Throat Feels Tight

Throat Feels Tight

Anyone who has suffered with throat tightness in the past knows that it is a very unpleasant process because it not only makes you feel absolutely unpleasant but over time it also makes a person escalate into full blown anxiety attacks because primarily you cannot breathe. Not many people know the reason as to why your throat feels tight at times therefore given below are a few answers to this fact so that you have some closure on the matter.

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Causes and Treatments when Throat Feels Tight

  1. Anxiety

One of the more common causes of throat feels tight is anxiety and the more your throat starts to feel tight the more your anxiety may increase with intensity making you short of breath with your heart feeling like it is beating out of your chest. It is always better to stay calm in this situation so as to stop your throat from feeling even tighter.

Treatment for anxiety attacks revolves around first seeking out the root cause of the problem so that you can work on that factor. Relaxing your body by doing yoga and cutting yourself off from triggers such as alcohol or caffeine is the best way to give your body some peace from anxiety. Get plenty of rest and relax your mind for the best results. if your throat tightness does not go even after this then it is best to seek professional aide.

  1. Thyroid Problems

The thyroid glands in your neck may also cause issues such as throat feels tight. This is because the nodules in the glands may swell up during hypothyroidism causing your oesophagus to constrict causing your throat to feel tight which is a very unpleasant experience but thankfully not a deadly one.

Treatments for thyroid swellings are usually medical because there is no home remedy that can cure you completely. A doctor will particularly look for nodules on the glands and provide synthetic hormone medication to help increase the medication in the body but this is only up to the extent where the nodules are not cancerous, if the nodules are cancerous a doctor will specifically do surgery on the area to remove the growth.

  1. Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is the situation where the acid from your stomach moves up your oesophagus and moves into your throat making your throat feel burned and caused constrictions in certain cases. There have been many cases where it is shown that the severity of acid reflux has led to the acid going so far up the throat that you can actually taste it burning.

Treatment for the issue of acid reflux normally revolves around the changes that you need to make to your diet and your lifestyle. Stop eating acidic foods that would normally cause acid reflux such as citrus fruits, acidic vegetables, garlic, and onions and so on. Try and sleep with your head high so that your stomach is lower than your head. Antacids are also a good way of getting rid of acid reflux and many viable antacids are available as over the counter drugs in medical stores.

  1. Food Allergy

Food allergies are quite dangerous and are one of the primary causes of throat feels tight and the worst part is that you could get food allergies from anything at any point in time. Some of the more well known allergens of food are wheat, nuts, seafood and so on. During these situations you will feel your throat constricting, itchiness and sometimes complete constriction of throat. It is always better to get immediate help when suffering with food allergies.

Treatments for the issue of food allergy involve prevention at all costs. It is always better to keep yourself aware at all times of the various foods that you are allergic of and say away from them at all costs. Read every label of every food item that you buy to prevent any issues from happening. For a crisis situation Benadryl or any other oral antihistamine can be used to provide a relief from food allergies and throat constriction. Precaution has always been better than cure.

  1. Medication Allergy

Symptoms of medication allergies may include increased heart rate, throat tightness, wheezing, lethargy, and shortness of breath and so on. Medication allergies normally occur from certain types of medication so it is always better to stay safe at all times in this regard. An issue of throat feels tight is one of the primary symptoms of medication allergy.

Treatment for medical allergies first includes the means of not taking the medication that affects you. By doing this you are saving yourself a whole lot of trouble in this regard because by taking medication that would affect you would go through severing reactions that include throat tightness. Over the counter antihistamines or an epipen may be provided so that you can relive yourself of such issues. Make sure that your medical professional knows which medicines you are allergic to so as to avoid them entirely.

  1. Insect Venom Allergy

In human society most people are not allergic to insect bites or stings but some are extremely allergic to this scenario and need immediate medical help when this situation occurs. Bites or stings can be venomous and can cause great discomfort in people that are allergic to this scenario. It is best that you provide adequate medical attention when this issue occurs.

Treatment for insect bites or insect bite allergies can be treated easily but need to be done immediately because it can lead to some serious issues later. Anti histamines such as Benadryl can help reduce swelling in the throat and can even stop issues such as throat feels tight. Treatment can be a big issue in the later stages as venom can constrict the throat entirely requiring hospitalisation. Try and keep the venom below the heart so that it does not spread. Venom can spread fast so it is best to remove the stinger of the insect first before moving ahead with any kind of medication.

When to See a Doctor

Throat feels tight is something that could be life threatening or not depending on the severity of the situation. Throat tightness can be associated with constriction of throat, wheezing, shortness of breath and much more and can occur from insect bites, food allergies and so on so it is better that you stay safe at all times and take the help of your doctor when required.

Most throat tightness situations are not life threatening but if you see that your symptoms of throat tightness are not going even after taking all the precautions that you can to stop the issue then it is best to take your doctors help as soon as possible.