Is Nail Polish Bad For Your Nails?

Is Nail Polish Bad for Your Nails

The skin of the tip of our finger is covered up tightly with the epidermis cells which are known as nails. These epidermis cells are packed up with a protein named keratin which is generally considered as dead cell protein. Do you know that only three-quarters of our nail bed are exposed where the nail is attached to the skin? Generally, your nails take six months to grow inside. Men’s nails grow quicker than women.

Do you know our nails breathe to remain healthy? Yes, oxygen is required for the health of our nail. To hydrate the nails the keratin protein helps in water flow throughout the nails. There must be problems in your nails health if these get cracked, brittle, and dry out, peel off or break out. So, when it comes to the question that is nail polish bad for your nails? The answer is absolute yes. Nail polishes cause harm to your nail directly as the nail polishes help in discoloration along with the other signs of unhealthy nails. The question may come in your mind that how dangerous a nail polish is for your nails as per the suggestions of many studies?

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Is Nail Polish Bad For Your Nails Due To The Ingredients?

Apart from nail polish, the beauty product is also popular by the name of nail enamel. Some people are also called it nail lacquer too. To make beautiful by the look the tip of the fingers, as well as toes are decorated with colorful nail polishes since centuries back. When you ask the nail polish manufacturers is nail polish bad for your nails? They say no and also the nail polish manufacturing companies declare that they do not use any harmful toxic substances in their nail polish yet the products are still having toxic chemicals which make them glossy. The harmful substances also added for making the nail polishes easy to dry and long lasting as these are the attributes considered before purchasing nail polishes.

A film-formulating factor– For auto painting, the ingredient nitrocellulose is added in a nail polish.

The solvent– Every nail polish contains a volatile portion which is known as the solvent.

Diluents – Most of the nail polishes is having ethyl acetate which works as diluents of a nail polish. This substance produces a viscosity of the nail polish and makes the product firm enough. It also helps in making stabilize the nitrocellulose as a result nitrocellulose does not get separated from the compound.

Plasticizers and Resins – To prohibit chipping in nail polish dibutyl phthalate or castor oil are mixed properly which make a nail polish glossy.

Dyes– Everyone knows the color comes in a nail polish due to the pigments. Some colors also are having reflecting stain.

Alternatives – For viscosity, the alternative chemicals are combined in nail polish which helps in quick dry along with easy employ. Many nail polishes contain UV support which prohibits the dyes from UV exposure.

In the USA all the nail polishes have to be certified by the Food and Drug Administration. The colors of nail polishes must be extracted from the original colors like iron dioxides or chromium for yellow or red shades and to create blue strain ultramarine is better. Many greasy nail polishes are having titanium dioxide for enhancing the darkness of the dyes. Generally, pearlized colors are having a real pearl but sometimes the colors contain bismuth oxychloride to make the nail polishes less expensive.

Nowadays, many companies are creating water-based nail enamels. These nail polishes are having pigments, solvents, and filming factors but no photochemical substances. These nail polishes are perfect for the women who are sensitive to apply commercial nail polishes and those who want environment-friendly polishes as an alternative.

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Check to Know Is Nail Polish Bad For Your Nails Or Not

If you are still thinking that is nail polish bad for your nails? Then you should know that many nail polishes of recent times contain formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate which are together known as ‘toxic trio’. To save organic substances from decomposing formaldehyde has a carcinogenic effect. This chemical creates irritation on skin, nose, eyes even throat. Dibutyl phthalate is a toxic chemical affects development and reproduction and boosts up the risk of headaches, fatigue, and dizziness. Your nail beds absorb these chemicals which increase the liability of multiple side effects.

During 2006 to 2007 many companies like Sally Hanse, Orly and OPI chased to throw out the harmful chemicals from their ingredients. Since 2005 dibutyl phthalate has been restricted from the beauty products but in the United States, the chemicals have been used till date in the beauty products. Many companies maintain a limitation of using the chemicals yet some products has concerning amount of these chemicals. Check the nail polish’s labels properly before using it.

Apart from the above-mentioned products, you must check whether your nail polishes are having or not the dangerous substances such as fragrances, isopropyl alcohol, and ethyl acetate or dye. These toxic chemicals are threatened for our environment too. To get rid of these types of problems use environment-friendly Campaign for Safe Cosmetics approved nail enamels. Toxic free nail polishes you can also avail from the database of the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep.