Vaginal PH Balance

vaginal pH balance

The balance between basic and acidic defines the PH balance of Vagina. Vaginal health is comprehensively dependent on the level of PH, which is controlled by certain bacteria. Generally, it lies between of 3.8 to 4.5; it means it is slightly acidic. It can be balanced externally with the use of proper medication. The indication of high-level vaginal PH evokes about the lack of acidity while on the opposite end, the lower level of PH indicates a high presence of acidity. What kind of problem will you face due to the excess vaginal PH level? The answer is that you need to face unusual pain at the time of urinating, or may feel irritation at the vagina, or itching, and relevant discharge. To know more about vaginal PH balance, read here-


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Causes of Vaginal PH Imbalance

  1. Menstruation and Tampons

The normal PH level of our blood is 7.4 that is far above than the healthy PH level of the vagina. Tampons are such unwanted organ here that can cause the generation of PH imbalance by soaking menstrual fluids and blood for a prolonged time period. This unhygienic condition becomes worst when it left same in the place for few hours. It can help to grow bacteria in such moist and warm environment.


During the time of intercourse, numerous types of body fluids, sweat, semen are eliminated at the vaginal junction. Semen carries the level of PH from 7.1 to 8, which is much more than the level of vaginal PH. With the attachment of such kind of fluid, the vaginal PH tends to lead towards an imbalance. Apart from male secretion, females are also responsible for producing specific type of lubricant when they get aroused. Nevertheless, some women have no enough secretion at the same time. As a result, due to insufficient production of lubricant, the irritation between labia and vagina is increased and it finishes with great PH imbalance. This is one of the major reasons for vaginal PH balance disruption.


In order to maintain the Ph level of the vagina, you need to keep it slightly inclined to acidic. Water spray can cause the increase of vaginal Ph as it keeps the Ph of 7. Moreover, any application like a scent of perfumes may often lead to the vaginal irritation triggering the respective imbalance in Ph level.


Medication can also become the reason of vaginal PH imbalance. Numerous varieties of medications from antihistamines to birth control medicines can affect to an improper ratio of PH. Apart from disturbing the levels of body chemicals, hormones, and Ph level, it can create the imbalance in vaginal proportion also.

5.Hormonal changes

Hormone plays an important role to keep the balance of Ph in our body. There are many reasons why the hormone level can vary such as menopause, pregnancy and menstrual cycle and much more. These can have an unwanted impact on vaginal Ph balance disturbance.

Maintaining Vaginal PH Balance

In order to maintain the vaginal PH balance within the natural range, you need to practice some safe features that include cleansing of vagina regularly, avail healthy and hygienic sex life and much more.

  1. Avoid douching

Despite being a cleaning item, douching or spraying of an alcoholic item may create injury rather than good. With a single spray, water, and relevant fluids gets insert into the vagina that can produce an imbalance of vaginal PH. Moreover, you are asked to get out from the habit of using cleansing soap on the vulva. It will be better for you to consult with your doctor for appropriate cleaning method in case you are facing any rough odour from that section.

2.Eat a healthy diet for vaginal PH balance

Diet and adequate hydration are essential for good health of vagina. To prevent the infections of yeast and to treat accurately, you can consume yogurt and cranberry juice. In addition, soya product helps to reduce the irritation due to vaginal dryness. On the other hand, try to avoid the sugar content in case Ph levels are not proper.

3.Wear proper clothing

The synthetic cloths or fabrics can become the reason behind the internal hot generation and unwanted moisture produce. This allows growing the bacteria leads to Ph imbalance and infection. Get the habit of wearing cotton made underwear and change the wet clothing in this close point as soon as possible.

4.Use a condom during sex

Semen is the product of sex that is basic and can destroy the balance of vaginal PH. Therefore, there is no better choice to avoid this kind of imbalance due to semen injection in vaginal point as well as to protect particular types of sexually transmitted diseases.

5.Wash with plain and warm water

It is advisable the use of slightly hot water in the area of vagina and vulva. In addition, you can apply perfume free soap to maintain the Ph level making no disturbance further. An example of mild soap is glycerine soap that is perfect for applying in vaginal wash.

6.Change sanitary napkins frequently

Sanitary napkins and tampons are used to suck menstrual blood. If you leave a wet pad or tampons for a long time, the vaginal contact gets enhanced the level of Ph due to the flow of blood. In order to keep the PH level in a proper ratio, change the napkins in regular interval.

7.Visit your gynecologist regularly

The women, who turn over 21, must go to a personal gynecologist for checking up. Those who are active in sex are requested to join the yearly-based pap seamers to identify any vital change in the vagina is happened or not. In such case, early detection of cancer may catch.

When to see a doctor for vaginal PH balance

Always it has been shown that the abnormal hike of vaginal PH level can create a disorder like vaginitis. Nevertheless, it is also a type of sexually transmitted diseases or can have appeared due to insufficient estrogens secretion during menopause or pregnancy. If you are suffering or experiencing any special symptoms of vaginitis like burning, itching, unusual odour, improper discharge or something else, go under the medication of your personal gynecologist. Moreover, sometimes it may happen that you get the desired outcome of balance PH level in the homely test, though it may not be the perfect result. The accurate guide for you is to consult with the relevant medical professional.