Mucus In Urine

Mucus In Urine

What is Mucus In Urine ?

Mucus In Urine- An Introduction

The colour of urine acts as an essential parameter in determining the status of our body’s health. The Gastrointestinal, Excretory and Genital tracts are lined with mucus membranes and mucus is produced by the mucous membrane. The inner walls of these organs are safeguarded by the mucus. In case of the intestinal tracts, the lubrication of the organs by mucus helps in the removal of stool from our body.

In case of a healthy person, the colour of the urine is clear and free from any debris. The appearance of mucus in urine gives it a cloudy appearance which means that something is wrong with the body. The mucus appears as crystals, discharges or threads in the urine.  It can be indicative of a problem in the reproductive system, excretory system or immune system. It can also clearly indicate the presence of kidney stone or renal calculi, Cystitis or infection or inflammation of the urinary tract.

Causes of Mucus in Urine

There are several causes that can lead to the formation or appearance of mucus threads or mucus in urine:

UTI or Urinary Tract Infection:– Most of the cases of patients having mucus in urine are associated with a Urinary Tract Infection. It can affect people of all ages but females are often more susceptible to a Urinary Tract Infection that males. It is caused by a variety of bacteria strands that can infection the urinary tract and passage. The usual site of infection is the urinary bladder with urethra, ureters and kidneys being the secondary targets. Pain in the lower abdomen near the bladder area, fever and increased strained in the urinary bladder are other symptoms accompanies by mucus in urine in case of a UTI.

Ulcerative Colitis:- In case of Ulcerative Colitis, there is a formation of ulcers on the membrane of the colon which leads to very high production of mucus. This mucus also transmits to the urinary tract and is removed as mucus in urine.

IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome :- Irritable Bowel Syndrome comes with complaints in the colon and small intestine. Since the small intestine is shielded with a mucus lining, there can be presence of small amounts of mucus in the stool which is not alarming. Presence of mucus threads or mucus in urine in case of IBS means problem in the large intestine which needs to be checked by the doctor.

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Stone or Calculi in the Kidney or Urinary Bladder :- Mucus threads are often noticed in the urine of patients having calculi in kidney or urinary bladder. Other symptoms that can be seen are pain is kidney area and back pain. This pain can also travel to the legs.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) :- Mucus threads can be seen in patients suffering from sexually transmitted diseases like Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia. The mucus discharge can be white or yellow in colour.

Bladder Cancer :- This is another cause of mucus in urine. It can be accompanied with painful passage of urine and blood.

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Symptoms of Mucus in Urine

Mucus in urine can be accompanied with several other symptoms as given below:

  • Pain and uneasiness while urinating
  • Lower abdominal spasms or pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Mild to high fever
  • Body ache
  • Foul-smell in urine

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Diagnosis of Mucus in Urine

Mucus in urine can be determined with the help of a urinalysis or urine tests. Two forms of mucus can appear in the test: mucus threads and mucus corpuscles. Threads are strands of mucus joined together and a large number of mucus threads can form mucus casts which can be easily seen during urinalysis. While, mucus corpuscles are like pus cells.

Treatment and Home Remedies for Mucus in Urine

If mucus present in your urine is in excess, then you must visit a doctor immediately. You will be asked to undergo urinalysis, after which you will be advised further tests and medication.

If the presence in on the lower side, then you do not need to worry as it can be controlled with the help of a few well known, tried and tested home remedies.

Increasing Fluid Intake :- Deficiency of water in the body or dehydration can aggravate the symptoms of mucus in urine. The best, easiest and most efficient way to do away with mucus in urine is by increasing your fluid intake. It will help you flush out the excess mucus in your body and cleanse it. 12-14 glasses of water are recommended.

Build Your Immune System :- In order to fight any infection, it is important to build your immune system. A healthy immune system can be achieved by following a healthy diet and avoiding undue intake of alcohol. Opt for plenty of fruits, especially citrus fruits and vegetables as they add Vitamin C to your body. Increase the consumption of green leafy vegetables which increase the amount of iron in your body and help you fight iron deficiency. The correct combination of vitamins and minerals, help is boosting the immune system which helps in fighting infections like STDs and Urinary Tract Infections.

Focus on Personal Hygiene :- It is also important to maintain hygiene to keep your immune system strong. Wash your hands regularly and sanitize the toilet seat before sitting on it. Ensure that your genital area is clean. You can use genital wash solutions recommended by your doctor.

Antibiotic Remedy :- Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics like Amoxicillin and Penicillin after a urine culture. The antibiotic course can last for a week to ten days. In case of sexually transmitted infections, antibiotics like Erythromycin can be prescribed. Remember not to take any medication without consulting your doctor as wrong medication can have adverse effects and worsening of the symptoms.

Anti-inflammatory Remedies :- In case of patients suffering from ulcerative colitis, doctors may prescribe medicinal remedies like Corticosteroids, Sulfasalazine and Mesalamine. These medicines help in reducing inflammation and excessive mucus production.