How to Lose 1kg per Week

How to Lose 1kg per Week
Know how to Lose 1 kg in a week with 7 day diet and 7 day exercise plan.

For most Americans today, dieting has become a way for life. More than dieting, it is important to cut down a number of calories that is being taken, alter the eating habits while increasing the physical activity.

 General Rules to Lose 1kg in a week

  1. Balance your calories :- It is extremely important to balance a number of calories, which are eaten with a number of calories burned. It should also be noted that less than 1200 calories should not be consumed in a day.

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  • 1200 calories meals should be taken per day
  • Whole foods like whole grains, dairy, fruits, vegetables and with meat should be eaten.
  • 2-3 litres of water should be consumed.
  • Protein should be taken with each meal.
  • Carbs should not be eaten after 4 pm.
  • 5 small meals should be eaten.
  • Alcohol and sugar should be avoided.
  1. Exercise

Lose 1Kg in a week with 7 day Meal Plan

Meal plan for Day One
breakfast●      One cup of fat-free milk, ¾ cup bran flakes and one banana.
lunch●      One stick part-skim mozzarella string cheese

●      Sandwich: 1 small whole wheat pita, 3 ounces of turkey breast along with a teaspoon of light mayonnaise, mustard, lettuce and ½ roasted pepper.

●      2 kiwi fruits
Dinner●      Couscous of 1 cup

●      Plum tomatoes sliced

●      Steamed broccoli of 1 cup

●      1 Pudding cup

●      4 ounces Broiled flounder or sole

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Meal Plan for Day Two

Breakfast●      Oatmeal: Cook ½ a cup oats mixed with the ¾ cup of milk, ½-chopped apple and a pinch of cinnamon along with a teaspoon of honey.
Lunch●      A banana

●      Chicken salad: shredded roast chicken breast of 4 ounces, ¼-cup red grapes, a tablespoon light mayonnaise, a tablespoon almond along with a tablespoon of sour cream served over lettuce.
Dinner●      A baked potato with sour cream and 3 tablespoons salsa.

●      4 ounces shrimp

●      1 fudge bar of low fat frozen

●      Steamed spinach of 3 cups
Meal Plan for Day Three
Breakfast●      ½ muffin spread with light margarine in teaspoon quantity

●      Smoothie: One cup of frozen berries along with 8 ounces of fat-free milk, blended with half a banana.
Lunch●      A mini whole wheat pita vegetable burger with lettuce and salsa

●      A cup of vegetable soup

●      15 grapes

●      Light yoghurt of 6 ounces
Dinner●      Baked beans of ½ half

●      BBQ chicken

●      2 small red potatoes with a teaspoon of margarine
Meal Plan for Day Four
Breakfast●      6 ounces of light yoghurt sprinkled with almonds

●      ½ English muffin, which is topped with 1 ounce of, reduced fat cheese along with a sliced apple.
●      1 cup raw vegetables

●      1 pear

●      Tomato soup

●      Sandwich with horseradish, pita, and tomato slices, lettuce, mustard and beef.
Dinner●      Slaw with onions and coleslaw.

●      3 ounces salmon

●      ½ pineapple chunks in juice

●      ¾ brown rice
Meal Plan for Day Five
Breakfast●      ½-cup berries mixed with cheerios and a tablespoon of almond with 8 ounces milk.
●      ½ cup of cottage cheese being topped with mandarin orange sections.

●      Quesadilla

●      Cucumber spears
Dinner●      Salad greens of 3 or 2 cups

●      3 ounces roasted pork tenderloin.

●      ½ cup Vanilla frozen yoghurt.
Meal Plan for Day Six
Breakfast●      8 ounces of milk

●      Toasted waffle
Lunch●      10 small carrots

●      Tuna pita

●      Light yoghurt of 6 ounces
Dinner●      Steamed spinach of 3 cups

●      Medium sized apple

●      jambalaya

Meal Plan for Day Seven

Breakfast●      A grapefruit

●      Steamed spinach of ½ cup, poached egg, English muffin
Lunch●      Mini whole wheat pita

●      1 pear

●      Black bean salad
Dinner●      Pineapple chunks in juice

●      Sweet potato baked

●      Grilled or broiled steak

●      Steamed Zucchini

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Lose 1kg in a week with 7 Day Exercise Plan

Strength training should be combined with an aerobic workout. It is recommended that 30 minutes per day should be spent doing an aerobic activity like brisk walking and jogging. The aerobic activities should be then combined with the targeted training workout to lose more weight.

7 Day Exercise Plan

Exercise Plan for Day One

Notes●      After a long rest, longer time for a workout is important.
Exercises●      10 high knees

●      10 jumping jacks

●      10 tuck jumps

●      10 calf raises

●      10 heel kicks

●      10 walking lunges

●      10 pushups

●      10 squats

●      10 leg raises

●      10 crunches

Exercise Plan for Day Two

Notes●      The same exercises should be performed repetitively.
Exercises●      Rotation and push ups

●      Side plank

●      Lunge

●      High knees running in place

●      Plank

●      Triceps dip on chair

●      Squat

●      Stepping on chair

●      Abdominal crunch

●      Wall sit

●      Jumping jacks

Exercise Plan for Day Three

Notes●      Exercises for day three are balanced where exercises of larger leg muscles are started off with, while moving to the core and upper body.
Exercises●      20 jumping jacks

●      20 high knees

●      20 squats

●      10 push ups

●      10 leg raises

●      10 walking lunges

●      10 crunches

Exercise Plan For Day Four

Notes●      The legs are given some rest for day four while more work is done in the core and upper body.
Exercises●      20 calf raises

●      20 push ups

●      20 back extensions

●      30 seconds plank

●      20 mountain climbers

●      20 chair/ bench triceps dips

●      20 crunches

Exercise Plan For Day Five

Notes●      Even if the legs ache due to the workouts of yesterday, you should go on with the workouts.
What exercises to do●      20 jumping jacks

●      20 high knees

●      20 heel kicks

●      20 squats

●      10 pushups

●      10 back extensions

●      10 leg raises

●      10 bicycle crunches

Exercise Plan For Day Six

Notes●      Day six workout is extremely simple as there are only two exercises.
Exercises●      10 crunches

●      10 burpees

●      It should be repeated 10 times.

Exercise Plan For Day Seven

Notes●      Keep doing the workout and soon 1 kg will be lost for the whole week.
Exercises●      Running in place/ 100 high knees

●      100 push ups

●      100 sit ups

●      100 squats