Side Effects of Tums

side effects of Tums

Tums is a brand of over the counter calcium carbonate that can be used both as a calcium supplement and as a means of an antacid to help cure any issues that are related to heartburns, stomach pains, and acid reflux and so on. It is always better though to keep your doctor well informed when using this means of medication because at times an overdose of calcium can be quite detrimental for your body which is why you must take controlled amounts of Tums to stay healthy at all times..

Side Effects of Tums

No matter what you are using Tums for whether it be a supplement or to treat issues such as heartburn it is always better to read the containers in order to understand dosage varieties for both adults and children. Dosage can be varied as per what you require so take a note of Tums side effects when taking too much as well:

Side EffectsDescription
Upset stomachAn upset stomach is a very common side effect of Tums and may cause nausea and vomiting as well in certain cases. Tums may also cause loss of appetite in these situations as well which is why you need to stay careful at all times.
Constipation and diarrheaAn overdose of calcium present in Tums can cause adverse effects on your stomach which may include bloating, stomach aches, irritation due to pain and much more. It is very necessary that you keep the ingestion of Tums to the amount provided on containers for the best effect. In certain cases Tums may also cause constipation and Diarrhoea due to on and off pressure put on the intestines when taking Tums in a manner that is not suitable for your body.
Mood changesCalcium carbonate that is present in Tums also has adverse affects on the way you perceive things as well. Mood swings are a common issue when you take too much Tums and it is also seen that people suffer with delusions and hallucinations as well. It is better that you get medical help if facing these issues after taking Tums due to Tums side effects.
Muscle twitchingCalcium helps you to regulate your muscles in order to contract and relax in the right manner but if you take too much of Tums which is rich in calcium carbonate then your brain will send mixed signals to your muscles during physical activity causing spasms and twitching which outs a lot of pressure on your body.
Heart rate changeHeart irregularities like heart rate irregularities are a common issue when you take too much Tums. If you start to face issues like tiredness, lethargy and chest pains then get a doctor’s help immediately.
Others side effectsThere are other miscellaneous side effects like dry mouth and increased thirt and even increased urination that is caused from eating too much Tums which you must look out for as well. People also suffer from headaches, unusual weight loss and so on.

Warning: there are many other side effects to Tums which either have not been recorded yet or the quantity is so small that people just don’t feel that they are side effects but if you see that you are facing certain issues after eating too much Tums that are not mentioned in the Tums side effects given above then you must get in touch with a medical official immediately as it might be detrimental to your body if you do not do so..

When to See a Doctor

  • If you start to experience too much urination then stop Tums immediately and call your doctor or advice..
  • Tums side effect do not primarily revolve around allergic reactions but if you start to feel itchy, dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, tight throat then contact your doctor immediately as it may mean that you are allergic to calcium carbonate.
  • If any side effects persist or worsen over a period of time then try to stop taking Tums. Most side effects go away after you stop taking Tums but if this does not even help then seek a doctor’s help immediately..

How to Avoid Side Effects of Tums?

Before Taking Tums

Make sure that you inform your doctor of any of these issues before starting to take Tums:

  • Read the package and see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in Tums
  • Make sure your blood does not have a high calcium level.
  • If you are planning to get pregnant, are already pregnant or if you are breastfeeding then talk to your doctor before taking Tums.
  • If you have any other miscellaneous problems like heart problems, bowel issues, appendicitis and so on then talk to your doctor immediately.

Follow the Instructions and Directions in order to avoid side effects of tums

It is always best that you follow the instructions provided on the packaging to the best of your abilities. It is always better to break up your dosage for maximum absorption as well for example if you have to consume 600 mg a day then do that in separate sets throughout the day for maximum absorption. It is always better to follow your doctors advice in regards to dosage and take all the help you can get in regards to taking Tums adequately.

Tips for Different Types of Tums

  • Chewable tablets.If you are eating chew-able tablets then make sure you chew them well before swallowing the tablets in order to avoid Tums side effect.
  • Effervescent tablets. Dissolvable tablets are not meant to be chewed or swallowed whole so make sure they dissolve completely in water before drinking the water.
  • Liquid or powder products must be put through an adequate measuring process using a proper measuring spoon. Make sure you shake the liquid product well before drinking it.