Sore Muscles After Drinking

Sore Muscles after Drinking

Drinking too much alcohol is not good as it can make you lose the coordination and balance of the body. Multiple body aches occur next morning along with sore muscles after drinking alcohol beyond limitation. The soreness of muscle exhaustion sometimes not get recovered even after several days as the effects of boozing blues do not over instantly. Multiple reasons are there for muscle soreness but the effective remedies are also present much higher in number.

Reasons of Sore Muscles after Drinking

  1. Interference with Lactic Acid :- According to the researchers of the University of California, alcohol directly clears up lactic acid along with increasing the soreness and also alcohol stored up in your body same as storing fat. It is very simple to understand that like fat alcohol also damages the essential amino acids of the body. These amino acids are important for producing energy. So, it is now clear why you feel weak and tired and get sore muscles after drinking alcohol on the very next day.
  1. Dehydration :- Your body gets dehydrated extremely due to heavy alcohol intake which also causes cell imbalance and as a result, you get muscle cramps, strains, and soreness. Most of the people do not know that alcohol reduces the muscle mass which creates lots of side effects such as sluggish strength along with weaker overall performance apart from the sore muscles after drinking. Many people complain of fatigues due to frequent alcohol consumption. Generally, athletes become more liable to injury and lose strength due to muscle soreness for consuming alcohol.
  1. Deficiency of Nutrients Belongs To Sore Muscles after Drinking :- Alcohol produces multiple types of acids in your body which absorb all the nutrients faster. As your body absorb and utilize the nutrients quickly there is a lacking of nutrient occurs in your body which leads nutrient deficiency. Due to nutritional deficiency, your body gets multiple health issues like hypoglycaemia which reduces the blood sugar level drastically. Due to low sugar content in blood, the normal activities of muscles get reduced along with energy loss and sore muscles after drinking.
  1. Drinking After Exercise :- The researchers of Massey University (NZ) say that your muscles lose the strength if you consume alcohol after doing exercise. An experiment was done on 11 fit and healthy men in the year 2010 to prove the claim is true or not by the Medicine in Sport and Journal of Science. After doing exercise all the 11 men have consumed alcohol and reported that they feel weaker and have sore muscle after drinking.

Cures for Sore Muscles after Drinking

There is no scientific method till date known for retrieving muscle soreness which results due to alcohol consumption yet some typical methods are helpful which are listed below to get out from the hangover, muscle pain and sore muscles after drinking.

  1. Take Enough Rest :- A tight sleep for a long while is powerful enough to reduce the sore muscles after drinking alcohol. A deep sleep is having a great impact on muscle cramps, fatigues and severe pain too. Only enough rest is the key of healing earlier the problems and for that, you need to have a sound sleep.
  2. Do Some Easy Exercise Afterwards :- Most of the people think taking rest is the best way to ease muscle pain instead of doing exercise but some moderate exercises show an amazing effect when it comes to healing muscle pain. Some light exercises are better to reduce sore muscles after drinking. A little walk, swim or low-intense activities help to flow the blood throughout your body and also help in muscle recovery faster.
  1. Be Hydrated To Retrieve From Sore Muscles after Drinking :- Maintain proper water balance in your body by keeping yourself hydrated as our body has an intense amount of water to keep muscles active and fit. Dehydration occurs due to extensive water reduction from the body after consuming alcohol. Sore muscles after drinking alcohol get severe and produce painful muscle cramps which can be minimized by drinking moderate amount of water.
  1. Intake Painkiller :- Some drugs are absolutely non-steroidal and having anti-inflammatory effects which are perfect for healing multiple muscle pain quicker for a while. Medicines like Alleve and Aspirin contain NSAIDS but these are not an ultimate remedy to recover the pain it just suppresses the intensity for a certain period. Aspirin or Alleve are the good painkillers but not a good remedy for sore muscles after drinking.
  1. Have a Massage to Reduce the Pain :- A massage is perfect to ease sore muscles after drinking. A proper massage is highly effective to get out of muscle pain and fatigues as it enhances the activity of mitochondria in your muscle which provides the quality amount of oxygen as per your muscles need. A methodical massage also very much helpful for the body aches and multiple pain as it provides relaxation by relieving the tiredness. You can help yourself by doing low-intensive massages or go to the therapists as per your needs or even can take massage from your beloved ones.

  1. Deal with Hot Compress for Sore Muscles after Drinking :- Apply hot compress after 24 hours of muscle soreness which enhances proper blood flow in your muscles and also gives soothing effect by revitalizing the muscles. To reduce the sore muscles after drinking you can get a warm bath for a long time or can compress hot and cold water alternatively.
  1. Try Honey and Lemon to Get Relief :- A mixture of warm water containing lemon and honey is effective for restoring fluid and sugar contents in your body as both the substances get reduced due to frequent urination after consuming alcohol. Honey is also a very good agent which metabolizes the alcohol properly. This drink is perfect for sore muscles after drinking alcohol which produces multiple discomforts and muscle pain in your body. Make a drink by taking a cup of boiled water and add the exact amount of lemon juice and honey in it. This drink you can consume multiple times in a day.
  1. Maintain Balanced Diet :- It is known to all of us that a balanced diet is a key of a healthy lifestyle. To get recover faster from sore muscles after drinking and from the mild pain causes initially due to alcohol consumption and muscle cramps, you should eat proper foods on daily basis. If you do not intake right amount of protein and potassium then the chances of healing muscle soreness faster are not possible.

This article would be really helpful to you as all the details of muscle soreness and muscle pain are described here. Now you can revive yourself faster from multiple muscle problems which cause sore muscles after drinking. You would easily get ready for the official activities for the very next day as the muscle soreness cannot touch you for following above remedies. So, it is time to say goodbye to the hangover as you get the ideas of reducing the harmful intense effects of alcohol in your body which hamper the entire next day.