Lump Behind Ear

Lump Behind Ear

Lump behind ear can be an increasingly scary issue that could be caused by a number of issues that include mastoiditis and even dermatitis. Though this is a very scary issue it can be dealt with easily with the help of a skilled medical professional.

There are many reasons as to why a person develops a lump behind ear, these lumps could be painless and small and disappear over time or it could be large and painful leading to more serious issues, it is best that you find the reason for the build up of the lump to get a better idea on the issue.

There are two kinds of lumps namely large painless lumps or small painful lumps f varying qualities. Painless lumps are what you should look out for as they can be quite detrimental in the long run. Take your doctor’s advice for the best results on the matter.

Causes and Treatments of Lump behind Ear

  1. Mastoiditis :- Mastoiditis is a common issue that is found in children that is caused by an ear infection moving towards the mastoid bone in the body causing a number of issues. One of the main issues caused by this is abnormal swelling next to the infected region, fever and even excessive pain.

It does not matter whether it is the size of a plum or a tiny point any lump behind ear caused by matoiditis can be treated with antibiotics. For quick and easy relief boil two peeled cloves of garlic and olive oil for ten minutes and then drop two drops into the effected year for the best results. This provides fast and easy action for pain and swelling.

  1. Dermatitis :- Although dermatitis has been a common factor throughout the ages occurring in all human beings in various levels of intensity it is still quite a mystery as to how and why this issue occurs when it does. Dermatitis can be cured easily with the help of corticosteroids based on the level of intensity.

Dermatitis can be treated using a prescription of topical corticosteroids to remove the scales and reduce the bumps on the skin. To help reduce the itching completely try using an anti itch cream such as calamite lotion. In order to stop the itching try taking an oral antihistamine like Benadryl and in order to stop yourself from scratching the area try covering the area affected with bandages or dressing. It is also good to take a comfortable bath with the help of baking soda and oatmeal for the desired reduced itching effect.

  1. Swollen Lymph Nodes :- Lymph nodes are a very integral part of the immune system and are present all over the body namely areas such as the groin, under the arm, behind the ears and so on. Lump behind ear could be the cause of swollen lymph nodes that could be caused due to a number of issues which include mono cold and even the flu. Rarely do you see that swollen lymph nodes are caused by cancerous issues.

In an event that you notice any bumps on your skin it is wise that you do not waste time in waiting for a change in color of the bump. This is because there are many skin rashes that could pop up at any time on the skin. In an event that you suspect rashes do not apply any steroid based cream as it is better to get a doctor’s opinion first. In the case where you can better avail self treatment for smaller issues a doctor can give you useful advice over the phone and in an event where you would need more advanced aide you could visit a hospital for what you need.

  1. Sebaceous Cysts :- Sebaceous cysts have a smelly keratin protein on the skin that could lead to issues later if not dealt with today. Left on their own these cysts tend to subside over time but if exposed to an infection these cysts turn into an abscess that could cause elevated amounts of pain and inflammation.

Gargling with salt water and turmeric or using non steroidal medication is the best way to deal with this issue on a cellular level. It is quite easy to get over the counter prescriptions for antihistamines in order to help reduce the itching. There are various treatment options that could help deal with cysts which include light treatment which involves exposing the skin to artificial light, cortisoid cream and so on. If you see that your bump is prominent for more than a month it is best to take your doctor’s help.

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  1. Cancers :- It is quite often seen that people suffering from leukemia or lymphoma have swollen lymph nodes. These nodes can be seen as bumps at the back of your ear. There are two kinds of bumps which may include painful bumps which indicate swollen lymph nodes actively fighting off disease and seemingly painless bumps which are deadlier and require immediate medical attention because these nodes could be the starting of Hodgkin’s disease which would require immediate medical help in order to treat successfully.

The most successful way a person can treat cancer is through early detection which is a very normal factor when you get a lump behind ear which could be the early symptoms of head or neck cancer which you would need to check immediately. This symptom could also cause excessive swallowing issues as well which is the second stage of cancer probabilities in your head and neck. Lump behind ear could also be the cause of cancer of the salivary glands and you would need doctor’s advice to rule out any other issue.

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Other Causes

Besides the above mentioned causes lump behind ear can be caused by other issues as well which may include:

  • Thyroid or hyperthyroidism
  • Recurrent scalp infection
  • Parasitic infections
  • Skin, bone and joint infection or yaws
  • Syphilis
  • Cat allergies

More Tips for Treating Lump behind Ear

The type of medication provided for a lump behind ear is normally gauged on the severity and size of the lump itself. For example people that have small lumps behind their ear normally use acne medication to get rid of the lump in an adequate manner. In order to remove a cyst tea tree oil can be applied to the region in order to deal with any growths.

Take a good account of the duration of any infection, its symptoms that are caused and whether any lumps appear or disappear during this period of time..

A proper medical examination and an adequate diagnosis of a doctor would give you plenty of reasons as to why you have a lump behind your ear but this does not always help as there may be a number of underlying issues as to why you have a lump behind your ear. Though this is the case a proper medical examination will give you the path that you must take ahead.