How to Lose a Stone in a Month ?

how to lose a stone in a month

One single stone is equivalent to 14 pounds. In order to lose this kind of weight in a month, individuals need to lose 3 ½ pounds every week. This can be done in a safe manner by paying careful attention to the diet and a serious exercise plan help in burning additional calories.

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How to lose a stone in a month in 3 steps

This attack is a plan of three-part where it is essential to pay careful attention. It is important to exercise every day in order to burn calories while relieving stress in life. Following are ways to lose a stone in a month.

Diet to lose a stone in a month

The most important element to losing weight is the diet. It is extremely important to evaluate what you are eating while making changes accordingly. Hence, pay close attention to your diet with knowing what the right foods are and which ones help in losing weight.

Water : While you are dieting, water should be at the top of the list for putting in the body. It helps you to flush impurities while allowing you to fill up on something other than food. This can also help with control of portion along with willpower.

Veggie and fruits : When you become a vegetarian for a while, you enjoy the benefits of fewer calories yet tasty food. It comprises of plenty of fibre and the feeling of putting the best foods in the body.

Fibre and Protein : It is extremely important to have a good source of fibre in addition to protein. It is important to look for whole grains, fruits and vegetables, which are loaded with fibre. This further turns things like nuts for protein.

Homemade foods : When you make food at home, then you know what exactly is in it and how much calories is being put. You can make a lot of food together which gives you the convenience to just heat it before having it.

Small but regular meals : Eat in small portions while you eat regularly. When you keep your meal to small portions, you are less likely to overeat while being full throughout the day. Fix to six meals is usually what is recommended.

Breakfast : A healthy breakfast includes fresh fruits, which is also a great way for starting the day. It keeps individuals from getting too hungry while giving the body an energy boost to start things off.

Foods to Avoid to lose a stone in a month

Any kind of fatty, processed or fried food items should be cut out. In addition, carbonated beverages should be avoided. Intake of fast food should be avoided at the most.

Following are very simple recipes that can get you started on great dieting for losing a stone in a month:

Chicken : Stuff the breast of a chicken with a mixture of spinach leaves in a balanced manner along with lemon zest and tarragon. The breast needs to be seared in a hot pan while cooking through in the oven for about 20 minutes. It is further cooked until the juices run clear.

Healthy Chips : The potatoes after being sliced should be boiled for about ten minutes. After this, pat them to dry while placing on a baking sheet. Spray them with a cooking spray while baking them at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.

Lamb kebabs : Lamp pieces need to be marinated on skewers while altering them with veggies. After being grilled for about 20 minutes, the lamb is done.

Prawn Paella : The onion and garlic should be blended and cooked until tender. After adding chopped tomatoes and dried rice, cook until the rice is done. After the season to liking, add prawns and veggies and cook until heated.

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How to lose a stone in a month with exercise

Three kinds of exercises help in losing weight faster than any other diet plan.

Cardio Exercises : While you exercise, it is essential to target the cardiovascular and strength training. This includes walking, swimming, cycling and so on.

Strength training : Engage in strength training where you can start with a simple pair of dumbbells. This can help in boosting the metabolism while makes you burn calories much faster.

4 Week Action plan to lose a stone with exercise

1st Week Action Plan

ButtsAfter placing the width of the shoulder apart, bend the knees until the burn is felt. Come back to standing and repeat it thereafter.
ArmsSit on the floor, keeping hands behind you. Lift the butt, keep the weight on the hands, and repeat it.
LegsPut one leg ahead of other after which you need to lower yourself to the ground. The feeling of burn in the thighs and calves need to be felt. Rise up and then repeat.
ChestPut the hands on a stair while being on hands and knees. Press the chest towards the floor and rise up. Repeat it.
Waist Lie on the back while lifting the legs and hands towards the ceiling. Lower the leg or hand to the floor and repeat.

2nd Week Action Plan

ButtsDo squats by using a chair for holding weight, but with one leg.
ArmsExtend one leg out and use one leg to touch the ground.
LegsThe space between the feet should be extended as the lunges are been done
ChestInstead of using a step, do the push-ups as done last week.
WaistLower the arm and leg at the same time, while alternating between them.

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3rd Week Action Plan

ButtsInstead of chairs, add weights for more burn.
ArmsKeep the feet on a chair and hands on another. Dip rears down while exercising.
legsUses stair so the lunges have longer to do
chestReverse the first week; keep the hands on the floor and knees on a stair.
WaistAdd weights to the exercise

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4th Week Action Plan

ButtsHold a water bottle while exercising.
ArmsRest something heavy on the lap.
LegsKeep something on each hand while you move.
ChestKeep the feet on the step and not on the knees.
WaistHold a water bottle in each hand as you move.

Manage your stress to lose a stone in a month

Stress can lead to emotional eating and hence it is essential to avoid stress. Techniques such as yoga, meditation and music can help.