How Much Chia Seeds Per Day

How Much Chia Seed Per Day

The salvia hispanica plant usually grows in the southern or the Central Mexican regions. The seed of this plant is what we call the chia seeds which used to be a staple diet for the Aztec or the Mayan tribes. Apart from its ritualistic usage, the chia seed would also be used to treat skin conditions or pain, much like a medicine. In the few recent years, the popularity of this seed has become more prominent in the US and surrounding regions. These are known to be high in antioxidant and contain a steady source of omega 3 fatty acids. If you want to know how much chia seed per day to consume, keep reading this and try never to overdose on them. To know more on how much chia seeds per day should be eaten, keep reading below-

How Much Chia Seeds Per Day is Healthy For Consumption?

Even though there is no hard and fast rule regarding how much chia seeds per day you should consume, the basic measurement for consumption is set at above 20gms. The measurement of chia seed you wish to intake on a daily basis is highly tallied with the after results that you wish to achieve. You may wish to increase your fiber intake in the body or increase the omega-3s or simply some calcium. Either way, a dose of 15-20g of chia seeds on a daily basis can increase your omega 3 intake. Fir the best results, consult a healthcare person regarding the doses and always abide by the dosage guideline.

  • For an adult, 15-20 g of chia seeds on a daily basis is alright.
  • If you are aged somewhere between 10 years to 18, consuming 10 grams a day would be the best measurement for you.
  • If you are under 10 years of age, consume strictly a single helping of chia seed in a tablespoon and nothing more.
  • If you are consuming chia seeds for your cardiovascular shielding, taking 33-45  grams of chia seeds in a blended fashion would be okay. Continue this for about three months.

How Much Chia Seeds Per Day to Intake For Health Benefits? 

  1. Nutrition based

Chia seeds are usually potent with a variety of nutrients in them. Some of them are- anti-oxidants, sodium, zinc, potassium, iron, copper, protein, manganese, niacin, silicon, vitamins A,B,D and E, calcium, sulfur, iodine and thiamine.

Here’s how much chia seeds per day you should consume and for what:

  1. Health based
  Health Benefits                                                Description
Weight lossChia seeds usually fill up your stomach a lot and thereby prevent you from over eating or repeated hunger pangs. It keeps you feeling fulfilled.
Fat intake reductionIt is believed that chia seeds usually reduce your appetite or hunger pangs. Thus, you come less in contact with fattening food items.
Blood sugar balanceSpikes or drops in the level of your blood sugar may cause side effects like sluggishness. Chia seeds actually regulate and maintain the blood sugar thereby preventing the fluctuations.
Diverticulosis preventionSince chia seeds are filled with adequate water soluble fibers, it ensures no endangering diverticuli traps themselves to the digestive system.
Omega 3 oil absorption boostIt ensures your body absorbs the perfect amount of omega 3 fatty acids since the ideal ration of omega 3 to omega 6 is perfectly balanced in chia seeds.
Energy boostPrimarily used by Aztec and Mayan people to boost their energy, the legacy still continues where chia seeds are used as an energy booster.
Combat ageingSince it acts as an all rounder to ensure you are healthy, early signs of ageing or premature ageing can be prevented.

How Much Chia Seeds Per Day And Their Side Effects?

   Side effects                                                   Description
Lowering of blood pressureChia seeds are known to lower the pressure in your blood, especially if you are senior in age. This is not at all a good sign for the elderly.
Thinning of bloodYou must be wondering how much chia seeds per day can actually benefit you in so many ways. But what you don’t know is that it actually partakes in thinning the density of your blood.
Gas and bloatingChia seeds contain 25% fiber in them which can result in some users to experience flatulence or body bloating.
AllergyIf you are allergic to sesame or mustard seeds, chances are that you are probably allergic to chia seeds too. Refrain from taking them in that case.
CancerA study conducted in 2004 said that taking chia seeds can actually increase the risk of contracting prostate cancer in men.

How Much Chia Seeds Per Day Can Be Used in Healthy Recipes?

  • In gel form: if you simply soak one teaspoon of chia seeds, you can make about 10 tablespoons of chia gel with that. How much chia seeds per day can now be easy to calculate as the increase in the amount would slows down the nutrient release and helps you feel fuller for a longer span. Take two tablespoons of chia seeds and let it steep in water for 20 minutes. This would leave you with plenty of chia to last for several days. If you want this to be easy on the tastebuds, mix chia gel with juice while intake.
  • Homemade pudding: for this you would require two cups of milk, preferably coconut, 2-3 tablespoon of cocoa powder and one tablespoon of a sweetener of your choice. Now combine half a cup of chia seed and one teaspoon of vanilla and blend them all together till it smoothens. Now refrigerator your pudding for about 10 minutes.
  • Chicken soup or in gravy form: instead of adding normal flour, why not add a little chia flour to thicken your soups and gravies. This way your adding health to the food and also making it thick.
  • Crackers: to make chia crackers, get sea salt, garlic powder and chia seeds together with equal amount of coconut milk and bake them at a low temperature for a few hours until they solidify.
  • Salads: start by adding chia sprouts to water and then rinse and sieve the water out only to replace it with fresh nutrients every 12 hours. By doing so, you would be assisting the chia seeds in gorwing sprouts. Something you can use in your salad.
  • Chai tea: much like any other tea, boil chia seeds in a cup of water and get yourself a steaming cup of energizing tea. Often adding milk and sweetener to it helps.

How Much Chia Seeds Per Day And Its Precautions Along With It?

  • One should always take periodical breaks while taking chia seeds. How much chia seeds per day required is a strict dosage which if you over take would cause addiction issues.
  • Several studies have been conducted to find out how chia seeds affect pregnancy or lactating women. However, just to be safe do avoid chia seeds to ward off any probable risk.
  • Never consume these seeds while taking a supplement. Chia seeds usually are high in vitamin B7 and an excess of this added to the supplement may lead to phytonutrient overdose.