Low Creatinine Levels

Low Creatinine levels

The basic structure of the human body is a caged skeletal structure. Now the body is made up of various groups of big and small muscles that surround the skeleton system. These muscles are however in a constant pressure of having to remodel or remold themselves owing to the constant spike in the hormonal or physical changes in the body. At times even the biochemical factors in the body are taken into consideration. Owing to this level of breakdown, a product called creatine is secreted into the system, the blood. Out of this about 2% of this creatine which is actually a natural muscle breaking product gets converted to creatinine which is excreted by the kidney. Low creatinine levels indicate a lot of things. Let’s see what-

The causes or sources of low creatinine levels can be various and multiple treatment methods for it  are available too. Here is a video that would tell  you more about it.


The usual Creatinine values to understand low creatinine levels

The human body is a complex system that intertwines one function to another, one system to another. This systematic schematic functioning and all metabolic activities are closely inclined on each other. Dysfunction of one organ may have a toll on the other organs and their functioning since all is somehow dependent on each other. Doctor or medical professionals assess the state of the body by measuring some these metabolites found in the urine or the blood. Creatinine can be referred to one such metabolite that we require to assess the functioning of renal statistics in our body. Unlike glucose, electrolytes or amino acids, the filtered out creatinine from the kidney ensures no part of this gets reabsorbed in the blood. Owing to this we can directly relate creatinine levels in urine or the blood to the healthy functioning of the kidney.

Here is a table that shows the usual normal creatinine values

Normal Values of Creatinine

What are the causes of Low Creatinine Levels in the System?

Personally low levels of Creatinine cannot be deemed bad for the body since it usually means the kidney functions are optimal and not in any danger. However, as mentioned prior, the complex connections in our body still exist. To have the body organ and its function into coordination it is often for the best if you keep a regulated check on the creatinine levels. This is to check if they are low for too long a time span to avoid altercations with other working organs and their functions. Usually, there are a variety of reasons why creatinine levels in the system may take a drop. It goes in two ways- firstly, the body is creating creatinine not in abundance which causes the low levels. Secondly, the body is excreting the creatinine in larger than required doses which cause lowering of the levels.

  1. Age: Age plays a crucial role in the drop of creatinine in the body. With age the metabolic activities in the growing body slowly decreases most probably owing to the changes in the concentration of hormones. In fact, the decreasing muscle mass and the lower basal metabolism both contribute to the age factor that aids in decreasing levels of Creatinine. A research conducted once stated that the muscle mass in the body changes every 10 years. Here as you grow with age you lose 10 pounds of the mass that aids in low serum creatinine levels in the body.
  2. Pregnancy: During your pregnancy and here we are talking about the second trimester, the high plasma volume in the body dilutes or infiltrates the concentrated serum creatinine. This can primarily be linked to the lowering levels. It is due to these high levels of plasma volume that the glomerular filtration rate increases which mean the kidney now filters more blood and excretes the creatinine in higher levels.  the study conducted said a pregnant woman excretes about 30% more creatinine as compared to a non-pregnant woman but this is temporary and the problem doesn’t persist post birth.
  3. Muscle mass lowering: At times certain degenerative conditions pertaining to the muscles may arrive like myasthenia gravis or acquired muscular dystrophy. This leads to an alteration in the metabolism of the muscles resulting in less muscle mass. Myasthenia gravis is a progressive situation that works by taking over the nervous supply and affecting every of the voluntary muscles. With denervation setting, voluntary muscle activity gets hassled. Now the serum creatinine levels assess the total mass of the muscles and a decrease in it would indicate a defection in the metabolism. The same can be said for other muscle defects that lead to degradation or destruction of the muscle mass.
  4. Oncoming liver issues: Liver is the detoxifier of the body where all the degeneration, disintegration, filtration, and excretion takes place. The nitrogenous compounds composed out of the muscle metabolisms disintegrate and regroup or remold themselves here in the liver. Then it is converted to functional excretory forms. This is where in case, of a liver problem say a viral infection of the liver, the process is hindered and the decrease in the serum creatinine concentration sets into motion.
  5. Lack of ample protein in your dietary table:Low protein in your system may be one of the reasons why the creatinine in your body is decreasing. The muscles on metabolism generate the nitrogenous compounds, the breakdown of which creates the creatinine. Lacking protein that comes from red meat, fish and such can be the cause for the lowering.

 Treatment Procedures For Low Creatinine Levels

It has been mentioned earlier, that low creatinine levels are not very common or often occurring and even when it does, it is not alarming to the body in any way. However, persistent levels of lowered creatinine for a long period of time may usually be the primary hints to a serious pathology that should not be ignored or left undiagnosed for a long time. Here are some of the treatment or management procedures that can be implemented to get this problem sorted out.

  • Diagnose a person of any trace of muscle mass metabolism problems through the help of genetic testing. Myasthenia gravis or other muscle dystrophies indicate muscle degeneration or autoimmune disease. The presence of which calls for a diagnosis immediately and early therapies should be scheduled alongside.
  • In a case of any muscle dystrophies, physical therapy can be quite helpful in the treatment procedure. Additionally, symptomatic treatment can be used to aid the muscle spasms, stiffness or weakening symptoms that have or will develop initially. However, a variety of treatment procedure for muscle dystrophies is not available. Fortunately, not many people get affected by it.
  • In a case of a liver issue causing the levels to drop, it is of paramount importance that the patient restricts or refrains from consuming alcoholic beverages or other toxins. This may damage the liver all the more. The aim is to diminish the damage done to the parenchymal cells. Also, seek out help regarding the hepatitis problem, the treatment drug for which may be the reason for the degeneration of the liver cells as well.