Blue Waffles Disease

Blue Waffles Disease

Blue Waffles Disease Definition and meaning :- It is an infectious disease of the genitals which majorly affects females. It comes under sexually transmitted infections.

What is Blue Waffles Disease?

The terminology “Blue Waffles” is a description of the disease. Blue because it causes bluish coloration of the female vagina’s labia and waffle is the name for the female reproductive organ. It is a sexually transmitted disease marked by severe inflammation of the affected area.

The folds that cover the vagina are pronounced labia which is further divided into two sections: labia minora (the inner lining) and labia majora (the outer lining). At the initial stages of the infection, you will notice red circular patches surrounded by blue colored skin in the vaginal environment which occurs as a result of reduced blood flow to the affected area.

There is no medical confirmation on this disease so far nor is it mentioned in any medical citations by hospitals or medical books.

Symptoms of Blue Waffles Disease

Blue Waffle Disease is believed to exhibit the following signs and symptoms:

  • Persistent itching in the vaginal area
  • Inflammation of the affected vaginal area
  • Unexplained vaginal discharge
  • Pain during urination
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Lower abdomen pain
  • Dark brown or red spots on the folds of the vagina
  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Discoloration of the vagina to a bluish shade followed by a purplish color
  • Bad odor from the vaginal discharge
  • Deformity of external and internal vaginal tissues
  • Tingling sensation in the vagina
  • Burning sensation in the vulva
  • Soreness of the vaginal area
  • Intense dryness of the vaginal area
  • Feeling of fullness in the abdomen

Causes of Blue Waffles Disease

This disease is caused by different strains of microorganisms and parasites breeding on the lips of the vagina. These organisms cause infection which leads to discoloration of the vagina to a bluish or purplish shade. In people with low immunity level, the effect of the disease is much more than those with a relatively healthy immune system.

Blue Waffles Disease is believed to be caused due to the following:

UNPROTECTED SEX :- Unprotected sex is one of the major factors responsible for the disease. Sharing sex toys, having multiple sex partners and using various objects for masturbation can also be responsible for the disease. Minor injuries like cuts and scratches inside the vagina can also add to the possibility of occurrence of the Blue Waffles Disease.

POOR SANITATION :- Females with despicable hygiene are at a higher risk of the disease. Wearing the same underpants for more than one day and using the same soiled sanitary napkin for more than twelve hours are poor hygiene practices and should be avoided. The dampness of the vagina caused by them promotes the growth of microorganisms which results in severe infections like the Blue Waffles Disease.

WEAK IMMUNE SYSTEM :- Females with a weak immune system are at an increased risk of developing the Blue Waffles Disease. In such cases, the body is not able to combat the infection causing microorganisms which further helps them in attacking other parts of the body and spreading the contamination.

ABSENCE OF ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS :- The absence of adequate nutrients in the body makes the immune system weak, ultimately resulting in the occurrence of gynecologist. The body constantly needs essential vitamins and minerals to maintain the nutritional balance and boost the immune system. A nutritious diet is highly important for fighting against infections like the Blue Waffles Disease.

GOOD BACTERIA :- Overgrowth of good bacteria can lead to destruction of bad bacteria responsible for infections. Any disturbance in the balance of bacteria can lead to infections.


Below is a list of other factors that can also cause the Blue Waffles Disease:

  • Tight clothing
  • Unclean vagina
  • Use of female hygiene lotions and sprays
  • Use of contaminated objects for masturbation

Risk Factors of Blue Waffles Disease

Men and women with multiple sex partners are at an increased danger of developing this infection. The best way to protect you is to stick to a single sex partner and indulge in protected sex. Ask your male partner to use a condom so that the chances of occurrence of the Blue Waffles Disease get further reduced.

People who have a weak immune system and poor hygiene practices are also at a risk of developing this infection.

Be alert and look out for the following to keep a check on your infection:

  • Irritation and soreness of the vagina
  • Coloration or shade of the vagina and its surroundings
  • Odor of the vagina

Blue Waffles Disease in Women

In case of women, the female genital area i.e. the vaginal area is highly prone to the Blue Waffles infection. It leads to discoloration of the vagina resulting in a bluish shade which turns purple with time. Other symptoms that are observed in case of Blue Waffles disease in women are vaginal inflammation, severe pain and irritation.

