Loose Bowels

Loose Bowels

You can easily say that Loose Bowels refer to when a person’s stool is thin and watery. This very normally occurs when something has irritated your gastrointestinal system and your body is working fervently to get rid of it causing you to get rid of food without properly absorbing the nutrients first. It is quite common for you to notice food that has been undigested in the bowels that you have at this point of time. Apart from regular irritation there are other conditions that instigate the gastro intestinal system causing people to become prone to this condition quite often.

Loose Bowels Causes

  1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Loose Bowels are very frequently caused by triggering mechanisms in the colon causing hyperactivity and other issues. It is quite well known that food such as chocolate caffeine and even dairy products have this effect on the colon and are at the forefront of causing IBS. There are many symptoms to IBS which include Bloating of the bowel, abdominal cramping, pain and irritation and so on. These symptoms can be relieved by passing stool or gas, a feeling that your bowels are not completely empty after using the washroom and so on.

Treatment. There is a very easy way of avoiding IBS symptoms and that is to avoid instigating trigger attacks which may include eating dairy products which instigate gas and so on. There are a number of medications that the patient can use which include pain relievers, increased fibre intake, antispasmodic fluids, constipation medication and so on to help fight loose bowels.

  1. loose bowels caused by Crohn’s Disease

This is a chronic issue that causes the digestive tract, particularly the small intestine to become inflamed very particularly due to an acute immune response. The various causes of this issue may include chronic rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, arthritis, loose bowels and so on.

Treatment. One thing to know about Crohn’s Disease that it is difficult to treat it because no specific drug has been created to help fight off this issue but rest assured your doctor will normally prescribe drugs such as immunosuppressant’s, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-diarrhoeas and so on that work well to help treat the problem.

  1. Diarrhoea

Diarrhoea is a very chronic issue that may make you have loose stool or thin stool and is one of the foremost causes of loose Bowels. Diarrhoea causes a sense of urgency in your body to pass a bowel movement and may have side effects such as vomiting and nausea as well. Diarrhoea also causes undigested food, blood and mucus to be present in your stool.

Treatment. One of the main ways of getting rid of Diarrhoea is letting it run its course in your body till the issue that is irritating your bowels are gone getting rid of loose bowels but even then there are a few medications that can be used to help treat diarrhoea which include Kaopectate and Bisomol which can be used quite effectively in the fight against Diarrhoea. One of the most important points a this time is to drink plenty of fluids because your body at this time is getting rid of fluids at an alarming rate. It is seen that haemorrhoid cream applied on the rectal area helps to treat the location quite effectively reducing irritation.

  1. Ulcerative Colitis causing loose bowels

This likely occurs from an auto-immune response where the rectum and colon become inflamed. It is quite commonly known that Chronic ulcers are formed in these places after an auto-immune response causing pain and distress which subsides and builds up again and again causing issues such as blood in your stool, pain and irritation and loose bowels.

Treatment. There are many means of managing ulcerative colitis but the primary means of treating this issue is by implementing anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressants. it is also better that you follow a low protein and low fibre diet during this time so as to allow yourself to have close to this condition which will not irritate the ulcerations at this time.

  1. loose bowels in Early Pregnancy

Prenatal vitamins, Dietary changes and even hormone fluctuations may cause pregnant women to face loose bowels especially during the early period of their pregnancy but not to worry it will pass over after your body gets used to the increase in supplement intake.

Treatment. It is always better to avoid spicy foods or dairy products at this time along with increasing the amount of starchy food that you eat including bananas, potatoes and even lean meat to help fight loose bowels effectively. It is also better to keep in taking fluid so that your body is well hydrated.

  1. Pancreatic Insufficiency causing loose bowels

Many people can suffer at times with a pancreatic deficiency that causes people to have a less amount of enzymes necessary to break food down in your stomach in a proper manner causing loose bowels. This occurs because the bowels are still rich in fat and starch which would normally be broken down by enzymes for the body’s energy.

Treatment. Before you treat any issue that is causing loose bowels you must catch the issue at the root and then segregate the best treatment for the issue at hand.

  1. loose bowels caused by lactose problem

There are many people who are lactose intolerant and suffer from a wide range of issues including this medical condition when consuming dairy products. Other symptoms may include gurgling of the stomach, pain, gas, throwing up, cramps and much more. It is a known fact that these symptoms start to manifest themselves in your body specifically 30 minutes to 2 hours after the intake of any kind of dairy product.

Treatment. Lactose intolerance is not something that can be cured because it is a genetic issue but the symptoms can be avoided by not eating or drinking dairy-rich products but instead having dairy free soy-rich foods that are good for the body. When facing loose stools due to lactose intolerance it is better to let the issue blow over by not eating any dairy products and loading up on starch.

  1. loose bowels caused by celiac disease

This is a very well known disease known primarily as Celiac that causes people to suffer from a range of issues including loose bowels, Constipation, pain in the abdomen and much more when a person consumes gluten. They may also notice issues such as epilepsy and rash and even depression and anaemia forming from this issue.

Treatment. People that suffer from this issue must stay away from gluten at most times so as to avoid the build up of a multiple number of issues. If the pressure is too strong causing issues such as loose bowels then an IV of nutritional supplements may be provided.

  1. Gallbladder Problem causing loose bowels

A gallbladder issue is a very annoying issue which has early symptoms of burping, belching, heartburns, loose bowels and so on. Digesting food at this time becoming very strenuous and you may go through symptoms that are very similar to that of the stomach flu which is the primary cause of loose bowels.

Treatment. It is very common at most times that the gall bladder needs to be removed in order to get rid of the problems. It is always better to stick to a healthy diet at this time with plenty of fluids to keep your body hydrated in order to fight against loose bowels.

  1. Other Causes for loose bowels

Food poisoning is a very strong cause of loose bowels which is adversely caused from bacteria or viruses in the food that you eat. Caffeine drinks are also a very strong cause. Spicy or greasy food is well known to cause irritation as well which directly causes this condition.

Some other symptoms indicate that you are maybe not eating right or suffering from a urinary tract infection that is adversely effecting your colon as well because the irritation is in your entire abdominal area.