Stage 3 Breast Cancer

Stage 3 Breast Cancer

Researches in the United States show that breast cancer is the second most common cancer after the occurrence of skin cancer. Women are increasingly common to this kind of cancer but are prevalent in men as well. There has been an increment in the awareness and funding of this kind of cancer. This is why research of breast cancer is reaching and touching out new heights in treatments and diagnosis. Its severity along with the breast cancer determines which stage is it in while evaluating the proper treatment options. Here is a detail about more of stage 3 breast cancer.

What happens during Stage 3 Breast Cancer?

This stage is an advanced form of invasive breast cancer along with cancer cells, which does not have the chance to extend to the other parts of the body. It can definitely spread to the nodes of underarm lymph. It can be subdivided into 3 subcategories which are as follows.

  1. Stage 3A Breast Cancer
  • At this stage, the tumor may not be visible through naked eyes. The cancer might be present in 4-9 lymph glands, which are situated near the breastbone or under the arm.
  • Or else, in other cases, a tumour, which is bigger than 5cm along with minute group of breast cancer cells, are found in the lymph nodes.
  • Otherwise, a tumour, which is up to 5cm in size, further spreads into the three lymph nodes, which are situated close to the breastbone or armpit.
  1. Stage 3B Breast Cancer

The cancer at this stage extends up to nine or more lymph nodes of the armpit. It might also spread to the lymph glands located near the breastbone. This further leads to swelling or skin ulcer. There can also be possible chances of inflammatory breast cancer when the cancer stretches towards the skin.

  1. Stage 3C Breast Cancer

Doctors usually divide this stage into two categories, which are the inoperable and operable. In these cases, tumor usually is of any size or there can also be no tumor in any case. However, this stage spreads through the skin of the breast along the chest wall. This further leads to ulcer or swelling. It can also metastasize to up to 10 lymph nodes present in the armpit. This can further extend to lymph nodes present below or above the collarbone, while extending to lymph nodes present near the armpit or the breastbone.

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How to treat Stage 3 Breast Cancer?

Individuals suffering from this type of cancer usually become depressed, as the rate of survival is only 72 %. However, it does not signify that the battle is over. There is a wide array of reliable treatments, which are widely acclaimed by the doctors along with the patients alike in order to fight off the disease. Following are such few therapies and remedies.

  1. Chemotherapy

This treatment is performed in varied ways, depending upon the type of treatment that is been undergone. One way is to consume liquids or eating pills and another common way is the injection of drugs directly into the veins.

The treatment further shrinks the tumor to a considerable size which makes it easy to remove during the process of surgery. It is also usually performed after the surgery in order to damage the cancer cells, which are left behind even after the surgery takes place.

  1. Surgery

Surgery for stage 3 breast cancer is of two types.


This is a kind of surgery in which some of the surrounding tissues of the breast are removed along with the tumor.


This requires the removal of the whole of the breast by the surgeon in addition to the lymph nodes. It is for the patients to decide if a surgery is opted for reconstructing the breast after mastectomy.

  1. Radiation therapy

This therapy destroys the cancer cells, which might have been left in the body even after the therapy takes place. This is often suggested right after the surgery, which gets rid of any of the cancer cells, which might have been overlooked by the doctors.

  1. Hormone Therapy

The hormone receptor positive cancer is in need of hormones to mature. This therapy blocks any kind of source of the hormone from reaching out to the tumor. In addition, a varied range of drugs can be helpful in this case. Women who have yet not struck with menopause may further choose to remove the ovaries. In addition to this, doctor might further prescribe drugs, which could stop ovaries from being injected to the hormones.

  1. Targeted Therapy

The therapy provides the patient with prescribed medicines, which include ado-trastuzumab, lapatinib, emtansine and others. These are extremely effective to remove the HER2. It has been seen that a total of 25% women in stage 3 of breast cancer comprise of this specific protein in bulk which is required by the cancer to grow. The tumor further declines while ultimately shrinking due to the shortage in its supply.

How to cope with breast Cancer emotionally?

When individuals are diagnosed with this stage of breast cancer, a wide array of questions and fears usually arise in the mind. The uncertainty of future leads to a wide array of fears. Here is a list of suggestions to guide you in the dark times.

Communicate with other survivors

It is extremely comforting to hear stories of the times that you as an individual are going through. This further facilitates encouragement, as you know now that there are people like you too.

Share with your family

Family is the biggest support system and all times, and in situations like these, never shut your family. While you bestow your fears and worries upon them, be ready to be showered with hopes and encouragement.

Be positive

Being optimistic and positivity is the way to life at all situations. Hence, try to maintain as many positive thoughts as possible, while never losing hope.