise, the process gone wrong would definitely damage the prostate gland and stir up a new line of problems in you. done both internally and externally, the procedure should be done with slow step by step progress and one should at all times keep in consultancy with a medical practitioner throughout the process, especially if something feels unusual or off.

Pleasurable Benefits of Prostate Milking

Prostate milking is usually good for quite a few pleasure spots and here they are enlisted below.

sensitivityProstate gland located in your anal region is connected to the genitalia on the front and this connection is made through millions of supportive emotion inducing nerves. Massaging or prostate milking can therefore arouse a sexual pleasure as the nerves become sensitive on massaging.
Hidden genitalia The penis in the male genitalia which is a strong source of sexual pleasure point apart from the basic necessities. Now, it is told that about a third of the entire penis shaft is hidden inside the body of the man, the base of which when pressed during the prostate milking can arise pleasurable feelings or sensations.
Psychology testedPsychological barriers considered, the mind of a man works in strange mysterious ways where being exposed to such a vulnerable condition itself may be a pleasure source. The physical aspect of pleasure is always welcomed and persistent during this and the heightened psychological pleasure adds on.
Ejaculation sensationThroughout the while process of milking the prostate glands at no point do we ever directly come in contact with the prostate gland itself. the easiest access is through the rear end and the gland is separated by this one thin layer of membrane. However, that does not stop us from feeling the heightened sensitivity which is often described as the feeling one gets whilst during ejaculation.

  prostate milking

The Procedure for Prostate Milking 

Preparation procedure:

Norms and rules pertain to every situation and since this has something to do with intimacy, a few things handy during the performance of this procedure can assist or make the procedure more relaxed and simple instead of complication.

  • Some handy things to work with:

when opting for the performance of this, there are some unsaid rules and some assistance that would make the process easier and here we mainly would need two items, a good surgical glove, the white latex kind and the other being a lubricant to make the process easier. Hygiene and cleanliness is the first in the priority list where both the giver and the receiver should be clean. The surgical gloves should be strictly used so that the soft latex texture does not tear or scratch the membranes as human skin or nail can be a bit rough or coarse for the fragile membrane. The lubricant is used simply to facilitate the procedure without much obstruction where it makes the work smooth. Here is a little tip, always go for a water based lubrication gel.

  • Calm and relaxed:

The thing is a tensed prostate gland will never give you the benefit or the pleasure of massaging it which is why it is always required that you relax yourself and calm the nerves before taking a prostate milking procedure. Why not go for a nice steaming hot bath or a hot oil massage on the tensed muscles around so that it gives you a relaxed sensation and thus calms the prostate glands too.


prostate milking

STEP 1:  comfort is of paramount importance

To start the process, the receiver needs to undress and be seated with a back support. Start by sitting upright, your legs stretched in front of you. The back support should be strong enough to hold you weight as you recline backwards allowing your body to slide some inches ahead. Now fold your knees and bring them closer to your chest and keep them locked there. Here we have the receiver in position now.

STEP 2: position of giver

The giver should place himself right in front of the receiver, facing him straight so that he can have full unhindered access to the genital area, including the anal region. This is why we would suppose the giver should kneel down or sit cross legged opposite to the receiver.

STEP 3: starting procedure: massage of the lower body

Massage of the lower body will help you heighten the sensation or get you in the mood which is parallel important. Setting the mood will not only help relax the receiver but also allow the giver to move in to the progressive procedures of having to milk the prostate. The receiver may or may not keep his eyes closed but if you want to increase the intimacy quotient, it is suggested that you keep eye contact with the giver.

STEP 4: getting into position

Here we start with the baby steps to the procedure to milking the prostate where once the giver and the receiver both agrees on the aroused mental state, the giver should move on to now preparing for the process. Slip into a latex glove for hygiene and safety and now use the lubricant directly into the anal region to soften or smoothen up the area. Lubrication too should be a part of the arousal or sensitivity technique which is why the lubrication procedure should be aptly timed and carefully done, possibly by starting with circular motions in the rectal region.

STEP 5: create your path with gentle care

The path for prostate milking needs to be created with ease and carefulness. Never should a giver simply just poke the finger in the rectal passage which may evoke sudden pain or discomfort. The way to go about is to massage the area with more and more lubrication to gel it smooth as you use your finger pad to gently apply pressure on the area so that you can get access to insert your finger. Patience and appropriate timing is very crucial here.

Note: it all comes down to our body being prepared for the procedure which is why when the anal region is ready, that is our body is prepared, the receiver will not feel any sort of discomfort or pain but rather would feel the givers finger perfectly fitting in. do not immediately move the finger as the anal sphincters still need to get accustomed to the finger. Keep on adding lubricant for successful prostate milking.

STEP 6:  allocation and work

  • Crook your finger upwards when the anal region is ready and two inches deep within, your fingers would meet an oblong protuberance which is the prostate gland.
  • Now start applying pressure to create the pleasure feelings. It is dependent on the pressure, be it high or low will the respondent feel the sensations.
  • To heighten the pleasure, one can massage the genital area too to keep the feeling og ejaculation constant and going.


This is the last stage where once the heightened feeling of pleasure is felt, the giver can carefully insert and exit the finger in the rectal passage in a repetitive rhythmic manner so that the sensation felt is much greater as the nerve endings get stimulated. At this time there can be the following scenes that take place:

  1. The receiver climaxes with the encouragement from the giver without anyone directly linking genitalia in it.
  2. The giver whilst milking the prostate can assist in the receiver’s climaxing using the spare hand.
  3. There is no involvement of genitalia as the giver milks the prostate to stimulate sensation or ejaculation.


This is the other technique, where the receiver faces away from the giver as he crouches down kneeling on his knees so that his buttocks are up and relaxed in a position with the elbows resting on the front. The giver at the back should be stably seated or positioned so that he has easy access.

For the rest, follow the procedure from the above section.

Here’s a video to explain the process better

Precautions to the procedure:

  • This procedure of milking the prostate gland requires carefulness to the extremes as you try not to perforate the thin membranes of the prostate glands which if done so can result in permanent damage.
  • If you are suffering from acute prostatis, refrain from doing this as it may cause blood poisoning.
  • Milking may also result in enlargement or inflammation of the hemorrhoids.
  • Prostatic calculi are small gritty stones that form in the prostate gland and may cause to tear or scratch the subtle membranes.
  • If you are suffering from prostate cancer, avoid prostate milking so as to prevent the spread of the cancer cells all over the body.