Low Testosterone Symptoms

Low Testosterone Symptoms

The reason for experiencing low testosterone levels can be accounted to many factors. Ageing, gland dysfunction or genetic inheritance of disorders can be deemed as some of the most common factors. In the later stages of your life, a man would experience a condition called andropause which completely depletes the testosterone levels and lowers the free testosterone. By the time the man reaches the 70 age mark he may encounter problems like obesity, brittle bones, decrease in density of the muscles and even impotency owing to the lowering testosterone levels in the body. Therefore as the man ages he tends to become crankier. One needs to keep an eye out on the low testosterone symptoms to ensure the problems being faced owes its source to the lowering testosterone drive..

What are low testosterone symptoms?

To have a normal testosterone level in your body you would require the levels to be around 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) and not anything lesser than that. At no point should it go as higher than 1,200ng/dL. The low testosterone symptoms can be prominent as you age which is quite common. However, if you have suffered an injury to the testicle regions your testosterone levels may decline owing to that. Infections, testicular cancer, HIV/AIDS, hormonal malfunctions, obesity or chronic liver disorders and even type2 diabetes may affect your testosterone drive. Certain medicine interactions or genetic conditions too may cause the testosterone to lower. The low testosterone symptoms are not obvious in nature but once you hit the low mark of 100ng/dL, some eminent changes will be seen.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

As your testosterone level experiences a drop there would be a few common low testosterone symptoms that your body would give out. Some of them would be memory loss or blurriness in remembering. Concentration and focus may shift or become unsteady for long time spans. Apart from these few the other low testosterone symptoms would be:

  1. Loss of Muscle and Strength

Function of the testosterone can be termed as a muscle build enhancer that provides definitive strength to your muscles. Even with a gym membership and daily workout routine, if you are experiencing low testosterone levels, one would still feel drained and weak. Once you hit the 30 age mark, you may start losing 2% of the testosterone level on a daily basis every day. keeping oneself fit and active however can aid in optimizing the testosterone levels.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

A common low testosterone symptom can be erectile dysfunction which is a condition in male that may cause devastating effects for your sex drive and life. Most men in their life span would experience at least once, an episode of erectile dysfunction or unsatisfying sexual coitus within the age of 40. This is why there is no shame in experiencing this condition which can easily be treated. If the situation or the disorder hangs around for a long time get it checked and treated. Opt for testosterone therapies to get to the root of the problem.

  1. Low Sex Drive

Low libido is yet another symptom to low testosterone levels which would result in you losing the interest to engage in sexual intercourse for no proper rhyme or reason. It is quite normal for you to not feel excited about engaging in coitus on a daily basis but if this disinterest lasts for more weeks or even month, you should get it checked. Low libido conditions can easily be treated if you cooperate with your physician.

  1. Depression

Feeling blue but without any proper reason is not normal. This may indicate towards lowering testosterone symptoms.  As your levels go downhill towards a decline you may experience mood swings of sorts since the lowering of the testosterone directly affects the stress hormone known by the name cortisol.

  1. Hair Loss

One of the symptoms to lowering testosterone levels can be hair loss or hair breakage. As you age balding sets in and the same account goes for the testosterone that lowers with increasing age. This is where people draw a link between lowering levels and hair loss symptoms. Along with the hair in your scalp, with lowering testosterone drive you may also start losing your facial and body hair. This symptom affects women too but since they are daily in shaving their pits and body hair, the side effect is not much noticed.

  1. Weight Gain

Obesity or gain in your weight can also be a common symptom of lowering testosterone levels. With the levels declining one would often notice muscle tissues weakening and accumulation of excess fat around your waist. Weight gain in your midlife amongst women too is believed to have a link with lowering testosterone. Bone density and muscle tone too may get affected.

  1. Fatigue

Even with a healthy diet and ample amounts of sleep, are you experiencing fatigue and lethargy as a common thing? The reason behind it can be traced back to the lowering testosterone levels. As the level lowers, the dullness and the lethargy or tiredness sets in. it works the in the same manner for a woman as a sudden drop in their levels will be eminent in their energy level drops. Women may feel the energy drop to the extent where they have trouble leaving their bed early in the morning. The exhaustion and fatigue follows you around throughout the day.

  1. Decreased Semen Volume

Low testosterone symptoms can be directly linked to the under production of semen in men. With the semen volume decreasing the sperm motility experiences a setback too where it decreases along with the sperm count. If you ever noticed your sperm volume decreasing at the time of ejaculation, you can blame this one the lowering testosterone levels.