Vitamin E for Hair

Vitamin E for Hair

Everybody wants to have long and healthy hair which is shiny and soft to the tough. Vitamin E is one of the most important vitamins that can not only help our skin but also our hair. To get a healthy and shiny hair, it is paramount to consume and apply large amounts of vitamin E. Vitamin E can make the hair healthy by promoting hair growth and preventing loss of hair. It also makes our hair more bouncier, shinier and silkier, and makes each hair strand stronger, reducing the possibilities of split ends. Let us find out more about the various benefits and sources of vitamin E for hair.

Benefits of Vitamin E for Hair

Vitamin E has unending benefits and can affect the skin and hair in more ways than one. It is important to know in details about how the supplement helps in hair growth, especially if you are distraught with constant hair problems. No amount of spa treatment and expensive hair remedies can solve your hair problems as quickly and effectively as the proper use of vitamin E can. So let us learn in details about the various benefits of vitamin E for hair.

  • Hair growth – If you want to promote hair growth, you must consume vitamin E. Vitamin E boosts circulation of blood in the scalp, opening up the capillaries and hair follicles beneath the scalp, and thus helping with hair growth.
  • Lustrous and shiny hair – Want lustrous and shiny hair just like they show in those television advertisements? Then the only answer is vitamin E. Vitamin E oils can nourish the hair from outside, giving it a shinier and sleeker look. You can even mix and combine vitamin E oil with commercially produced conditioners to make your hair even softer. In fact, if you apply hair oil on a daily basis, you should try mixing in some vitamin E with your hair oil before application, if your oil doesn’t already consist of that.
  • Premature graying – Vitamin E promotes good health of the hair with the help of its many antioxidants. The antioxidants of vitamin E not only prevent the aging of our skin but can also stop the premature graying of our hair. That is how potent and effective vitamin E is. If you want to preserve your youthful look, make sure to consume vitamin E every day.
  • Split ends – Splits ends is one of the severest and most common hair problems, especially if you subject your hair to various kinds of heating and straightening tools without adequate protection. To restore the natural goodness of your hair and get rid of split ends, apply a mixture of vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil and hemp oil to your hair and leave it on overnight before washing it away the next morning.

 Sources of Vitamin E for Hair

Oral supplements

Oral supplements for vitamin E are available in every drugstore. However, before you opt for oral supplements, you should consult the doctor to know the proper dosage for your body. Remember that vitamin E promotes blood circulation by thinning the blood, so over-consumption may lead to blood clotting problems. An average quantity that is usually allowed for consumption is about 15 to 19mg every day, or 22.5 to 28.5 I.U. every day, but of course this amount changes depending on your age and hair length, and also your lifestyle choices.

Food sources

Vitamin E is found in abundance in natural food and you do not have to work hard or change your diet to consume vitamin E, as they are present in almost every food groups. Consume green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, mustard green and collards as they contain high levels of vitamin E. Almonds and fruits such as kiwi and papaya are also great sources of vitamin E. You can even use avocado oil in your cooking as that is also another great source of vitamin E. Olive oil is another major source of vitamin E for hair, and should be included in every dish and salad dressing.

Topical solution

A great source of vitamin E for hair is the direct application of the said item to the hair. Just buy vitamin E capsules from the drugstore and puncture the capsules at the end to release the liquid contained within. You can apply this liquid directly to your scalp and hair and even leave it on for the whole day without worrying about super oily hair. It is also easy to wash as it doesn’t take a lot of rinsing to get rid of the oil.

Hair products

Vitamin E for hair can be obtained by using various hair products rich in vitamin E. You can even use these hair products every day without worries of hair damage as the presence of vitamin E alone is enough to ensure safety and good health. From shampoos to hair serums to conditioners to hair masques, use only products containing vitamin E because daily use of vitamin E products can not only make your hair healthy and strong, but also make it silkier, shinier and bouncier in just a matter of few weeks.