How to Shave Pubic Area for Men without Getting Itchy

Shave pubic area for men

For a man and his smooth trimmed pubic area and its itchiness is always a very common problem. But shaving with a wrong process of pubic region is very much unhygienic and also the process is very unhealthy. This process is very much delicate also. If you do not make it properly or if you do not maintain the hygiene, you will face itching, irritations, and pain for the in growing hairs. There are some useful step by step details on How to Shave Pubic Area for Men without Getting Itchy in below listed segment.

How to Shave Pubic Area for Men Properly

1. Long Hair trimming

Firstly you can trim your hair less than ¼ inches by using a trimmer. It will make the process easier. After that, you may use a well-conditioned razor with triple, double or by a quadruple blade. With the process, you may avoid the pain, which occurs due to using the electric razor, because the electric razor may be caught the delicate and loose part of the skin.

2. Search for a suitable place

For the whole process, you need a complete privacy and enough of time. Any type of interruption may harm you at the time of shaving. It is the best option for you to shave in the bathtub or shower but many of the guys have chosen their comfortable bed for the shaving. But it is always the very good method to shave pubic area just after taking the bath.

3. Foaming the Area

For foaming your shaving area, it is the best option to take the right shaving cream or gel or you may use the shaving foam for the work. Normal soap or shower gels are not the good option for shaving. It may increase the risk of cutting your delicate skin. Never use a menthol or scented shaving cream for the purpose because it may burn your subtle and newly shaved skin.

4. Commence the Shaving process

The process firstly you may use some radiance and small strokes. Before applying the force of the razor, pull tighter the patch of the skin. Never pull the strokes in a wrong direction, shave in the opposite direction of hair growth. With this process shave will be easier but there should be a quite rising chance developing the ingrown hair and bumps of the razor. So follow the process as you prefer.

You can easily complete your shaving pubic area by following some simple steps.

  • Drag the penis, at the downward position and start your shaving process from the place, towards the naval where the gleam connects to your body.
  • Grasp the penis to the surface and start the shaving process from the trimmings of the thighs. The stroke will continue along the scrotum towards the penis.
  • Hold up the penis ascendant and shave over the scrotum from the bottom of the gleam down. Pull the scrotum with extra care at the time of shaving, because the skin of this part is very much delicate and loosen.

5. Wash and arid

You can remove more and more pubic hairs by using those steps but after completing the process, you need to wash and hydrated the Area. You also need to wipe out the foam of the shaving gel and swab the area with a mild soap. For drying use a towel at patting motions. Do not rub the area with the towel, dry it delicately.

6. Moisturize

After completing all the process apply some effective antiseptic moisturizer and provide a soothe feelings to your skin. Some creams increase the burning feeling and irritations. So be very careful about the cream, chose the right one, which may suit you best. Aloe-vera gel is the good choice for the purpose of shave pubic area. It is a natural smoothness cream and has no side effects.

Advice and Caution on How to Shave Pubic Area for Men without Getting Itchy 

1.     Evade Shaving before the cardiovascular exercise

Never do a pubic area shaving before your workout session, because causes immense sweat and the saltiness of your sweat may grounds up an irritation at your newly shaved skin.

2.  Before Shaving exfoliates the skin

You can go through by exfoliates process before shaving pubic area. You may conduct the job by using the pumice stone, loofah sponge or shower scrub. It will provide you a closer shave.

1.     Endeavour for Depilatory Creams

For shaving the pubic area, Depilatory creams are very effective. Some people have a phobia of using razors and they feel very uncomfortable with the process. As an alternative, they can choose the hair removing the cream. Firstly apply a small amount of cream; if your skin reacts properly you can go with the process.

2.     After Shaving always clean your razor

After every stroke of using it, rinse your razor properly. If you are using a disposable razor, then threw it after using, if not then clean the blade and make it completely dry. If you not clean it completely, it will be the procreation ground for the bacteria and make the razor damage and dull.

5. Concern about the cut

Small cuts are very common with the process of shave pubic area. These are very minor and will completely cure after few days. Use any type of antiseptic cream or put a bandage at the place of cutting. When you will be easier and used to with the process, you will face a less cut.

6. if there a cut, avoid sex

If there a cut occurs, avoid all kinds of sexual activity because a cutting or broken skin is transmitting to spread bacteria and germ.

Relieve Itching after Shaving Pubic Area

Shave Pubic area for the first trimmer is very tough to handle. With the repeated process you will be accustomed to it. At the first few times, you will face an itchiness and irritations. Go get rid of it, you may use some handy but effective products. Like Hydrocortisone cream, Mild Baby oil, and natural Aloe vera gel and also can take a Colloidal oatmeal bath to heal the itchiness of shave pubic area and irritation of in growing hair.