Skin Peeling Between Toes

Skin Peeling Between Toes

Some people suffer with an issue called chronic skin peeling between toes at certain times of the year. This is not necessarily a harmful issue and can be dealt with easily if you find the cause of the problem and use means to reduce it. skin peeling usually occurs during seasonal changes and fluctuations but there are other reasons that could affect this skin condition as well that you must look out for at all times.

Skin Peeling Between Toes: Causes & Treatments

If you ever experience skin peeling on the soles of your feet and between your toes then this could be a normal process that you should not be afraid of. Skin peeling is a process by which the skin sheds the dead skin cells on the body giving way to new skin cells that help to rejuvenate the skin. There is nothing to worry about and this condition will stop after all the dead skin cells are taken care off in an adequate manner. There are other issues though that come with skin peeling-

  1. Environmental Factor

One of the most common factors that cause skin peeling between toes is the environment. People subjected to high temperatures during the summer may go through excessive skin peeling and if you live in a house with no humidity this issue could worsen as the skin starts to become excessively dry which you would not want. The winter is also a time when you can lose a lot of skin because of skin peeling.

Treatment. The best way to avoid causing skin peeling due to environmental factors is to stay hydrated at every time of day especially during extreme weather conditions of hot and cold. Apply sunscreen to the highly affected areas so as to stop direct environmental effects on your skin at all times..

  1. Dehydration Effect

One of the main causes of peeling in your toes is due to the low amounts of liquid in your body. keep in mind that even though you may like to wash your hands and feet several times a day that does not mean you are hydrated because this means that you are washing away essential oils that are necessary to help keep your skin moist at all times which naturally makes your skin peel between toes.

Treatment. To help treat this issue try opting for moisturizing treatments for your skin rather than just washing it with soap and water. Moisturizing soaps can be a great help on this matter. People that like to take long hot baths or are avid swimmers tend to have dry skin as well which is why the use of lotion is very important at all times to stay moisturized.

  1. Allergic Responses

Allergies can also be the cause of skin peeling between toes and itching. This is quite avid for swimmers who use public pools because as you walk barefoot around the pool your feet are subjected a number of allergic substances. Using detergents and other means of disinfectants on your feet at home is a good way of getting rid of any impurities that you could have picked up along the way.

Treatment. If you are worries that the skin peeling between toes is caused due to allergic reactions then it is best to get rid of the cause as much as possible. Visit your doctor and get a list of antihistamines that you could use to reduce the allergic reaction.

  1. Athlete’s Foot

Peeling skin between toes is a very probable sign of athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is an issue where fungus grows on the skin between toes and on toes as well causing pain, discomfort and flaking of the skin to a great extent. This is a very normal case amongst people who tend to wear footwear for long periods of time.

Treatment. If you feel that athlete’s foot is causing the peeling between your toes then it is best that you visit your doctor immediately so that you can get your hands on an adequate anti fungal cream that could give you the peace that you require when facing the pains of athlete’s foot. You can also apply a home remedy product known as tea tree oil to reduce the infection to a great extent. Cornstarch when applied to the area can also alleviate the moisture that is causing distress when it comes to athlete’s foot. It is easy to treat this issue as all you have to do is keep the area clean and scrub the affected area with medicinal products on a daily basis. Get more information on home remedies for athlete’s foot in this video

  1. Toe Box Dermatitis

This dermatitis occurs when you constantly wear shoes with a rubber toe box. Rubber toes boxes can be very mean towards your feet and can cause skin peeling between toes to a great extent because it traps the excess sweat in your feet and due to the elevated temperatures in can cause tenderness and inflammation of the skin on your feet to a great extent.

Treatment. When suffering with this issue it is best that you try and stay as fresh as possible and rule out the daily use of shoes with a rubber box up front. Try wearing open sandals on certain occasions for the best effect. Some powders and soap also helps to remove bacteria from your feet thus stopping the growth of dermatitis on your feet.

  1. Cellulitis

Cellulitis is one of the less common causes of skin peeling between toes and is caused by a bacterial infection and is very commonly followed by inflammation, redness, pain and so on. Cellulitis should be treated immediately with an adequate medical professionals help.

Treatment. If you feel that cellulitis is the cause of your skin peeling between toes then visit a doctor immediately as the best remedy for this issue is prescription antibiotics. You can also help prevent this issue on your own by keeping your skin clean at all times.

  1. Trench Foot

This is a very extreme foot syndrome that can occur if your feet are subject to constant damp and unhygienic conditions that could very well cause peeling between toes as well.

Treatment. The best way you can actually help treat a trench foot successfully is by prevention at all costs. Try and avoid damp conditions at all times and clean your feet regularly with the best moisturizing and disinfecting products you can get your hands on. If you are suffering with trench foot then visit your doctor immediately and get the area cleaned. Your doctor will use hot compresses as well to help get the blood flowing which is a very important process on its own.

  1. Other Causes

Although these are the main causes of skin peeling between  toes there are other causes as well that you must keep in mind before going through any kind of treatment. Skin peeling can be caused by a variety of reasons and only your doctor would be able to give you a very accurate answer as to what is causing the issue.

At-Home Remedies and Tips for Skin Peeling Between Toes

Skin peeling is not a contagious issue and will usually start to heal on its own in a couple of weeks if you take all the home remedy steps that are necessary for it to do so.

  • Using olive oil or coconut oil massage the area that has been affected daily..
  • When the peeling is caused due to exposure of cold weather apply honey to the affected area..
  • Try applying mint juice or soaking your feet in a concoction of water an apple cider vinegar in cases where you are suffering with dermatitis..
  • Some conditions are treated well with over the counter lotions and creams.