Left temple Headache

Left Temple Headache

Sometimes headaches only occur on the sides of the head and thus you might feel the pain either on the left side or the right side of your head. If you experience left temple headache without any cause then do seek medical consultation immediately. This pain sometimes become unbearable and can make a person restless. Headaches are quite common but sometimes these may even occur due to serious health issues. Pain in the left temple area has many causes which are listed below.

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Causes of left temple headache

Carefully analyze the reason of your headache. Seek medical consultation if required and if the headaches are severe. The causes mentioned below are just few reasons because of which left temple headache occur. The reasons are not comprehensive and only doctor will be able to tell you the correct reason for the same.

  1. Tension headaches :- Tension is one of the most common and frequent reason for temple headaches. The more you increase the level of tension the more it will pain. So try to relieve your stress first if you want to get rid of the left temple headache. Tension will create pressure and squeezing sensations which are an annoying and gives a persistent feeling. You can even try massaging the temple area slowly to get some relief which is usually temporary in nature. These headaches can become chronic slowly if not treated at the right time.
  1. Migraine :- Temple headaches are a symptom of migraine. Effects of this type of headache are nausea, sensitivity to light and noise, uneasy movements and develop a feel to lie down and rest. Migraines usually develop slowly.
  1. Ice pick headache :- This type is characterized by intense, sharp and stabbing pain. It usually affects only one temple and one eye. It is common among those suffering from migraines and cluster headache problems.
  1. Cluster headaches :- The name developed due its level of occurrence. These occur in cluster of episodes and last for about few days and in some cases even for few weeks. They can hamper your daily life and work very badly. Once the episode ends you might not again feel it for few weeks. It affects your head, eyes and nose.
  1. Nummular headaches :- You will usually feel this in the middle or coin sized space on your scalp. It might even lead to feeling of the sensations in your temples, top of the head and even behind the ears. Itching and prickly feeling accompany this pain. You can even notice hair loss during this type of headaches.
  1. Sinusitis :- Sinusitis is also known as sinus infection. It is characterized by headaches and congestion because the air filled spaces between the bones inside and around the nose gets infected. Swelling is noticed in the membranes of the mucus which creates pressure and in turn pain in the head.
  1. Temporal arteritis :- Aged people usually suffer from temporal arteritis. The temporal artery becomes inflamed and it will become tender leading to pulse being lost or faint. There is even loss of appetite and feeling of tenderness in scalp. If it remains untreated for prolonged time then it can adversely affect the blood supply in the eyes and can even damage it.
  1. Cervicogenic headaches :- This pain is usually noticed in specific locations of your body like behind the ear or eyes. It is a band of pain that starts from the temple area and ends behind the ear or eyes. Neck is the main source of pain in this area and it does not have any symptoms of migraine. Cervicogenic headaches occur due to prolonged airplane or car travel, sleeping in an awkward position and sitting in the same position for hours.
  1. SUNCT :- Paroxysmal hemicrania or SUNCT affects the eyes and causes burning sensation or piercing pain in the temple area. It is usually a short lived episode.
  1. Carotid artery dissection :- Carotid artery dissection is a continuous pain and can stay for even few number of days and nights. The pain centralizes in the forehead and can lead to falling of eyelids and blurring of vision. It might even lead to losing of eye sight in some cases.
  1. Craniotomy :- It is a surgical procedure in which the skull is opened for surgery. Temporal brain is taken out of the skull and then treated and screwed back. Headaches are quite common after such surgeries but it might even subside after few months or surgery.

Remedies for left temple headache

  1. Pain relieving methods :-  Sometimes headaches can turn out to be severe. Several medicines are available over the counter such as such ibuprofen and acetaminophen which are quite helpful in treating them. These medications have several side effects so make sure you do not take them regularly. If you are under some other medications do consult a doctor before taking these medicines. Get your head and back massaged. This can make you feel relaxed.

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  1. Reduce the risk of its occurrence :- Healthy diet is one way to keep the headaches under control. Eating well will improve your cardiovascular health and in turn prevent headaches. Unhealthy eating will clog the blood vessels, increase cholesterol and such other problems. Make sure you stay well hydrated daily. Dehydration shrinks your brain leading to temple headaches. Try to improve your blood flow by exercising and walking daily. You can even go for intense exercise 3 to 4 times a week but do consult a doctor before starting it. Very often it has been noticed that these headaches go away after a peaceful sleep. So try to get a decent amount of sleep daily. It is advisable to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours daily to keep yourself healthy. Having a peaceful nap plays a very important role to keep you away from unwanted temple headaches.
  1. Cold water shower :- Often cold water shower can even help you get rid of temple headaches. This is not a permanent way to get rid of such pain but it sometimes surely helps if the pain not so intense.

Temple Headaches comes in many forms. It might affect either the left or the right temple or both. It can last for few seconds or even for few days. Consulting a doctor is the best way of knowing the reason of the occurrence of left temple headache. It is always advisable to consult a doctor to avoid any permanent damage later. Temple headaches are a band of pressure around the head and you might even feel the pain all around the head. Few ways to get relief from them are getting a sound sleep, cold water bath, medicines such as ibuprofen and gentle massaging. There are even few home remedies to get rid of pain such as eating almonds, a spoonful of honey, ginger tea, caffeine, foot massage, head massage, headband, oiling your hair, stretching your neck and many more. Distracting yourself will even help you to get rid of the same.