How To Remove Plaque From Teeth At Home?

How To Remove Plaque From Teeth At Home

What are plaque and tartar in teeth?

Plaque in teeth is a soft and gluey layer that builds up on the teeth and contains millions of bacteria. Over a period of time, these bacteria can cause cavities, tooth decay and gum diseases or gum infections. Whereas, tartar is hardened plaque that can attached itself to the teeth enamel and the lower part of the gum line

Lessons, which involve brushing and flossing in order to keep tartar at bay, start right from the childhood. It is a well-known fact that eliminating tartar helps in keeping the gums along with the teeth healthy, but a number of individuals fail to understand as to what tartar is and how it gets in the mouths. It is essential to maintain the oral health in order to have a healthy living. Hence, it is extremely vital to understand that how tartar forms and how to properly remove plaque from teeth.

Why are plaque and tartar harmful to health?

The mouth serves as an ideal place for growing bacteria. The bacteria further mixes with protein along with remnants of food. This creates a sticky substance, which is known as plaque and sticks to the teeth. This substance further builds up in areas, which include the back of the mouth or even between the set the teeth which is hard to clean. With plaque building up in the area, it causes the acids derived from the food that you eat into the teeth to damage the enamel while increasing the risk of an infection of a gum.  In cases, when it is not managed, it can lead to the decay of the teeth.

When plaque is not cleared away, it can lead to the hardening into a substance known as tartar. This leads to the damage of the teeth and gums which pave a way for diseases like bone degradation, heart disease, gingivitis or heart disease when the plaque moves into the system.

How To Remove Plaque From Teeth At Home?

Below are 14 ways to remove plaque and tartar from teeth

When the tartar has lead to the formation on the teeth, it can be safely removed from dental professionals. It is extremely important to schedule an appointment with the dentists in order to remove tartar and plaque from the teeth every alternative six months. How to remove plaque from the teeth at home is a topic of big discussion and the home remedies given below can be of great help.

  1. Brush properly

Brushing regularly helps in removing plaque before it further builds up while forming tartar. Choose a soft-bristled brush and take out time to brush all of the surfaces in the mouth, which also includes places, which are difficult for reaching the area behind the molars.

  1. Try electronic toothbrushes

This kind of toothbrushes is found to be more effective for removing plaque than any other standard manual versions. It is important to look for a toothbrush, which has been approved by the American Dental Association for rendering the best results.

  1. Choose the Right Toothpaste

Toothpaste, which comprises of fluoride help in preventing the plaque from forming into tartar when damage is being repaired from the teeth. The products, which comprise of triclosan help in the killing of the bacteria, and hence can be extremely helpful.

  1. Floss regularly

Just flossing can help in removing plaque that forms between the teeth while preventing it from turning into tartar. There are certain correct ways to do it, which should be taken into consideration.

  1. Mind what you eat

Bacteria are formed by starch and sugar, which is responsible for forming plaque.

  • Eliminating sugary foods from the diet while avoiding snacking help in maintaining the health easily.
  • Drinking water after meals or even brushing after the consumption of sugary foods can be extremely helpful.
  • Eating melon or apples after a meal help in keeping the teeth clean through a natural process of plaque removal. This helps in improving the health of the gum while preventing oral bleeding.
  1. Make use of Vitamin C fruits

The amount of vitamin C that is present in your system impact the overall health. Availability of increased amount of vitamin D helps in the improvement of the dental health and helps in removing plaque. Following are the ways in which you can use vitamin C to treat the problem:

  • Dipping the toothbrush into lime juice that has been freshly squeezed and then brushes your teeth with it for removing the plaque twice a day.
  • Rub freshly cut strawberries or tomatoes on the teeth while leaving the juice for 5 minutes also help in removing plaque.
  • Consumption of foods like papaya, orange, bell pepper, lime, berries or lemon helps in getting increased amount of vitamin C to the system.
  1. Brush with baking soda

Baking soda helps in removing plaque from the teeth quite easily. Through simply, dipping of a damp toothbrush into a bow; of baking soda, it can be used to brush your teeth. The addition of a pinch of salt to the baking soda further helps in making it more effective.

  1. Gargle with Peroxide solution

A rinse of peroxide helps in removing tartar from the mouth. Follow the following procedures for it.

  • A tablespoon of antiseptic mouthwash should be combined with 3 tablespoons of a 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution.
  • The mixture should be swished around the mouth thoroughly for the duration of a minute, but it should not be swallowed as it could lead to vomiting.
  • It is also common to find rinse foal while you gargle. You can spit out some amount of the liquid if this is difficult to continue. The procedure helps in loosening tartar, which could be stuck to the teeth.
  1. Pick the plaque and tartar afterwards

Dental picks are available in stores, which can be used for removing hard tartar, which usually builds up between the teeth or even on it. The use of a magnified mirror comprising of good lighting can be beneficial while using a pick so that it is easy to view the yellow tartar. Spit frequently while not picking deep into the gum tissue as it could lead to irritation or even an infection.

  1. Avoid smoking

Individuals using tobacco products are much more likely to have a plaque in the mouth in addition to tartar present under the gum line.

    11. Mix of Glycerine and Aloe Vera

A cup of water should be combined with half a cup of baking soda and a teaspoon of Aloe Vera followed by the addition of 10-20 ml of lemon essential oil and four to five teaspoons of vegetable glycerine. The mixture should then be scrubbed on the teeth for 5-1o minutes and the procedure should be repeated everyday for white shining teeth.

12. Rub teeth with orange peel

This is indeed a very simple technique and does not require preparation of any dose of mixture. A small piece of orange peel can be taken and rubbed directly on the teeth. This will help in combating with tartar building organisms. Alternately, the orange peel can also be mashed to form a paste and applied on the affected area. On rinsing it, you will see shining white teeth.

 13. Munch on sesame seeds

Sesame seeds act as a natural scrubbing agent for the teeth. They help a great deal in removing plaque and tartar. A handful of sesame seeds must be taken and put in the mouth to chew. The remaining seeds should then be scrubbed on the teeth using a toothbrush and rinsed after few minutes of scrubbing.

14. Relish spicy cuisines

Dentists all over the world believe that spicy cuisines are a great remedy to reduce plaque and tartar. Excessive saliva production washes the teeth and helps in getting them rid of toxic substances.