Top 50 Sex Positions To Try Today!


Top 31 to 40 Sex Positions

These 10 positions will help you in discovering each other deep down to each others senses.

31) The Lazy Man Position

This position is also known as The Squat Thrust

How to do it?

The man should sit on the bed with the legs stretched and pillows behind his back. The woman puts her feet on the bed and sits on the man’s thighs while facing him. Basically she straddles his waist. She need to bend her knees in a way that she lowers on you while using one hand to get through your penis into her vagina. By taking support from the balls on the feet she can thrust up and down and with the speed that she pleases.

Benefits and Bonus : It keeps the intimacy going and also gives the woman, the control to dominate.


Picture: The lazy man position gives the woman full control over her partner and a chance to dominate him.

32) The Butter Churner Position

How to do it?

The woman has to lie down on the bed with her legs raised in a way that it folds over and has the ankles on both the sides of the head. The man has to dip down and squat the penis in and out.

Benefits and Bonus : The eye contact is one of the first benefits in this case along with an extra charge of blood into the head. This increases the overall ecstasy as well as experience.

sex position 32

Picture: An illustration of the Butter Churner sex position.

33) The Heir to the Throne Sex Position

This position is also known as the Lazy Girl.

How to do it?

The woman sits on the chair with her legs wide open. This is where the man takes over. From suction to strokes, there are innumerable things that can be experimented with this position. In fact, the woman doesn’t lose anything. She has a good view of her man from the chair which is a major turn-on factor.

Benefits and Bonus : The perfect position for those who are looking for some foreplay and oral sex just before taking the plunge. This is also an ideal situation to bring your woman in the mood.

sex position 33

Picture: An apt sex position for those who love foreplay and oral sex before diving into the climax.

34) The Om Position

How to do it?

The man has to take a yoga style sitting position and the woman sits in his lap, facing him. The woman should wrap the legs onto him in such a way that it provides supports. Basically, a hugging position.

Benefits and Bonus : Perfect for those who love tantric sex. This is more of a rocking position than a thrusting one. A more intimate sex position to try out! The eye contact is an added advantage.

sex position 34

Picture: The Om position is a part of Tantric sex.

35) The Valedictorian Position

How to do it?

It is a form of missionary position only. However, one change is the woman has to raise the leg straight in the air forming a ‘V’. Grab the ankles for extra support and stretch.

Benefits and Bonus : There is good contact of the body with the vulva.

sex position 35

Picture: The Valedictory position lets you make a good contact with the woman’s vulva.

36) Closed for Business Sex Position

This is one of the variations for One Up.

How to do it?

The woman closes her legs, to avoid direct clitoris stimulation in this particular position. It is more of a foreplay position during sex. The man needs to place his hands on the pubic mound with a little pressure. The tongue needs to be rubbed around the clitoris area for indirect stimulation.

Benefits and Bonus : Slow build up during sex is one of the major and most important benefits of this position.

sex position 36

Picture: Closed for Business Sex Position comprises more foreplay and is also known as the foreplay position.

37) The David Copperfield Position

This position is also known as the Trick & Treat Position

How to do it?

The woman lies on her back on the bed and puts a pillow under her hips to tilt the pelvis to a perfect position. She can then bend her knees and put her legs on the shoulders of the man.

Benefits and Bonus : For women who loves an upward stroking motion, this is the perfect choice.

sex position 37

Picture: The Stand and Deliver Position is also known as the Bicycle position.

38) Iron Chef Position

This sex position is also called by couples as Kitchen Confidential.

How to do it?

This is more of a variation that belongs to the Ballet Dancer category. The woman raises her leg and then wraps the same one to the thighs of the man. This is a perfect position to be done on the kitchen counter.

Benefits and Bonus : For those looking for a deep penetration yet a quickie, this is the sex position to opt for, without a doubt.

sex position 38

Picture: The Iron Chef position is a stairway to the world of deep penetration.

39) Aquaman’s Delight

This sex position is also known as H2OHH YEAH.

How to do it?

This is again a variation that roots from the Ballet Dancer Position. The woman has buoyancy in water which makes it much easier to keep this position on hold for longer. You stand in water and she will hug you from the thighs and wrap both her legs around to help you enter her.

Benefits and Bonus : For those who want an outdoor quickie, this is the one!

sex position 39

Picture: The Aquaman’s delight is a variation of the Ballet Dancer position.

40) Standing Wheelbarrow Position

The Hoover Maneuver is the other name for this particular sex position.

How to do it?

The man needs to keep standing and hold the woman from down under. The woman needs to rest her palms on the floor. Her ankles needs to be on both the sides of the man. Basically, the woman needs to be raised from the pelvic region. The waist of the woman should be gripped by the man’s legs.

Benefits and Bonus : The position is a good exercise and a great calorie burner. In fact, you can even stroll in the house when in this position.

sex position 40

Picture: The Wheelbarrow position is a great remedy for exercising and burning the extra calories. It is a magical combination of working out and pleasure.