Blue Waffles Disease in Men

Not only women, but men can also be infected with the Blue Waffles disease. However, the female vagina is more susceptible to the disease due to its moist environment which provides a comfortable breeding space for microorganisms.

Is Blue Waffles Disease a Sexually Transmitted Disease?

It is still not clear if it is an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) or a simple bacterial infection. Some believe that it is caused because of practices like unprotected sex while some believe that growth of bacterial strains because of poor hygiene and weak immune systems is responsible for its occurrence.

When to consult your General Physician for Blue Waffles Disease?

If you are experiencing any signs and symptoms as listed in the “Signs and Symptoms” section mentioned above and they seem to worsen with time, you must consult your general physician immediately.

After initial rounds of examination, the general physician may ask you to consult your gynecologist.

Diagnosis of Blue Waffles Disease

The doctor will ask about your medical history and also conduct a pelvic or vaginal examination if required. If there is an infection in the vagina, your doctor will clearly be able to spot it.

Treatment of Blue Waffles Disease

The doctor may recommend one or more lines of treatment as given below, based on your symptoms:

ANTIBIOTICS :- Doctors prescribe Antibiotics like Metrogel and Flagyl for treating bacterial infections like the Blue Waffles Disease.

ANTI-FUNGAL :- Anti-fungal ointments and lotions like Clotrimazole and Miconazole as also recommended for such infections.

Prevention of Blue Waffles Disease

Prevention is always better than cure! Here are some prevention tips that you can adopt to keep yourself safe from infections like the Blue Waffles Disease:

  • Eat healthy food
  • Wear appropriately washed undergarments
  • Use protection during sexual intercourse
  • Do not wear very tight underpants or trousers
  • Change sanitary napkins after every 8-10 hours
  • Clean the vagina thoroughly after sexual intercourse
  • Avoid sex with multiple partners
  • Opt for a nutritious diet plan to keep your immune system high
  • Do not use contaminated objects for masturbation
  • Always keep the vaginal area dry

The more preventive measures you take the lesser the chances of getting the Blue Waffles infection.

Home Remedies of Blue Waffles Disease

TEA TREE OIL :- Tea tree oil is used to treat several bacterial infections in various parts of the body, especially vaginal infections. Fill the water tub with lukewarm water and add 5-6 drops of tea tree oil. Submerge the affected area in the water and soak it for 30 minutes. This is one of the best natural methods to treat Blue Waffles Disease.

MULTI-VITAMINS :- Multi-vitamins are a must for strengthening the immune system in order to stop the bacteria from causing infections.

USING VAGINAL POWDERS :- Medicated powders, prescribed by the doctor can be applied to the vagina in order to reduce the moisture and keep it dry. The more the moisture content, higher are the chances to contract infection.

Blue Waffles Disease Fact or Fiction?

Till date, there has been no confirmation of the existence of the Blue Waffles Disease. However, because of some pictures doing the rounds on the internet, people all over the world believe that the disease exists for sure. Also, it is a means of educating teenagers about safe sex practices and maintenance of personal and sexual hygiene.

Blue Waffles Disease Pictures

This picture clearly indicates how Blue Waffles Disease looks in women.

blue waffles disease in women pictures

Picture : Blue waffles diseases in women

Top 50 Sex Positions To Try Today!

Top 50 sex positions

There is no doubt that a sexual relation and intimacy is one of the important considerations for a happy relationship. It is a proven fact that a lot of people fall apart in their marriages solely because of the monotony in their physical relations. One needs to believe that no matter how rocking the sexual life they have is, there is a constant need for change and adding spice! Are you one of the people whose sex life needs an upgrade? If yes, then we have a lot of not answers, but sex positions to your query. Make sure the physical intimacy does not get stale. Where there is a will, there is a way and this article will surely help you take the right way to spice up your relationship in every possible way!

One of the best ways to achieve your goal is to keep on trying new sexual positions. The good news? There are innumerable ways that can be experimented with when it comes to sex positions. Not just one or two, there are fifty of them that can be of great help!  So to gratify the sexual and naughty thoughts, this sexual positions guide is the ultimate friend. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed! All you need to do is browse through all the options one by one and then try them as and when you like. So what are you waiting for? Get started now!

