Purple Fingertips

Purple Fingertips

What does Purple Fingertips Mean?

A healthy person has a healthy pink blood flow that turns your skin into a pink colour. Areas under the fingertips are filled with capillaries that affect the colour a great extent. If your skin is pale that means you have very little blood circulation and if your skin is purple that means you have very little oxygen circulation. Purple fingertips most of the time happen for no reason whatsoever and tend to go away fast and easily but if you see that the issue lasts for a long time with underlying symptoms then it is best to get your doctor’s advice in this regard.

Possible Causes for Purple Fingertips

  1. Finger Injury

A finger injury is one of the most common ways of getting purple fingertips because the capillaries right under the skin are damaged at this time causing the fingers to turn purple when the blood rushed there to help in an attempt to heal the area.

  1. Poor Circulation

When your blood does not have enough oxygen then it tends to become even darker than usual which causes purple fingertips in many cases. This is normally caused when you have any underlying issue such as anaemia or even inhibited oxygen intake from smoking. You would need a doctor’s help in this regard to find out what exactly is the issue.

  1. Raynaud’s Disease

This disease is an issue which doctors still do not fully understand and is caused by varying cold temperatures on the fingers and the toes. It could resemble blue or purple coloured fingertips or toes and can be caused due to stress and cold temperatures.

It is quite often seen that the body changes colour when you are cold or stressed and there is a very numb prickly feeling when the stress or cold is relieved. This is quite an effecting issue when mixed with the effects of purple fingertips and you would require professional help immediately to deal with this issue.

How to Deal With Purple Fingertips?

Purple fingertips is not a serious issue and can be dealt with easily at home with a number of underlying home remedies that would help in the engagement of your blood flow over a specific period of time. But if this issue is caused by any underlying disease then it is very important that you get professional help immediately.

  1. General Treatments for Purple Fingertips
  • If you are worried that your blood circulation is not up to the mark then apply warmers and hot compress on the affected areas so as to stimulate blood flow.
  • In the case of an injury do not worry as the purple areas will dissipate over a period of time.
  • You can massage the affected areas if that helps you ease the issue.
  1. Treatments for Raynaud’s Disease-Related Purple Fingertips

There are a number of medications that would help you to fight the symptoms of purple fingertips so as to provide a healthy blood flow in your body keeping you healthy:

Medical TreatmentHow It Helps
Calcium Channel Blockers.These mediations help to open up the capillaries that bring blood to your fingers and toes thus reducing the effects of Raynaud’s disease in the long run.
Alpha Blockers.These are drugs that counteract the hormones that constrict blood vessels on a cellular level thus opening them to better flow.
Vasodilators.Vasodilators are blood pressure medications or anti depressants that help to relax the blood vessels in your body, especially the smaller ones.
Chemical Injection.Doctors could introduce chemicals via injection into the sympathetic nerves in your hands and feet that are responsible for the opening and constricting of blood vessels that could cause Raynaud’s disease. Purple fingertips can be stopped this way and if the issue returns then this process must be repeated.
Nerve Surgery.This is more of a last resort where prevalent nerves affecting the situation are removed causing a drop in response rate that could lead to reduction in discoloration.

Lifestyles Changes for Dealing With Raynaud’s Disease-Related Purple Fingertips

It is always better to keep in mind that Raynaud’s disease is actually caused from exposure to stress, cold or frozen temperatures which is why it is very necessary to stay safe at all times and keep your body warm. Given below are a few ways by which you can actually help to reduce the purple discoloration of your fingertips.

Lifestyle Changes.Description
Avoid smoking.Smoking makes the blood vessels in your body constrict which leads to a adamant drop in temperature that could affects the colour of your fingertips causing a purple discoloration.
Do exercise.Blood flow is very important and the more the blood flow the better and that is why exercise helps a lot but try not to exercise outdoors during clod weather.
Reduce stress.Do the best that you can to reduce emotional stress and try to prevent your stress levels from going up at all times.
Keep yourself warm.Preventing the problem is the best way to go about the issue and that is by avoiding the cold air of an air conditioner, avoiding the frozen sections in grocery stores and staying warm with mittens and a coat when going out in cold weather.

When Raynaud’s Disease Attacks

As soon as you notice that you are starting to have an attack it is better to start remedying it immediately and that means you must warm up first.

  • Get indoors and spend some wiggling both your fingers and your toes to get blood circulating easily through them.
  • Placing your hands under your armpits will get more body heat into your hands. Swinging your arms in wide windmills thereafter will get more blood circulating into your hands.
  • It is better to dip both your fingers and toes in warm water and massage them gently in order to stimulate blood flow. If there is something that is stressing you then it is better to move away from the cause of the stress for the best results,