Top 50 Sex Positions To Try Today!


Top 11 to 20 Sex Positions

The next 1o sex positions are the most passion filled and raunchy sex positions of all times. Let’s continue to read and learn more about them:

11) Missionary Position

The more common of all but surely a classic one. It is one of the most comfortable ways to reach an orgasm.

How to do it?

The woman lies down and the man lies on top of her.

Benefits and Bonus : Comfort and relaxed sexual experience is what you get from this position

sex position 11

PictureMissionary- The most romantic position.

12) Cowgirl’s Helper Position

How to do it?

It is somewhat similar to the cowgirl position. The woman kneel on top of the man. This calls for a sliding technique on his thighs. The weight of the woman is supported by the man by grabbing her thighs and he also rises in this case to meet the thrust.

Benefits and Bonus : The pressure goes on the leg, this makes the orgasm much easier. This also delays the climax of the man, making an additional benefit for him. It also stimulates a lot of parts of the vagina.

sex position 12

PictureThe woman kneels on top of the man and leverages the sliding on the thigh technique to the fullest.

13) The Hot Seat Position

Also known as the Man Chair or the Hot Seat

How to do it?

The man sits at the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor. She look the other side and sits between the legs of the man. It is on her to ride by either pushing the chair or else pressing her feet on the floor. She can arch back by pressing her well-shaped buttocks on the man’s groin. It is one of the best sex positions for both the man and woman.

Benefits and Bonus : The G-spot stimulation is incomparable.

sex position 13

PictureThe most effective position to take G-spot stimulation to the next level.

14) The Pinball Wizard Position

How to do it?

The woman has to put one of her legs on the shoulder of the man for an intense feeling.

Benefits and Bonus : Intense sensation and climax.

sex position 14

PictureThis position is highly recommended by experts to attain orgasm.

15) Leap Frog Position

A modification of the doggie style, this is one of the best ones to adhere to, for spicing up your sex life.

How to do it?

The woman needs to get on her knees and take the support of her hands. The hips should be raised in a way that the hands and head rests on the bed.

Benefits and Bonus : Deeper penetration and comfortable sex with an option of resting the hands on the pillow.

sex position 15

PictureLeap frog position provides deeper penetration as compared to the Doggy Style position.

16) The Ballet Dancer Position

How to do it?

Face your man, stand on one foot and use the other leg to wrap around his waist. He can support your body here.

Benefits and Bonus : Good connection with your partner while getting an eye contact benefit in this sex position. Deeper penetration as well. This is one of the most preferred of all the standing sex positions.

sex position 16

PictureThe best position to strike an everlasting connection with your partner.

17) The Corkscrew Position

How to do it?

The edge of the bench or bed is where you need to rest the hip. The thighs should be together and the forearm on one of the sides. The man stands behind and straddles and enters from behind in this sex position.

Benefits and Bonus : The thighs together leads to a tighter hold when the man thrusts from behind, leading towards much better pleasure and experience. The woman can also thrust along with the man to bring in a better result.

sex position 17

PictureThis position allows the woman also to thrust with the man for an even pleasurable experience.

18) The Magic Mountain Position

How to do it?

Face each other and in a crisscross position, come closer.

Benefits and Bonus : When partners rock each other in such a position, the big O is almost close.

sex position 18

PictureThe magical mountain position is also known as the criss-cross position.

19) The Spin Cycle Position

This position is also known as Maytag repair Man.

How to do it?

It is a slight modification of the hot seat position. However, this is a position that is followed by sitting on top of a washing machine. He under and she on top on his lap.

Benefits and Bonus : There are extra vibes in this particular position.

sex position 19

PictureThis is a slight modification of the hot seat position.

20) The Wheelbarrow Position

How to do it?

Take support of your hands and let him pick you up from the pelvic region. With your thighs, you can grip his waist for support.

Benefits and Bonus : Now only is it a good workout for the arms but also one where the man is dominating the sex position. This leads to a deeper penetration and a better satisfaction for him during sex. He also gets a good view of your physical assets. This is one of the most workout friendly sex positions of all times.

sex position 20

PictureThe man plays a dominating part in the wheelbarrow position. It also provides a good workout for the arms.