What is Dextrose?

What Is Dextrose?

If you ask what is dextrose, it can be defined as a naturally occurring sugar compound that we often find in natural ingredients like fruits or honey. The other complex compounds or carbohydrates that we consume usually break down to dextrose in the body to generate the required energy. We use this very energy to perform optimal functions in the system, relatively the body and the brain.

What is Dextrose – A Detailed Explanation


  1. Properties:

You must be wondering what dextrose is ? The thing is dextrose and glucose is not quite the same thing. Dextrose can be decoded as a monosaccharide glucose compound. They occur naturally in their pure form. The elements of dextrose make it easy for you to absorb and use this element into the body. The higher levels of glycemic index make it easily absorbable. Maybe this is one of the reasons why athletes or sports people use dextrose the glycogen storage in the muscle. The depleted glycogen is instantly replaced by dextrose.

  1. How does it function in the human system?

The naturally occurring dextrose is simply an essential to the human body. Not only does it furnish us with an ongoing source of ready energy, but it also helps us in building up our muscle mass. As you consume dextrose the insulin level in your body experiences a spike. This spike in the insulin level allows the nutrients to be delivered to the cells at a much speedier rate. With adequate and quick nutrition flowing into the cells, they tend to be more healthy and impervious to damage. Increase in blood flow is noted too.

  1. What are the sources for dextrose?

The sources for dextrose can either be artificial or natural in nature.

  • Natural sources –  The food items that contain dextrose in them are cornstarch, pastas, dates, apricots, plums, wheat, potatoes etc. however, most of the food item that tastes sugary sweet in nature contains high level of fructose and not dextrose.
  • Artificial sources- If the dextrose is man-made or as we call it artificial in nature, it would either contain monohydrate glucose or anhydrous glucose. The monohydrate glucose strictly contains a single molecule of water while the later is completely deprived of water. If you are checking for dextrose at the back of the packaging level, dextrose would be listed as wheat, corn sugar or rice.
  1. Uses of dextrose

Dextrose usually helps us enhance or upgrade physical performance which is why you may often find it in certain food or drinks.

  • To increase the shelf life of a preserved or canned food, you can add a formidable amount of dextrose in the mix. It can also be used to spike up the fermentation procedure in a beer or wine. The flavor of dextrose usually doesn’t hang around much longer and therefore may go undetected to the human tongue. This is why dextrose is often mixed with other sugar complexes like sucrose or fructose for the taste or the flavor to last longer. However, in the sweetened food items, you are less likely to taste the dextrose.
  • The prime aim for using dextrose can be related to spiking up or upgrading the psychological performance of a human being. The high glycemic index present in the dextrose allows it to be easily absorbed into the blood stream. On detecting the dextrose in the system, our body naturally releases insulin. This insulin spike is responsible for passage of nutrients to the cells. Some of these nutrients may be- carnitine, creatinine, arginine etc. a research conducted revealed that a basic or the most favorable dose for an athlete would be about 60-75gms. To enhance the supply of nutrients to your muscle at a much speedier rate, combine dextrose with creatinine or protein in the form of an energy drink. This will also help you cope up quickly after a strenuous exercise span.

What is dextrose and the precautions that are needed

The question is about dextrose what it is and what are the precautions available for it? Dextrose indeed is an essential requirement for the human body, but there are some obligations that you should be aware of while taking dextrose:

  • If you take a higher level of dextrose, the excess quantity does not get absorbed into the blood stream as the body absorbs only the quantity that it feels lacking. The excess dextrose then gets stored in the body as fats. So if you are suddenly gaining weight, you know who to blame the obesity on.
  • If you are a diabetic, refrain from consuming too much dextrose. This is critical since a diabetic suffers problems regarding producing adequate levels of insulin. The consequence may result in rising levels of glucose in the body. To tackle that you may need to inject insulin externally to your system.
  • If you are an athlete taking in dextrose to keep your energy high during workouts can definitely benefit you. But it is also necessary that you consult a nutritionist so that you know you are taking in the right amount of dextrose required by your body.
  • Whole grains and bright colored veggies have larger levels of complex carbohydrates. A diet consuming more of these complex carbohydrates may be beneficial for your body. They break down the dextrose at a much relaxed pace allowing your body to take the hits one at a time and not all together.