50 Best Sex Positions That Everyone Should Try

We give you an insight into the world of the most raunchy sex positions that every couple should try. Last longer, enjoy mind-blowing orgasms and have more fun than ever before. Each position has its own perk and you definitely must try each one as and when possible. Spice up your bedroom moments with these 50 sex positions that will help you increase the passion between the sheets.

First 10 sex Positions:

The first 10 sex positions have been voted as the most favourite sex positions by people all over the globe. Let’s have a look at each and learn more about them.

1) Pretzel Dip Position

One of the very enjoyable positions that one should definitely not miss trying is the pretzel dip. It is a side entrance sex position and one of the most pleasurable ones.

How to do it?

You need to lie towards the right side. He will kneel while curling the left leg of yours towards his left side and then straddling the right one.

Benefit and Bonus : The penetration is deeper in this case as it is in the doggy style while maintaining the eye contact with each other. What more? The guy can put his hands to good use!

sex positions 1

Picture 1: Image showing the correct angle of the Pretzel Dip Position.

2) The Cat Position                                                                                       

The full of form which is Coital Alignment Technique

How to do it?

It is more like a missionary position with just one change that the body is father on the upwards side and towards one side. As opposed to chest to chest in missionary, the man’s chest is normally on her shoulders. To enjoy more, ask her to bend the legs on an angle of 45 degrees and also tilt her hips upwards. The base of the shaft will ensure a constant contact with her clitoris in such a case.

Benefits and Bonus : The clitoral stimulation is strong here. Those women who are not able to orgasm in missionary style can try this for perfect outcomes.

the cat position

Picture: Start with the basic missionary position. All you need to do is lie on your back on the bed with the legs spread slightly. This will help him get between your knees to make things easier.

3) The Flatiron Position

How to Do it?

The woman lies on the bed, facedown. Her legs are straight and the hips are raised. The man on top.

Benefits and Bonus : The snug fit is the major benefit of this sexual position. The guy’s penis will feel larger. Deep breathing with this position helps the man long laster.

sex positions 3

PictureFlatiron – The downward doggy style position.

4) The Waterfall Position

This position is also known as the Head Rush Position.

How to do it?

The man needs to move towards the edge of the bed. He needs to lie in such a way that the head and shoulders are on the floor. She sits on top and straddles. This makes the blood rush to the head and gives out of the box sensations during the orgasm.

Benefits and Bonus : Much better and intense orgasm.

sex position 4

Picture: The woman is allowed to have probably a solid several minutes of hobby-horse riding thrills in the waterfall position.

5) The G-Whiz Position

How to Do it?

Lie back on the bed and put your legs on his shoulders. This is the way you can enjoy the position.

Benefits and Bonus : The raising of the legs narrows the gap of the vagina which further helps him target the G-spot well. The penis comes into direct contact with the G-spot in this position if he rocks up and down or side to side.

sex position 5

PictureThe best position to target the G-Spot.

6) Doggie Style

This might be one of the most common sexual positions but trust me, it is one of the most enjoyable ones.

How to do it?

The girl comes into a position of a dog on the bed and the man thrusts from behind.

Benefits and Bonus : It massages the clitoris and the G-spot also gets stimulated. For men, it is easier to thrust in a doggie style and orgasm well.

sex position 6

PictureThe traditional doggy style position.

7) The Face-Off Position

How to do it?

The man can either sit on the edge of the bed or on a chair. The woman has to face him and sit on his lap.

Benefits and Bonus : The woman is in control of the depth of the thrust as well as the angle. It is a perfect position for marathon sex or a quickie. The support is provided by being seated. The fingers and hands have all the freedom in the world to make the sex more interesting and heated up.

sex position 7

PictureIt’s a healthy and pleasurable face off.

8) The One Up Position

It is also known as Over your Shoulder or even The Hamstring Stretch

How to do it?

The man needs to kneel on the floor while the woman needs to lie on her back at the edge of the bed. She can raise her leg while supporting the hamstring with the hands. In this position she can also add movements while you are stroking.

