What does Toner Do For Your Face?

What does a Skin Toner Do to Your Face

Skin toners are very popular in the beauty product world. When asked what does toner do for your face you can easily answer to the fact that toner is a very versatile product that can be used as a cream, cleanser and so on and works well to reduce the pores on your skin alongside increasing the moisturization of your skin as well. Toner is a very versatile product as mentioned above and is manufactured by a wide range of cosmetic companies all around the world.

What Does Toner Do for Your Face?

A skin care regime is normally consisting of three things primarily a cleanser, a toner then a moisturizer. Not many people actually follow these steps and normally go through two types of skin care which just include cleansing and moisturising. Toning your skin is very important as it helps to maintain healthy and glistening skin. It is a fact that not many people tone their skin and this is because not many people know in detail what toner they must use to make their skin look absolutely flawless.

  1. Refresh

There is a very natural question that has floated around for years and the question is what does toner do for your face? The answer is very simple; toner refreshes your skin and removes all kinds of impurities ranging from dust and bacteria to makeup residue that is clinging to your skin. Toner is the best when you come out of the shower because it helps you feel refreshed. Toner can also be used in the summer as a means to help fight the issues related to sweating quite well giving you soft nourished skin.

When selecting a toner that is rich in vitamins and antioxidants you will enjoy nourished skin when using these products. When looking for answers for the question what does toner do for your face?; there are many answers including one where toners rich in witch hazel or aloe are very good for tightening the skin as well.

  1. Rejuvenate

What does toner do for your face is a very in depth question that helps elucidate the fact that toner is a very good moisturiser to the skin along with dealing with external radicals quite effectively when choosing a toner that is rich in vitamins, A, D and E. Toner also helps to maintain your capillary walls allowing for your skin to take on extra moisture and maintain it for long periods of time.

  1. Moisturize

It is quite common that when using a cleanser a person loses all the moisture on their skin. What the toner does really well is help to rejuvenate the skin bringing back the moisture by pulling water from the dermis to the epidermis and locking it in place. So when a person asks you what does toner do for your face you know exactly what to say.

  1. Shrink Pores

When using a toner of specific choice as per what is the best for your skin you will see that the toner does well to reduce the size of pores thus reducing the affect of outer radicals that would normally cause painful pimples and even blemishes on your skin. This kind of toner usually contains levels of alcohol which do the job quite effectively but be careful because alcohol at times may irritate the issue further. So when a person asks you what does toner do for your face you know exactly what to say.

  1. Cleanse Dead Skin

What does toner do for your face brings us to this fact that toner is vry good for removing flakes of dead skin from the face thus reducing the amount of flaking of your skin and making it a very moisturised surface. Toners are also very comfortably used to help remove ingrown hairs as well.

  1. Balance Skin pH

The last but not the least answer to what does toner do for your face? Is balancing skin PH which is not an easy but necessary job. Cleansing your skin helps to reduce PH levels which are natural parts of your skin due to the alkaline nature of any kind of soap. Our skin needs a PH balance of 5 to 6 at all times which is why or skin starts to produce natural oils on a large scale. Toner heps to maintain oil levels on the skin at all times.

How to Choose a Skin Toner

Choosing the right toner is not a very easy process because not everybody has the same skin as the next person. It is always better to read the writings on the directions part of the bottle before using the toner and you always opt for instructional videos so that you can have a better idea on how to use a toner.

How to Use a Skin Toner

After you have selected the adequate toner for your needs you can start with your personalised skin care routine-

Step 1: wash your skin in a thorough manner with a cleanser or even a face wash.

Step 2: it is always better to pat the skin dry rather than rubbing it with a washcloth as it can cause irritation.

Step 3: now apply a little bit of toner to a cotton ball externally. Never dip the ball in the toner as it may contaminate the product.

Step 4: in a gentle stroking manner apply the toner to your skin without rubbing it into your skin. Give it time to dry and then apply a moisturiser.

Below is a detailed instruction on how to use a toner: