Pain on Left Side During Pregnancy

Pain on Left Side During Pregnancy

During the pregnancy the uterus of a woman develops which often causes the left side of the abdominal region to pain. Often these pains turn out to be very serious and are accompanied by fever, bleeding or spotting, vomiting, nausea and discomfort during urination. Pain in the left side is a very common complain of every pregnant woman. Best way to deal with these problems is to call your obstetrician. Every pregnant woman must have a thorough knowledge about the unusual occurrences during pregnancy and how to deal with them. Consulting an obstetrician is the best one can do in such situations. Every pregnant woman must be thoroughly aware of the unusual occurrences that she can face during pregnancy. The common causes of pain on left side during pregnancy are mentioned below –

Common causes of pain on left side during pregnancy

  1. Implantation cramping

Pain in the left side shortly after ovulation is known as implantation cramping. Such type of pain usually lasts for about two to three days and you might even notice little bit of bleeding or spotting during this period. If you skip your period and there is no sign of bleeding for about few more days then there are high chances of you being pregnant. You should get your test done to be sure about it.

  1. Gas or bloating

Another common cause of pain on left side during pregnancy might be gas or bloating. During pregnancy certain hormones in the body of the pregnant women slows down the process of digestion which can lead to gas or bloating. During pregnancy uterus grows which in turn causes pressure on the intestines and stomach which also results in bloating or gas during this period.

  1. Constipation

Constipation is also the reason for pain on left side during pregnancy. Supplements containing iron and vitamins causes constipation. Another reason for constipation is hormones secreted and development of uterus. These slow down the digestive system leading to constipation.

  1. Round ligament pain

Round ligament is one of the ligaments that support the uterus during pregnancy and connect the front of the womb with the groin area. During the second trimester of pregnancy round ligament pain is very common. This pain mainly affects the left hand side during pregnancy. Round ligament relaxes and lightens slowly but since the uterus grows during pregnancy any quick movements, coughing or sneezing causes quick, sharp pain and in some cases longer lasting dull ache which usually occur on the left side.

  1. Braxton hicks contractions

Another reason for pain on left side during pregnancy is Braxton hicks contractions. This occurs during the period ranging from the mid of pregnancy to thirty seven weeks. These occur due to tightening that occurs in the uterus during the period of pregnancy. Braxton hicks are generally uncommon and unusual and are accompanied by lower back pain and pain on left side during pregnancy. You should always visit of obstetrician and follow the below mentioned instructions. Such contractions are also called as ‘false labor’. Usually such hicks are painless but can cause discomfort.

Easy remedies to get relief from pain on left side during pregnancy

  1. Consume plenty of fluids

Deficiency of fluids or dehydration can cause Braxton Hicks to occur. Pregnant women should generally drink a lot of water during pregnancy. Drinking about 8 to 10 glasses of water daily is very important for every pregnant woman. Fluids can be consumed in any form and not just in form of water. You should even drink fresh fruits and vegetable juices daily.

  1. Changing position

Often the baby moves from its location so changing your position can make both you and baby feel comfortable. Baby at towards the later stage starts moving and this causes a lot of discomfort to the mother. One should try to move or walk to comfort the irritation caused due to moves made by the baby.

  1. Curing constipation

Since constipation is one reason of pain on left side during pregnancy curing constipation can be one way to get rid of the pain. Try adding fiber to your diet and exercising on daily basis can help you to deal with the same. You can even go for over the counter stool softener with the help of your obstetrician to relieve constipation.

  1. Massaging

Massaging will not only help you relieve your pain but will also help to soothe the body during pregnancy. Massaging is done not only by preganant woman but generally these days many ladies get messaging done to feel comfortable. Getting a massage done is recommended for pregnant woman because this helps to soothe and calm both the baby and mother.

  1. Other simpler remedies

Few other remedies include going for a warm bath, using hot water bottle and heating pad. Warmth is one of the well known ways to reduce pain on left side during pregnancy.

