Salt Water Mouth Rinse


History indicates that salt has been known for its medicinal properties. Wide range of medicines was prepared using salt especially the anti – infective. Even many ayurvedic preparations are made using salt. Salt water mouth rinse is used by people from traditional days. Rinsing your mouth with salt water just after eating your food will keep you away from germs. Mixture of table salt and warm water is known to kill bacteria in the mouth. Often food gets stuck into the teeth. This can be loosened and removed by rinsing with salt water which makes a valuable addition to brushing and flossing. Salt water is an effective commercial mouthwash. It can also be used to cure sore throat caused due to tonsillitis, strep and common cold. Salt water contains pH which deters reproduction of micro-organisms.

Why Use Salt Water Mouth Rinse

A lot of debate is going on regarding using salt water as an effective mouth rinse. Mixture of warm water and salt is effective in killing off bacteria but still there are no scientific evidences to support this saying. Still no tests have been performed to determine whether salt water is comparable to commercial mouth wash or not when it comes to killing germs and bacteria in the mouth. Bleeding in the mouth can be stopped with salt water. Below are mentioned few reasons because of which salt water mouth rinse can be used –

  1. Cost effective

Salt water mouth wash is one of the cost effective mouth wash than commercial mouth wash. Salt water can be easily prepared at home whereas one needs to purchase commercial mouth washes from the market. Salt water mouth washes are environment friendly than commercial mouthwashes and thus can be used easily.

  1. Convenience

Salt water is very convenient method to keep germs away. This is very famous where commercial mouth washes cannot be used or are not easily available. This mixture can be easily prepared when one feels that they are running out camping or realize that their mouthwash is about to get over especially in the middle of the daily oral care routine.

  1. No alcoholic content

Along with chemicals, commercial mouthwashes even contain alcoholic ingredients. Often these adversely affect the people who have sensitive mouths. Alcoholic content increases the risk of mouth cancer or oral cancer. So salt water is an effective mouth wash for who cannot use commercial mouthwashes. Salt water rinse allows you to continue your regular oral hygiene routine without forcing yourself to ingredients that might cause allergic reaction or discomfort.

  1. Salt water after dental surgery

Many dentist recommend salt water after minor dental surgeries. Salt has properties which help to promote the healing process and is advised to use it 24 hours after the surgery to help your mouth to recover fast. It is an isotonic solution and hence contains the same minerals that are in our body. So it does not irritate the mucous membranes which a medicinal mouthwashes might do. It is an excellent short term treatment especially when you have undergone some minor teeth removal process. Salt water can even help you to reduce your pain. Try eating soft food after surgery like milk and dairy products, fruits and vegetables, meat and meat substitutes. Salt water is very effective after you have a tooth pulled. This helps to reduce inflammation after the surgery. Salt water is even known to curb bad breath. There are number of reasons of bad breath like bacteria on tongue or periodontal disease. Always consult a dentist to know the main reason for the bad breath before trying out any process.

How to make salt water solution

Salt water mouth rinse is very easy to prepare. Mix a small amount of salt in warm water to create the basic salt water rinse. Always use warm water instead of cold water or water at normal temperature. Mix about half a teaspoon of salt in a full size dinner glass to kill bacteria present in the mouth. Make sure you do not end up producing a mouth wash which is too salty for you to manage. People usually start with little amount of salt and slowly increase the quantity when they get used to it. Avoid consuming salty, spicy and sticky food that gets stuck between the teeth leading to development of germs and bacteria. Stop drinking alcohol and smoking if you want to follow strict healthy oral hygiene.

How to use salt water as mouth rinse

There is no difference in using salt water in comparison to commercial mouthwash when it comes to using it as a mouth wash. Salt water is not only an effective mouthwash but can also be used to cure sore throat, kill bacteria and cure other mouth diseases. Below are mentioned the ways in which one should use salt water mouth rinse –

  1. Sip a small amount of salt water and keep it in your mouth, gently swishing it against your gums.
  2. Then swish it through the rest of your mouth more energetically
  3. And then swish the salt water for about thirty seconds in your mouth and then spit it in some repository or sink as per your choice.
  4. Then repeat the same process if you want about thirty seconds later. This will help you to remove any buildup or bacteria on the teeth.
  5. After this process is complete do for the process of brushing and flossing as per your requirement.

One important thing that people using salt water as a mouth wash is that it should not be used very frequently. Salt water mouth rinse can even erode away your teeth enamel if used every day because it is acidic in nature. Acidity in salt water softens the teeth enamel and makes them more susceptible to wearing, chipping and cavities. Before spending your money make sure that you consult your dentist about the best way kill germs.