Rashes on Inner Thigh

Rashes on Inner Thigh

Rashes on inner thigh are quite common. This might occur due to excess sweating or as a result of any health problems. Do not panic when you see such blisters on your skin. You can treat them easily without much effort when it has not developed due to certain health problems. The skin becomes itchy, inflamed and red due to such rashes. Rashes can appear on any part of your body but rashes on inner thigh are more uncomfortable than rashes in any other place, the reason being that it makes walking more difficult and it keeps irritating every time you move.

8 Probable Causes of Rashes on Inner Thigh

Below mentioned are few reasons for rashes on inner thigh –

  1. Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is caused when the skin feels something that irritates it. Medication, poison ivy, lotion, fabric, detergent, chemicals and soaps are few because of which rashes develop.

It causes burning, tenderness, itching, sores or swelling on the skin. If you feel that contact dermatitis has developed on your skin, you should immediately clean the area with water and apply corticosteroid so that the rashes fade away easily.

  1. Allergy

Many people are prone to allergies. Medications and consuming certain food can cause allergic reaction which can lead to rashes at any part of your body including your thigh. It often becomes difficult to guess the culprit behind the rashes. Few of such culprits are avocado, oily food, spicy food, sugary food, peanuts, shellfish and strawberries. This is one common reason for rashes on inner thigh.

  1. Sweat rash

Sweating is one of the common reasons for development of rashes. Rashes are frequent during the summer season due to excess sweating. Overweight people have a higher risk of developing such rashes on the thighs. Folds of their skin usually rub against each other frequently causing irritation and thus rashes. Poor hygiene habits also lead to rashes. One should always keep their body clean especially such areas so that they can avoid rashes from occurring.

  1. Heat Rash

Heat rashes or boils develop due to the hot and humid weather. The inner thigh sweats a lot especially during the humid weather and thus is more prone to such rashes. These are irritating and at times even become painful when the condition becomes worse. Try applying talcum powder daily to stay away from rashes. Applying talcum powder daily will keep the area dry and prevent rashes. These days many brands are even providing powders with cooling elements. These have ingredients that can help you to soothe your skin and prevent rashes from spreading.

  1. Fungal infection

Tinea cruris fungi or jock itch or fungal infection causes rashes or scales on the skin leading to the development of blisters. The skin which is affected by such fungal infection develop sharply defined edges all around the red rashes that even has patches of normal skin in it. Apply anti fungal talcum powders which are easily available in the market these days. You can even apply anti-fungal creams at least twice daily to get rid of them easily.

  1. Swimmer’s Itch

Often water remains contaminated. Swimmer’s Itch is caused by water contaminated by Schistosoma parasite which hideaway into the skin and thus causes rashes or red patches. These are common in tropical waters. These parasites enter the skin and start maturing in the liver and lungs. Maturing of these parasites inside the body is very harmful and can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain and food poisoning.

  1. Atopic dermatitis – Eczema

Eczema which is also known as Atopic dermatitis causes skin to become hyper sensitive. This infection is more common among children than in adults. Few symptoms attached to the infection are stress, drying of skin, development of different type of allergies and rashes. These even develop in the inner thighs. Avoid scratching them because it will make the condition worse rather than giving you any relief. The skin will become more sensitive and might even develop such infections which can take months to heal. When there is an eczema breakout apply petroleum jelly or lotion not containing irritants such as alcohol and fragrances to get immediate relief.

  1. Other factors

There are few other factors which might cause rashes like people having a habit of cycling, people who shave their inner thighs might experience razor burns, insect bite and outbreak of herpes simplex viruses. Genital herpes or herpes simplex viruses are a type of infection which is rare and might even affect the genitals. Rashes in the inner thigh are common among the cyclist because of the friction that is caused during exercising. These are also known as saddle sores. Insect bites from ants, mosquitoes, ticks, bed bugs and other similar pests leave bumps and rashes on the skin. If these bites do not fade away in few hours then make sure to take some medical consultation.

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How to treat rashes on inner thigh?

Rashes at its development stage usually fade away on its own but severe rashes might require medical attention. You can even opt for natural remedies to cure such rashes. The best way to get rid of such rashes easily is to consult some doctor or physician. Make sure you do not scratch the area even by mistake. List of few remedies are mentioned below –

  • Apply ice or cold water every few hours to get instant relief. Dry the area after applying ice with a clean towel so that the rashes recover on its own.
  • You should wear loose fitting clothes when you are experiencing such rashes. These clothes will allow your skin to breathe and prevent the rashes from spreading. It is better to wear shorts during this time to allow circulation.
  • You can even try applying cooling elements like lotion without alcoholic ingredients, Aloe Vera, ice, tomato juice, etc. Fresh Aloe Vera gels are the most effective than artificial ones available in the market.
  • Wash the affected area every day and dry it with a clean towel. Make sure you do not keep it wet as it might infect the area with rashes on inner thigh.

Rashes on inner thigh are very common especially during the summer season. Excess sweating and other health problems are the two most important reasons for the rashes to occur. Few rashes heal on its own and few need proper medication depending upon the severity. Rashes are red patches which cause irritation and develop very easily. It usually occurs when the skin of the inner thighs rub against each other. Healthy diet and healthy staying habits can keep you away from such rashes. You can even apply anti fungal talcum powders and anti fungal creams on the affected areas to get relief. You can even apply ice and fresh Aloe Vera gel to get instant relief. Drinking loads of water daily even has connection with rashes. Water will not only quench your thirst but will also keep you away from rashes and blisters.