Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade

pinched nerve in shoulder blade

The first symptom to pinched nerve in shoulder blade would be signs of pain spreading throughout your body. In this condition the nerve feels trapped amidst muscles, cartilages, bones and other such tissues. This is essentially why this also goes by the name trapped nerve.  Strenuous movement or excessive exercise can be two of the things which may result in such a condition to occur. To relieve minor or mediocre symptoms, you can always take help from the home ailments and remedies but for severe symptoms, doctor’s medical attention is proficiently needed.

Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade- Signs and Symptoms

To look for a symptom of a pinched nerve in shoulder blade is actually quite easy since they are often very clear. Along with a numb or tingling sensation you may feel adequate pain and weakness too in the affected area. While some of them are temporary in nature, the others may plan on being here for a longer time. The source of the main sensation is traced all the way up to the C5 nerve that is placed on our neck and not the shoulders. However, pinching of a nerve in the neck region may reciprocate the pain all the way to the shoulder blade.

  1. Pain :- The symptoms especially the pain is experienced different by different person. It can either be shooting pain that is sudden in nature or it may be in the form of a heated burning sensation around the parts. Neck or head pain is a common symptom too most of the times caused by the pinched nerve. Even the muscle spasms that occur around the nerves may cause the pain. A little movement may help you free up the pain a little but if the pain is persistent and won’t go away, you need to enroll this as a serious condition and seek your doctor’s help.
  1. Weakness :- Weakness or numbing sensation in the muscles of the shoulder blade may render everyday activities difficult, such as movement of the arms or lifting heavy items. The intensity of this weakness can even roll on to such measures that you face difficulty lifting up your own arm. In case of a serious intense weakness, your healthcare provider should be informed.
  1. Tingling and Numbness :- Either you will experience your arm falling to sleep through the numbness or the tingling sensation in your arms may resemble a pins and needles condition and these are common symptoms for a pinched nerve in shoulder blades. Either these symptoms will be persistent and stagnant or they may appear and reappear. With ample movement, you may aid in subsiding the pain with ease.

The symptoms of numbness, tingling and pain solely depend on the nerve that has been pinched along with the intensity of the problem that has occurred. If the problems are mediocre in nature, it would disappear after a while but incase of the serious kinds, the sensations would linger around for a longer time span.

Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade – Diagnosis

The diagnosis part to a pinched nerve in shoulder blades is not much of a hassle at all. On visiting the doctor may run you through some basic laboratory tests to congeal the source of the pain or the problem, whether the weakness or the muscle build up is affected. If the doctor feels you are carrying around a compressed nerve, tests like CT scan or MRI or even X-Rays may help you get to the root cause of the problem. At rare cases electromyography or nerve condition study may be important.

Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade- Treatment and Cure Procedures

After the diagnosis by the doctor if the results indicate towards an eminent pinched nerve in shoulder blades, there are certain things that your doctor can help you with so that you recover quickly from this condition. Many of these treatment and cure procedures are home bound itself. It is suspected that the condition can also be caused by lifting heavy objects constantly, certain physical conditions, poor posture of the body, obesity, bone spur or even a herniated disc. It is necessary that you treat the underlying cause.

  1. Rest :- If you have the pinched nerve in shoulder blade condition resting it at times gives the area time to heal. Sleeping on your back with your arms rested beside you would elevate the pressure of your arms and therefore the shoulder blades. Limiting the movement off your hands or arms would help too.  Your doctor knows specifically which nerve is affected and based on that he will guide you with preliminary instructions.
  1. Hot and Cold Compresses :- Warm and cold compress makes it easier for you to treat your inflamed nerve in the shoulder blade. The alteration of the temperature should be in the manner where the cold compress goes in first for the first 15 minutes and then is immediately replaced by the warm compress for the next 15 minutes. Continue this alternation until the pain or the inflammation appears soothed or tones down the intensity to it.
  1. Medications :- The list for medications pertaining to pinched nerve in shoulder blades is many in number. You can opt for the over the counter medical drugs that are analgesic in nature and may help you relief pain. These are Tylenol, ibuprofen or naproxen. Some medications are solely used to treat the pinched nerve painful condition like Neurontin or Lyrica. Your doctor may even prescribe the muscle relaxants. If the pain sensation is mediocre in nature you may start with over the counter medication for starters.
  1. Injection and Surgery :- Cortisone injections can help you elevate nerve pain with much ease. In case the injections are of no help, you need to resort to surgical options. However, the surgery is often the last option when nothing else seems to work towards elevating or relieving the painful conditions. Surgery options are also levied when the nerves have been damaged way beyond recovery and can only be fixed using surgery as an option.
  1. Other Options :- For the ones who still haven’t worked out the cause and treatment procedures given above, here are some more options that you can levy in order to get your pinched nerve in shoulder blades condition sorted out. Acupuncture and particular exercises at times are of good help. A healthy diet would ensure healthy weight and therefore would keep you fit and protected from encountering these conditions. Physical therapies can aid in lengthening or stretching the muscles. A good posture of the body too can aid in relieving or protecting you from symptoms that cause pinched nerves in shoulder blades.