Sweat Smells Like Ammonia

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Sweat is one thing which can never be stopped. Every person whether male or female both faces this problem of sweat. The intensity of sweating depends upon the lifestyle of a person, clothes worn, work done, work out time and many such related reasons. Often sweat gives a very foul smell especially after excess work out. One might feel worried about the fact that this foul smell can turn people around you off and they even might feel that you are unhygienic. But the fact is that sweat with ammonia smell is quite natural and one should accept it. If the sweat smells like ammonia it is not a serious issue. Few reasons for sweat and the ways to treat them are given below.

Why does your sweat smells like ammonia?

There are many reasons for the sweat to smell like ammonia. None of the reasons are dangerous and to be worried upon rather it generally depends upon the fact that how your body uses energy resources. Below is an explanation which can help you to understand the reason behind this foul smell –

  1. Strenuous exercise

The more you workout the more you will sweat. Working out will make the body reach for proteins and in turn will break down the amino acids. So the more you workout, the more likely your body will be susceptible to sweat which will smell like ammonia. Stressful exercises will release a lot of sweat and in turn the foul ammonia smell. One must accept the fact and should not be worried about it. The smell will go off on its own slowly.

  1. High protein and low carbohydrates diets

Every person’s body requires a certain minimum amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins to function at the optimum level. When the body lacks the required amount of carbohydrates and fat then it turns to proteins for the energy needed especially during work outs. This causes the amino acids to break down into various substances including glucose. Other things resulting from the break down are generally waste products. If the kidney gets besieged by too many of such wastes then it will lead to sweating. Sweat smells like ammonia also gets discharged as one of the waste from the body.

  1. Certain health conditions

Sometimes even medical condition of a person might be the reason for the sweat to smell like ammonia. This could be true if your breath also smells like ammonia. The reason behind this might be kidney failure or any other problem related to the liver. Consult a doctor if your breath and sweat smell like ammonia and you are not feeling well lately.

How to prevent ammonia smell sweat ?

Ammonia smell is easy to identify and equally easy to prevent. Few ways in which sweat with ammonia smell can be prevented are –

  1. Eating food rich in carbohydrates

If you notice that your sweat gives a foul ammonia smell then try to increase your carbohydrate intake in order to give your body adequate fuel to burn during any activity. Sweat with ammonia smell is quite common among the people who reduce their carbohydrates intake in fear that carbohydrates will keep them away from losing weight. People forget the fact that the body needs certain amount of carbohydrates so that the protein can do work in other areas. Eat a bit of oatmeal, a small piece of bread and an apple before workout to give your body an extra boost without hurting your attempts of diet.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Water is required not only to quench your thirst but also to filter the waste generated in the body. Water plays a very important role in flushing out the toxins and waste from the body. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily and sometimes even more than that if you workout daily as per your body requirement. Keep your body well hydrated to work more efficiently and to eliminate the ammonia smell from the sweat and to work out easily. The best way to understand whether you are drinking the required amount of water daily is by checking whether your urine is clear or not. If your sweat smells strongly of ammonia then try drinking energy drinks rich in electrolytes throughout the workout. These drinks are formulated in such a way that you use proper fuels.

  1. Let the smell pass naturally

Marathon runners sweat smells like ammonia after they complete their race. Sometimes body needs more than just carbohydrates to keep the things moving the way it should. Since ammonia smell is quite common among people who embark on strenuous workout so they are accustomed to the smell and even people around them do not bother much about it. So take an inspiration from them and do not get conscious about the smell. The smell is natural and will pass off slowly without much effort. Letting the smell pass off is the simplest, cheapest and one of the most widely used way of preventing sweat.

  1. Other remedies

Try to wear soft clothes which will reduce the amount of sweat. Avoid wearing clothes which will make you sweat more especially on the days when you need to work very hard. Maintain a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Eat products rich in carbohydrates and proteins. If you are still concerned about the smell and you are not being able to treat it by the above-mentioned methods then try consulting a doctor. He or she will surely provide you with better solutions.

There is no permanent solution of sweat. A person will sweat even if he or she follows all the above-mentioned tips. Sweating is a natural process and best way to deal with it is to let it pass by its own. Lately sweating has become a concern for people. Earlier people were not conscious about foul smell in the sweat. These days’ people have become very conscious and try their best to get rid of the smell. So now you know what to do if sweat smells like ammonia.

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