Top 50 Sex Positions To Try Today!


Top 40 to 50 Sex Positions

Last 10 positions are somewhat innovative as compared to other and can spice up your experience any day.

41) Restroom Attendant Position

Drop the Soap is the other name for this particular position.

How to do it?

Go to the bathroom, where she can look into the mirror while bending on the basin and you enter her from the back. The mirror will oblige you with eye contact and the rear entry will help in targeting the G-spot.

Benefits and Bonus : A great position for a quickie (at any party!)

sex position 41

Picture: The Restroom Attendant position comes very handy when you have bare minimum time to explore your sexual fantasies.

42) The Standing Dragon Sex Position

This position is also known as Hidden Serpent or Crouching Tiger.

How to do it?

She poses on all fours on the edge of the bed and the man has to stand behind and enter her. He can also lift the buttocks for a better position.

Benefits and Bonus : G-spot stimulation is good in this particular position. The rear view can also be highly erotic for the man.

sex position 42

Picture: The rear view of the women in the Standing Dragon sex position provides extra pleasure to the man and is considered highly erotic and sensual.

43) The Mountain Climber Position

It is also known as the Push Up.

How to do it?

The woman lies on the bed and the man enters her between the legs with a push up position. He can take the support of his hands for successfully using this position to his advantage.

Benefits and Bonus : It keeps off the body weight from the woman, making things more comfortable for her. It also helps in maintaining good eye contact with your partner.

sex position 43

Picture: The mountain climber position is also known as the Push Up position. It eases the woman by letting of the extra weight on her body.

44) The Quicker Picker Upper Sex Position

The Pillow Driver is one of the other names given to this particular position.

How to do it?

The woman lies on her back with a pillow under her buttocks. This will tilt her pelvic region which will give the freedom for different kind of thrusts for changing sensations. The man takes support from the bed through his hands like in a push up position, take off the weight from her and enter.

Benefits and Bonus : Not only is it a very good exercise for the upper body but is a great break from the normal missionary position.

sex position 44

Picture: The Quicker Picker Upper Sex Position is also known as the Pillow Driver position.

45) The Spork Position

A combination that speaks of a spoon and form combo and also known as Scissoring.

How to do it?

The woman lies on her back on the bed. The next, she raises the right leg for the man to position himself in between in a 90 degree angle. This is the time when he enters.

Benefits and Bonus : The creative position helps the man and woman create a natural bridge. A good change from the regular and common positions to upgrade your sex life.

sex position 45

Picture: The Spork Position is the perfect mix of the spoon and scissors position.

46) The Gift Wrapped Position

The Horny Mantis is the other name given to this seductive sex position.

How to do it?

Face each other and lie on the bed. The woman bends a little, spreads both her legs and brings her vagina in the angle. The man lifts his legs in a way as to enter her and the woman wraps her legs behind him.

Benefits and Bonus : Increased levels of intimacy as well as a relaxed position which leads to a deep penetration for better satisfaction.

sex position 46

Picture: The Gift Wrapped Position lets the man wrap his body around his partner for deeper penetration and increased intimacy. It is also one of the most comfortable sex positions.

47) The Snow Angel Position

This position has another name called the Bottom’s Up.

How to do it?

The woman lies on her back on the bed. On the other hand, the man faces in the opposite direction trying to straddle her. She has to lift her legs and then wrap them onto the man’s back. Elevate her pelvis to enter her easily. The woman has to grab his butt to help him slide up and down in a comfortable way.

Benefits and Bonus : The woman gets a good view of the man’s rear.

sex position 47

Picture: The Snow Angel position allows the woman to have a good view of her man’s rear asset.

48) Spider Sex Position

How to do it?

Both the partners needs to sit on the bed. The legs should be faced towards one another. Keep the arms backwards to provide support to the body. The woman has to move towards the man, so that she is on top. The hips has to be positioned between the spread legs of the man. The feet should be such that it is outside the hip region and out flat on the bed for support.

Benefits and Bonus : The action happens in the centre of both the partners along with maintaining a good eye contact. This is one of the most weird sex positions when seen visually.

sex position 48

Picture: An illustration of the Spider Sex position.

49) The Hovering Butterfly

This is one of the popular positions among couples and is also known as The Face Sitter.

How to do it?

The man lies down on the bed on his back whereas the woman puts her knees on both the sides of the man’s ears. The headboard can be a good support for her here. The man can now do his thing whereas the woman can play around with her nipples.

Benefits and Bonus : The woman has the power to direct your tongue in her vagina by moving up and down. A good position out of all the sex positions for oral sex and can also be done with man on top and woman below.

sex position 49

Picture: The Hovering Butterfly position is one of the favorite positions of couples and is also known as the Face Sitter position.

50) The Wicked Sixty Nine

This one is also called Over and Under or Inverted 69

How to do it?

A good position for oral sex, this is something that a lot of couples derive great pleasure from. The man lies on the bed and the woman faces away from him towards his member. Her vagina is on his mouth and she has the access to his penis.

Benefits and Bonus : The oral pleasure and stimulation is great. It can also be done from side to side to gain that extra comfort and support.

sex position 50

Picture: This position is also known as the Inverted 69 position

Apart from these top 50 sex positions, there are a lot of other innumerable ones that partners can try to break the monotony of their sex life. This will totally depend on their creativity as well as the strength and flexibility of the body. In fact, one can also opt for various variations of the above mentioned sex positions. This is again up to your imagination of how you want to pursue it.

There is no doubt that, these sex positions will help you liven up your sex life with your partner and give both of you a new zest to come closer.

Personally speaking, doggy style, Sixty Nine and the Gift Wrapped Positions are some of the most pleasurable sex positions out of all. On the other hand, Doggy Style is also the easiest to start with while you have just started experimenting with these positions.

Overall, the idea is to understand the various positions that are famous from the time the ‘Kama Sutra’ came into being centuries ago. So which one do you plan to impress your partner with, tonight?

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