More serious causes of Pain on Left Side during Pregnancy

During pregnancy cramping is very common and often these last for a day or two. The reason for such cramps can be just a gastric problem or the uterus growing. One should be safe always rather to feel sorry later on. Below are mentioned few reasons which can pose danger to a pregnant woman –

  1. Ectopic pregnancy

Often fertilized eggs implant outside the uterus and in most cases in fallopian tubes which is known as ectopic pregnancy. These even cause pain on left side during pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy can turn out to be life threatening if not treated on time.

Common symptoms of ectopic pregnancy include pain in the abdomen or pelvic region, pain during coughing, bowel movements, vaginal bleeding which is either red in color or brown in color and often becomes spotty and continuous, tenderness, pain in the shoulders and many more. Following signs indicate that you need emergency medical services fainting, clammy skin, racing pulse or dizziness.

  1. Ovarian cysts

Ovarian cysts are not dangerous and have become very common these days. Cysts generally do not cause any harm to the child and the mother. Make sure your obstetrician knows about the cysts so that he or she can monitor and ensure that it does not pose any threat. Pressure in the lower abdominal region is generally caused by larger cysts and often surgeries are done to do away with them if they create a lot a trouble. Such larger cysts causes pressure on the abdominal region of a pregnant woman and these are often suggested to be removed if the condition becomes worse. Few common signs and symptoms of such cysts are vomiting, pain and bloating, nausea, etc. thus obstetricians are more careful in such cases and take an extra care so that both mother and child are safe.

  1. Miscarriage

Miscarriage is losing pregnancy during first twenty weeks of pregnancy. If you feel that there are any signs of miscarriage then you should immediately call your doctor and consult them. Warning signs of miscarriage include bleeding ranging from light spotting to heavy bleeding and cramping which usually begin after bleeding and can range from light cramping to sharper pains creating pressure in the pelvic region often accompanied by lower back pain.

  1. Pre-term labor

Pre – term labor commences prior to thirty seven weeks and it is vital to inform your obstetrician about any symptom of pre term labor. Few signs of pre term labor include cramping, abdominal pain, new pain in the lower back, continuous contractions about four to five times in just one hour, bleeding, spotting and virginal discharge usually different from the normal ones such as bloody, mucus like or watery. Pre term labor can be controlled if caught in early stages. So one should be very careful with it and make sure to inform your obstetrician one you notice any of its symptoms.

  1. Urinary tract infections

Pregnant women are more prone to urinary tract infection than others. One must be aware of such infections because it causes a lot of discomfort, pain and burning while urinating. These can even lead to pain on left side during pregnancy. Few other symptoms include pain in the pelvic area, urination with foul smell and frequent urge to urinate. Do inform a doctor as soon as you notice such symptoms. Such urinary tract infections often affect the kidneys if not treated on time. You might feel the pain on the lower back or at the sides accompanied by nausea, chills, sweats and vomiting. You can even notice blood or pus in the urine region. Be careful with such symptoms and make sure to consult your doctor at the earliest.Placental Abruption

6.Placental Abruption

This is an extremely serious and a life threatening condition that a pregnant woman can face during this time. This abruption occurs of the placenta separates either completely of partially before birth from the uterus. Few of the signs and symptoms are sudden spotting to bleeding to heavier flow and in some cases you might not see the bleeding until the water breaks. When the water breaks the amniotic fluid that comes out is mixed with blood and gives a look of pink fluid. You might even feel decrease in the mobility of fetus, tenderness of the uterus, contraction and back pain. If you notice any of such symptoms never wait for your doctor rather go for medical emergency immediately.


As the name suggests it is a complex disorder faced by pregnant woman due to the combination of symptoms occurring after twenty week of pregnancy. Woman facing the symptoms of preeclampsia should contact their doctor immediately. Doctor is the only one who can help you in the best way in such circumstances. Symptoms of such disorders are high blood pressure, swelling, increase in weight at a greater speed that expected puffiness due to water retention, etc.

A pregnant woman with severe cases might experience blurred vision, headaches, nausea, fatigue, severe pain in the abdomen region and vomiting. Be careful with such negative symptoms and make sure to detect and inform you doctor about it.

Other common causes

Few other causes which you must be aware of are stomach virus, kidney stones, hepatitis, pancreatitis, bowel obstruction, appendicitis, food poisoning, gall bladder disease and fibroids.