Olive Oil for Skin

Olive Oil for Skin

Olive oil for skin can be obtained by extracting the oil through a chemical or mechanical process. Prior to that you need to grind the olives and mash them to a paste. Usually olive oil is used for cooking and pharmaceuticals but a major portion of olive oil can also be used for cosmetic or beauty care uses. Apart from the obvious health benefits olive oil is also known for its miraculous benefits for your face. To know more about the benefits of olive oil and their proper usage check out the article below.

Olive oil for skin- Benefits

Olive oil for skin is an age old skin repairer and healer that has been used proficiently by people for many a year. Not only does it make your skin smooth and supple but it also provides radiance to your tone and enhances skin elasticity. You can fight off ageing and skin disorders like psoriasis or eczema using this product.

  1. For Dry Skin

Olive oil is a brilliant skin moisturizer. The goodness of vitamin E allows you to keep your skin moist and hydrated which eradicates any possibility of skin over drying. It transforms flaking   or broken textures to glowing and supple healthy skin. Olive oil also possesses antioxidant properties which allow protection of the drying skin from sun or pollution exposure. It would also provide relief from damage due to alcohol or cigarette.

  1. For Oily Skin

Even though olive oil is an oil of sorts, this is perfect for oily skin since it actually helps you eliminate extra oil production from your skin. If you are suffering from excessive oiliness acne breakouts, blemishes, cysts or blackheads would generally be a common issue. All these torments can be put to end with the usage of olive oil. Usually olive oil works in two ways- it balances the natural oil or sebum production in your skin and also deep cleanses the skin from the pores while flushing out the dirt and impurities to keep your skin clean and healthy.

  1. For Skin Conditions

Olive oil comes with healing properties that allows you to heal scars and wounds at a rapid pace. The benefits of chlorophyll protects the skin from the scorching sun burns and the harmful ultraviolet rays, the excess exposure to which may even result in skin cancer. You can also use olive oil to combat or contain other skin disorders like eczema or sun burn patches, wrinkles or burns, dark spots or patches and even various sorts of blemishes.

Olive Oil for Skin- Usage

Olive oil for skin has various benefits. The best part is that you can use it in various ways to aid your skin in becoming healthy. One can use the goodness of olive oil in the form of moisturizers, lip balms, night creams, exfoliations and even as a nail soak. You can avail olive oil in various forms. However, extra virgin olive oil is usually deemed to be the best when it comes to skin care and benefits.

  1. As an Exfoliator- Combine olive oil with sugar or sea salt in proportionate amount and massage it thoroughly to get the best exfoliation. You can also use the exfoliant properties of olive oil as a shaving oil or makeup removal agent. The video underneath will give you some more insight.

  1. As a Moisturizer- Olive oil for skin can also be used as an efficient moisturizing agent. After shower use olive oil as a lotion on damp skin and massage it well. This makes your skin soft, smooth and supple. This is also a good bath oil as it can be added to your bath as an essential oil to moisturize your skin while showering.
  1. As a Lip Balm– Chapped lips can easily be cured using the benefits of olive oil. The same can be said for your nails. Apply olive oil in its oil form or as a lip balm and dip your nail in a cup of olive oil to make them stronger and to remove stains.
  1. As a Cleanser- Mix olive oil with equal proportions of castor oil and use the mixture as a massage. Once done use steam therapy to remove the dirt and the germs from your face and immediately get a radiant glow.

Here is another video that tells you of the benefits olive oil provides us-