Hot Flushes in Early Pregnancy

Hot Flushes in Early Pregnancy

It is perfectly normal for pregnant women to experience hot flushes in early pregnancy, although they are more common after the first trimester. One out of three women gets them. These flushes are caused due to the increased blood flow to the skin, affected by the change in hormones. During pregnancy a continuous hormonal change takes place. It causes women to experience a lot of natural yet uncomfortable physical phenomenon. One of the common reaction is hot flushes. They make you feel hotter than normal even on a chilly winter night. Thankfully they do not last for more than 5 minutes. They usually occur on nights. That is why pregnant women are advised to dress comfortably and while experiencing this they can remove layers of clothing to assuage its effect. Women, who experience this a lot and want to know more about its cause and treatment, should read this article properly.

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How to Know If You’re Having Hot Flushes in Early Pregnancy?

To know whether you are having hot flushes or not, you must know its symptoms:

  • The most common symptom is heavy sweating, especially at night.
  • They may feel hot sensations on the face, around the neck and breasts.
  • They may feel dizzy
  • Some may get headaches
  • Heart palpitations are another symptom.

. About 48% of the pregnant women only have mild and unnoticed hot flushes, whereas about 39% have them a bit more making them feel it. But they are tolerable. Only about 13% have an extreme case, which makes them seek their gynecologists attention.

Note:  Hot flushes are absolutely normal and should be differentiated from fever. They do not cause the rise of the body temperature and they subside in a period of about 5 to 10 minutes. A change in temperature causing it to go over 100°F is not hot flushes and should be treated likewise. It may be an infection. Fevers are dangerous to pregnant women.

Why Do Pregnant Woman Experience Hot Flushes?

We all want to know what causes various reactions during our pregnancy, Hot flushes just being one of them. Let’s discuss some of the reason of hot flushes :

Hormones changes: The hormones in the body go crazy during pregnancy. The level of some just rises up while the other goes down rapidly. These cause a flow of blood to the surface of the skin, causing the temperature of the skin to rise up a few notches. This temperature rise causes hot flushes and also red and patchy skin. They may be caused by any of the following:

  • Stress and traumas causing an intense emotional mental condition.
  • Too much spicy food
  • Too much heat exposure

Some women may or may not experience hot flushes during the early stages of pregnancy because they are more common during the second and third trimesters. They also occur after pregnancy due to reduced hormonal changes.

Ways of Relieving Hot Flushes in Early Pregnancy

Hot flushes can make your already otherwise comfortable pregnancy uncomfortable. There are no ways to stop them m but there certainly are ways to minimize their effects.

  • Sleep in a Cool Room.  For those who experience hot flushes during early pregnancy a lot, they should make sure to sleep or be in a cool room during the occurrence, as they will conveniently cool down the body temperature.
  • Remain in the Shade.  Too much sun can cause hot flushes hence it should be avoided. Cover yourself up in sun and sun tanning is a big no no.
  • Drink Plenty of Water.  Keeping your body adequately hydrated is vital during pregnancy. Apart from other benefits, keeping hot flushes at bay is another benefit of drinking water.
  • Live Healthily. Strong flavored food, spices, caffeine, alcohol and smoking not only causes more hot flashes but in the long run, they are harmful to the child’s growth. Healthy weight during pregnancy can help with these flushes.
  • Keep Cool with Cooling Aids.  Keep cooling agents like a water spray, wet wipes and a hand fan handy. They aid during such flushes.
  • Use Cool Water on the Skin. Put your wrists under running water and wipe your neck and forehead with a cool wet cloth. You can also sit with your legs in the water. Better yet, you can go for a bath or a foot spa. They cool the body temperature fast and relieve you of the uncomfortable hot flushes.
  • Avoid Stress and Stay Calm. Going through stress and too much emotional exposure also causes hot flushes. Try to calm yourself down by diverting your mind and deep breathing. Some meditation and calming exercises can also relieve stress.
  • Wear Appropriate Clothing.  Always make sure to wear comfortable clothes that are made of natural fibre. They make it easy for the skin to breathe and remain cool. Cotton and linen are suggested. Wear easily removable clothes.
  • Use Doctor-Approved Remedies. Those who suffer from the extreme cases of hot flushes may consult a doctor and go for some mild sedatives, antidepressants, and high blood pressure medicines. They may also go for herbal remedies or flax seeds and soy for relief.