Left sided headache

Left Sided Headache

No matter what nature is of the occurring headache, a left sided headache can take a toll on your entire day along with your mood. Be it chronic or acute in nature, a headache on the left side of your head will not only prevent you from work and play but will also hinder the normal schedules of the planned day. The usual underlying reasons for this can be blamed on conditions like a migraine, headache caused by cluster or tension, aneurysm or even sinusitis. Even though awareness regarding the symptom and causes are of paramount importance it is necessary that you always consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Usual reasons for a left sided headache

  1. Migraine

The migraine pain usually centers around a single spot and is often accompanied by writhing agony and nausea pressure as the main reason for a migraine to occur has been blamed on the expansion and constriction of the blood vessels that make their way to the brain. Some of the common symptoms besides pain would be nausea and vomiting or visual restraints such as flashes. Some of the trigger elements for these are alcohol, blinding lights, strong fragrance, loud sounds, certain food items and stress of course.

Cure: there is no permanent or forever relief to a migraine pain but your healthcare consultant may provide some medical drugs for the temporary symptom relief (- DHE 45, sumatriptan or sandostatin etc.) if diagnosed with migraine, there are some home remedies too that you might want to opt for:

  • Well rested: exhaustion might be just one of the triggers that bring the symptoms back, so always keep a good night’s sleep as your first priority.
  • Relaxation: any sort of relaxation method during migraine may be of great help. Usually, migraine is caused by the tightening of the muscles so try and loosen up the stiffness in the neck or shoulder area. Possibly opt for relaxation cures like yoga or meditation to calm your muscles down along with the mind.
  • Trigger dodge: if you are victim of migraine, by now you should be well aware of your trigger point. The left sided headache sometimes may be caused by a certain food item which needs to be avoided. At other times it seems to be alcohol or caffeinated products. the best is to either eliminate or reduce the intake.
  • Good work out: tension causes migraine to act up which is especially why a good exercise session can help you soothe it down. Obesity too has been related to migraine and therefore a good exercise can not only release tension but also take care of your health. However, be sure to start with warm ups if you’re planning for a strict workout routine.
  • Estrogen control: estrogen can also be a trigger point and therefore if you are linked to any estrogen medication or hormonal replacement or birth control pills, consult your doctor about a substitute if that’s your trigger point.

Here’s a video with elaborate treatment options


  1. Sinusitis

Often sinusitis is mistaken for a migraine but this is usually a symptom that is much milder in nature as compared to migraine and is caused by infection or inflammation of the sinus linings in the head owing to allergic conditions or pollution. The symptoms of a migraine however, are not related to sinusitis.

Cure:  if we talk medical then the treatment usually includes nasal sprays and prescribed doctor approved antibiotics. But there are a few home precautions that can be treated as remedies which include proper hand hygiene, avoiding air pollution, humidifiers, and other sinus trigger elements. These are mainly preventive methods to keep the sinus in control.

  1. Aneurysms:

If an aneurysm is experienced on the left side, then you have a left sided headache but the thing is, the symptoms for this don’t start showing up until it swells too large or bursts. This is mainly caused by pouching arteries and the pain increases with the increase in the brain pressure. It can be sudden and severe.

Cure:  quitting smoking habits along with keeping a regulated check on your blood pressure helps. The basic or definitive cure for an aneurysm is to opt for surgery where they remove it before it ruptures. Your doctor may also prescribe to you statins, but all this is only if an aneurysm is stirring up problems.

  1. Cluster headache

The cluster kind of headache starts at one side or a limited area of the head usually focusing that area until it radiates or expands to the other parts of the head as well. These may occur every day and then suddenly disappear for some time and the usual symptoms for this would include the pain reaching down to your eyes causing tearing, droopiness and eye pain. stuffed running nose and face inflammation may follow as does side effects like nausea or vomiting, sensitivity to bright lights and loud booming sounds.

Cure: there is no permanent cure to cluster headache but the left sided headache can be cured by some home remedies for sure. Occasionally your healthcare consultant may prescribe some medical drug for temporary symptom relief (DHE45, sandostatin, sumatriptan etc.). The home remedies include

  • Sleep must: An abundance of rest is required so keeping a good sleeping regime is always welcomed.
  • Refrain alcohol:  alcohol is seen as a trigger substance and hence we advise to lay off alcohol during the span of headache to avoid consequences.
  1. Tension headache

Accompanying the stiffness in your back shoulders and neck, the tension kind of headache actually just comes with mooring nagged pain. Usually, at one spot on the head which gives your head a heavy feeling. This is due to sensitivity to excess exposure of light may form one of the common symptoms and side effects. However, apart from this there are no physical relation with this and the other migraine symptoms.

Cure: usually over the counter or minor prescription medicines can be the medical cure for these persisting headaches. In a chronic condition, the medical consultant may prescribe muscle relaxants or anti depressants to ease off or relax the pain. other home remedies conclude in the fashion:

  • Stress buster: stress is the trigger word that sets off headache into motion and this is why any and every policy of stress-busting should be applied at home to keep self-composed and relaxed. Many opt for yoga or meditation to de-stress.
  • Alternating compress: an alternate cool and warm compress right on the stiffed up muscles would help you release the knots and stress instantly helping you relax. While warm works for some, the others prefer cold.
  • Posture check: body alignment and appropriate posture play a crucial role in headache management. Stand with your neck straight head slightly high and the shoulders thrown back and try to work your muscles as less as possible.
  • Acupressure: acupressure or acupuncture are age-old Chinese folk remedies that actually does work wonder. However, acupuncture with the minute play of needles is a professionals only scenario but with the right knots kept in mind and with the right pressure applied, anyone can perform acupressure to release stress and get rid of a stubborn headache.
  1. Other similar casualties

Often apart from the ones already mentioned, there are some casualties that occur which can be blamed for the stubborn left sided headache which may either be in the form of a serious injury to the head, neck or the surrounding areas. Often cardiac problems or high blood pressure situations too cause headaches. shingles, dehydration, vision upset, dental problems, allergic symptoms, tension and stress, medical interactions or simply insomnia can be a potent reason for its arrival. Even bad sleeping or sitting posture can get you a nagging headache. Even though most can be treated at home, often consulting your doctor regarding a persistent headache is advised.

When does a left sided headache cure require a doctor visit?

Usually, a left sided headache can be mediocre in cause but in chronic stages it may actually be a concern that portrays something much more grave in nature. Immediately consult the healthcare provider in such a case. Be it a slight rise in body temperature or a stiff muscle, having trouble communicating or having problems with speech, walking or vision- all these symptoms require immediate doctoral attention. If these headaches appear frequently and repeatedly and the pain is too much for you to cope with, it is of the best essence if you can immediately sit into consultancy with your medical provider and get right down to the solution for it.