Benefits and Bonus : Good for women who has a sensitive clitoris on one side.

sex position 8

PictureA simpler but lesser novel way to add feminine movement to the moderate leg up position.

9) The Reverse Cowgirl Position

The woman is in-charge in this position. So for all the women who loves the domination factor, this one is for you.

How to do it?

The guy lies down on his back on the bed and the woman sits on top but in a reverse position.

Benefits and Bonus : This delays the partner’s climax, so you can enjoy and relax while getting to your orgasm.

sex position 9

PictureReverse cowgirl variation. As in the classic woman on top position, the woman has control of the pace of intercourse and the depth of penetration.

10) The Cowgirl Position

This is the same as above but in this case the woman sits facing the man.

Benefits and Bonus : Use your hands and fingers to allure him and the eye contact with your guy is an additional benefit here in comparison with reverse cowgirl position.

sex position 10

Picture: With a standard cowgirl position, the lower part of the woman’s legs are locked on the bed or floor. This engages her butt and core pleasure her man.

Blue Balls

Blue Balls

The term blue balls were believed to have originated in the US at around 1916. Here, in this condition a prolonged sexual arousal or unsatisfied sexual tension may lead to the blue balls condition.

Blue Balls Causes and Definition

The condition for blue balls usually is quite discomforting. If the testicles or the prostate glands experience blood or fluid congestion, the condition blue balls may arrive. Not all male experiences problem as such as the medical term for it has been given as epididymal hypertension.

During the span of sexual arousal in a man, the blood flows to the groins which in turn cause the blood vessels to dilate. This is how the erection in a male organ appears during times of sexual arousal. The veins that usually carry or pass the blood at around this time becomes constricted thereby allowing the erected position to remain persistent. The condition that persists is called vasocongestion and usually would occur in the testicle regions as well. This is why the size of the testicles during a sexual arousal period can increase by about 20-25% more. If the lack of a climax is felt, the congestion may remain to persist. A slight ache or pain in the testicles may persist too. For some the sensation might even result in heaviness. This is how the condition got its name ‘blue balls’.

Scientists also revealed that this is not limited to men alone as women too feel a similar phenomenon where due to vasocongestion an ache in the pelvic region or lower abdomen may arrive too.

Some more information regarding blue balls

Blue balls usually is simply an uncomfortable situation, a sensation of discomfort merely and this should never be resulted in forcing the other half into engaging in sexual intercourse, just to get rid of the condition. Even if the ejaculation process doesn’t occur, there will be no substantial damage done. Even though the vasocongestion theory is most renowned, other medical theories revolving around it can blame the epididymis for this condition. Epididymis usually carries the sperm and the theory so goes believes the backing up of the sperm instead of going forward can cause the condition of blue balls. Owing to vasocongestion, the term blue balls causes a slight coloration of the scrotum, a bit bluish in hue. However, the testicles don’t turn blue themselves.

Blue Balls Relief and Treatment

One thing that you should know about blue balls is that, this condition in no way is life threatening or dangerous in nature and would never cause death. Even without the possibility of ejaculation, the discomfort or the pain usually resolves itself within an hour. Enlisted here are some of the blue ball relief remedies.

  • Sexual release: If you resort to ejaculation, the vasocongestion will decrease which would result in blood flowing out of the groin region. This is one of the most effective procedures to get rid of blue balls condition. To get instant relief masturbation can be opted as a ploy.
  • Lay down: If you lie down the blood flow from the groin region can flow upwards and release some pressure from it which is why this can be taken as an effective medium to deploy the situation.
  • Massage: To release the pooling of blood in the testicular region, a soft massage can help you relieve the symptom. Massage the scrotum to alleviate the discomfort. This can also be used as a way to lengthen the sexual encounter whilst trying to relief blue balls.
  • Hot bath: A warm bath would immediately alleviate the discomfort and tension thereby relaxing you.
  • Cold compress: Use cold compress to reduce and relax the discomfort or pain sensation. The cold constricts the blood vessel. This would immediately decrease the excess blood flow to the region.
  • Lifting heavy objects: Every time you lift a heavy object, the abdominal or the pelvic region experiences a heavy pressure. The pressure in those areas may decrease the blood flow from the testicle region and release some of the pressure.