Ingrown Hair in Pubic Area

Ingrown Hair in Pubic Area

Ingrown hair in pubic area occurs when the hair instead of coming outgrows sideways or curls back inwards. Any person be it a female or male can get ingrown hair. It is not a disease rather just a hair growing in a wrong direction. This problem is common among people with coarse or curly hair. Coarse or curly hair are more eager to turn back and re enter the skin. This is common especially when a person has shaved or waxed the hair of that area. It has also been noticed that people with higher levels of sex hormones might have to deal with excessive hair growth making it more likely for the development of ingrown hair.

Why do you have ingrown hair in pubic area?

Ingrown hair leads to development of bumps. Few of these bumps might even look like pimples (To know more about hard bumps on face Click here). These are even painful at times. Researches feel that women have more hair in the pubic area than men. Higher the level of sex hormones in a person higher will be growth of hair in pubic area which increases the chances of development of ingrown hair.

Symptoms of ingrown hair infection

Few symptoms of ingrown hair infection include swelling, development of blisters with pus, swelling, skin darkening and sometimes it even pains. Sometimes ingrown hair can cause great deal of discomfort or pain. Ingrown hair can even become infected and can look similar to swollen glands or pimples. Visiting a doctor is always a better option if any such disease occurs and you have no idea about the reason for the same.

How to treat ingrown hair in pubic area

  1. Cleaning and removing :- Try removing ingrown hair by your own. Take a warm clothe and place it on the area of ingrown hair for about 15 to 17 minutes. This will soften the area and will help in easy removal of ingrown hair. After this process use a pair of sterilized tweezers with alcohol on it to pull the hair out from its follicle. You can even do the same thing with the tip of a needle if you do not have tweezers. This method is the most well known one because this is one of the least expensive methods out of all.
  1. Using chemical depilatories :- Using chemical depilatories will also help you to remove your hair easily. These chemicals weaken the hair and blunt the hair tip making it easier to remove. Make sure you so not use depilatories very often because of its chemical content. Use these only when required because chemicals have a lot of side effects.
  1. Unclogging with the help of Tretinoin Cream :- Tretinion creams works best when it comes to removing ingrown hair. These creams can unclog hair follicle and help in removing the dead skin cells. It makes physical removal of ingrown hair much easier and simpler and also helps in exfoliation.
  1. Use antibiotic to treat infection :- Ingrown hair in pubic area can also be cured with the help of antibiotics. Few ways to guess that you have an infection are development of abscesses or pustules near the site of the hair. If you feel that you are suffering from some kind of infection then do visit a doctor because only they can prescribe the best antibiotic treatment to overcome this situation.
  1. Considering other removal methods :- You can also try other hair removal methods such as sugaring. This process minimizes the hair breakage since it follows the direction of the hair growth while removing pubic hair.

Important notes – Taking post care measure
No matter which method you apply to remove the ingrown hair in pubic area, the most important steps includes following the correct and healthy skin care technique after removal of hair. The skin might get infected if proper care is not taken. Below mentioned are few ways to take post care measures.

  • Exfoliate properly  :- Try to exfoliate regularly to get rid of dead skin and in turn can help you in keeping your hair pointing up. Exfoliation will prevent the hair to turn back and re enter the skin. You can use especially designed clothes meant for exfoliation or products made of natural fibers. These exfoliating products are easily available in the market these days. Choose the correct one as per your requirement and skin type.
  • Moisturizing your skin with right products :- Several things we use in our daily life makes our skin to look dry. Such things are perfumed soaps, perfumed lotions and hot water. Try using correct moisturizing products to keep your skin soft and pliable after every shower. This will make hair breakage difficult and your skin will give a soft and shiny look.
  • Wearing the right undergarments :- Choosing the right set of clothes plays a very important role. Try wearing loose underwear or shorts or pants to avoid ingrown hair. Tight underwear or shorts or pants will encourage the hair to grow back and re enter the skin.

Home treatment: Watch out for the video which can help you on treating ingrown hairs in easy, simple and painless  manner.

How to prevent ingrown hair in pubic area

As we all know prevention is always better than cure. So try preventing in grown hair rather than treating them once it has occurred.

  1. Shave correctly :- A person must know the correct way of shaving. Shaving creates sharper edges which can make the development of ingrown hair easier. To prevent ingrown hair from occurring after shaving make sure to choose the best quality shaving gel and razor. You should even make a habit of trimming before shaving. Try taking a warm bath or exfoliating yourself before shaving. This will make the shaving process easier.
  1. Cleaning before waxing :- Cleaning before waxing is also an important step. When hair is removed by waxing it often leaves broken hair below and above the skin surface. So cleaning the skin before waxing plays a very important role so that all the broken hair are removed. Try following the instructions that come with the wax box to get the best results.

Ingrown hair in pubic area are seen when hair instead of coming out of the skin surface curls backward and re enters the skin. This ingrown hair often hurt and can even cause infection. Proper exfoliation and moisturizing will help you to avoid ingrown hair. Ingrowing usually happens just after shaving or waxing. This is even common in people with high sex hormones leading to excessive growth of hair making it likelier for development of ingrown hair.

Ingrown hair causes itching, blisters with pus, swelling and skin darkening. It can be treated by the process of cleaning and removing with tweezers, using chemicals, unclogging using creams, using antibiotics, exfoliating and wearing the correct set clothes. Visit a doctor if the condition becomes worse or if you get infected with some kind of disease not known to you. Doctor is the only person who will help you out with the right way to treat the same.