Top 50 Sex Positions To Try Today!


Next Top 21 to 30 Sex Positions

As we read further, let’s delve deep into the world the next 10 sex positions that are considered as the most experimental ones.

21) The Chairman Position

To understand the right way to use this sex position, the below image will help you.

Benefits and Bonus : Stimulates and perfectly hits the G-spot. It also gives the freedom to use the hand with whatever pleases you.

sex position 21

PictureThe chairman position lets the man leverage his hand to attain maximum pleasure.

22) The ‘X’ Factor Position

How to do it?

It is more of a missionary position with slight modifications for better pleasure. He enters in a missionary and then slides his legs as well as chest which will bring you both in an ‘X’ position but the pelvis will be in the same location.

Benefits and Bonus : You will be in better motion with his body in this form. You can also massage his legs, butt or back in this position.

sex position 22

PictureThe X Factor position is the modification of the Missionary position.

23) The Stairway to Heaven Position

This sex position is also known as Step Lively.

How to do it?

It is another of the variations of the Hot Seat. The man sits on the staircase and the woman sits on top of him. The hand rail definitely provides extra support for that deep thrusts and is a great leverage for her.

Benefits and Bonus : Best support while making out in a Hot Seat Position. A change in the regular positions for an upgrade.

sex position 23

PictureThis position is also known as the Step Lively position.

24) The Caboose Position

How to do it?

The man sits on the chair or the bed and the woman backs herself onto him in a way that they can spoon each other while seating.

Benefits and Bonus : Gives more room for fantasizing when you don’t get to see your partner, which makes sex more exciting. It also tightens the muscles of the vagina and helps her keep him erect for longer.

sex position 24

PictureThis position gives more scope of fantasizing as both partners cannot see each other.

25) Stand and Deliver Sex Position

This sexual and intimate position is also known as The Bicycle

How to do it?

Both the partners are in standing position in this one. The woman in front and the man at the back. The former bends from above the waist and then the man enters from behind.

The man needs to stand at the edge of the bed whereas the woman needs to lie on the edge of the same bed. She needs to raise both her legs in a way that it reaches her chest. The knees needs to be in a bent position as if she is ‘cycling’. The man grabs her to enter but slowly as deep penetration might be a little painful.

Benefits and Bonus : The intensity of the thrusts are increased because of the tighter vagina in this position. His hands are free to play with the clitoris.

The man gets a good view of his penis thrusting into her. Deep penetration is another of the benefits to look forward to.

sex position 25

PictureThe vagina becomes tighter in this position as both the partners are standing, resulting in increased pleasure.

26) The Scoop Me Up Position

How to do it?

Both of the partners are facing the same side in the same direction. The woman in front and the man at the back. The woman brings up her knees a little. The man has to slide in a way that he reaches the pelvis of the woman and enters her from behind.

Benefits and Bonus : There is good level of skin to skin contact among the partners which helps in increasing the stimulation. For better intensity, ask him to place his hands on your shoulders.

sex position 26

PictureThis position leads to the rubbing of skin between both the partners which adds to stimulation and pleasure.

27) The Reverse Scoop Position

How to do it?

In a missionary position, try to move on the side without disengaging from each other. The upper bodies can be supported with the arms here.

Benefits and Bonus : The body press is same along with maintaining good eye contact. Intertwining the legs will let you fondle him down under.

sex position 27

PictureThe Reverse Scoop Position allows you to have an unbreakable eye contact with your partner.

28) The Pole Sex Position

This position is also known as the Thighmaster

How to do it?

The man lies on his back on the bed and bends one of the legs while other is stretched. The woman has to straddle the bent leg with one thigh on both the sides and then keeps the thrust going with her back facing you. She can easily use the raised leg for support while thrusting up and down.

Benefits and Bonus : This is a dual stimulation for the woman. On the other hand, for the man, it is a good view option of her rear.

sex position 28

PictureThe Pole Sex position provides dual stimulation for the woman.

29) The Golden Arch Position

How to do it?

The man sits on the bed with his legs stretched. The woman has to sit on top of him, in such a way that she faces him. She should also ensure her knees are bent and she sits exactly on her thighs. Both of the partners has to lean back.

Benefits and Bonus : Both the partners get a good view of each other’s bodies. The angle, depth and the speed of the thrusts is again in your hands. This makes the experience more memorable.

sex position 29

Picture: The Golden Arch Position lets both partner take control of the angle, depth and speed of the thrusts.

30) The Seashell Sex Position

How to do it?

The woman has to lie back on the bed and then raise the legs way up. The ankles can be crossed behind the head. The man enters the woman like this, in a missionary position.

Benefits and Bonus : The hands of the woman is free to rub the clitoris. The G-spot can be hit well in this position by riding low. The flexibility of the position makes it worth trying.

sex position 30

Picture: The flexibility of the Seashell Sex position makes it worth giving a shot.