Honey With Hot Water For Weight Loss

Honey with Hot Water for Weight Loss

All research related to the body shows that water is a very important part of our constitution and we require water to live. Research has also shown that honey is a very good way of keeping your body fit and healthy as well but not many people know that mixing warm water with honey and drinking this concoction on a daily basis is a great way to actually keep yourself from gaining weight contributing to you losing weight gradually as well. Honey with hot water for weight loss is an easy home remedy that can be made easily at home.

Honey With Hot Water For Weight Loss

In most parts of the world people are consuming way too much sugar present in processed food and artificially sweetened drinks. It is seen that a soda contains up to 170 calories which can be a very big setback when it comes to losing weight as contrasted to one tablespoon of honey which is just 64 calories. Therefore honey makes a great substitute for artificial sweeteners that are not only harmful for your body but also contribute towards gaining weight. Honey with hot water is a very simple drink and can be drink at any point in time to help lose weight efficiently

Honey with hot water is a great means of breaking down of foods helping in adequate metabolism especially when drunk in the morning. Honey with hot water also acts as a complete cleanser because it has the ability to cleanse the body of toxins so as to keep you clean and healthy from the inside.

How to Drink Honey with Hot Water for Weight Loss

The desired sweetness of your honey and water drink depends upon how much honey you put in the water to get the desired effects. It is good t drink plenty of water and you must experiment with the ratios of water and honey that you are drinking at one time to reach a sweet spot where you are getting a sufficient amount of both for the benefit of your body. Keep in mind that the more water you drink the more you have the ability of getting rid of water weight from your body through your kidneys. Here are some tips to make effective the Honey with hot water for weight loss.

  • Drink at the right time.Drinking a glass of honey with hot water before and during a meal is a great way to keep yourself full so that you do not have to eat too much helping you lose weight over time. Drinking a glass of honey and water early morning is also a great way to help you brim with energy.
  • Honey with lemon. To spice it up a little bit try and add a teaspoon of lemon juice in the water, the citrus flavor of the juice with the sweetness of the honey will work well to provide for a great drink.
  • Tea with honey. It is always better to try a cup of hot tea spiked with honey in the morning which will help to reduce your appetite and stop any sugar cravings for a day.
  • Honey with cinnamon. This is another alternative to plain hot water where you not only get a great flavor to your hot water and honey but the cinnamon also adds a spicy fresh smell to your breath.

Weight loss and the alternative ways to use honey

In addition to drinking honey with hot water for weight loss there are several other ways honey can be consumed to promote weight loss:

  • Apple slices with honey. Apple wedges are a great fruit on its own but mixed with honey and it can become a jam packed energy diet for your body. Cut the apple into edges and sprinkle with honey and cinnamon for the best effects.
  • Granola with honey. Granola and honey can make a great breakfast treat and mixed with yogurt and cinnamon it can make a great snack as well. Just make sure to use half a cup of granola at all times for the most desired effects.
  • Chicken breast with honey. Boneless and skinless chicken breast is a great way to enjoy a scrumptious meal without delving too deep into calories. Baste the chicken in honey and grill slowly for the most desired effect.

Precautions for Drinking Honey with Hot Water for Weight Loss

Though honey with hot water can be a great dietary supplement there are a few precautions you must keep in mind.

  • If you have a blood sugar problem then you must keep in mind that honey is made up of carbohydrates that can make your blood sugar soar very quickly.
  • Measuring honey is very important as it contains a lot of calories for the amount of nutrition that you are getting.

Watch Cinnamon Honey Water-Weight loss Miracle video for more Information

Additional Benefits of Consuming Honey

There are many benefits of enjoying honey but the nutrition that you get out of honey primarily depends upon the number of nutritional flowers that the bees used to make the honey in the first place. In plain words it depends upon what honey you choose where natural honey is the most nutritious. Given below are a few added benefits of consuming honey:

  • Although honey is a simple sugar it tends to have a lower glycemic level as compared to processed sugar therefore making it safe for your blood sugar levels.
  • Honey is naturally sweeter than processed sugar that means you have to use much less of it in honey with hot water.
  • Honey may prevent constipation as coincidentally it is a natural laxative but on the other hand it has components to prevent diarrhea as well.
  • Honey is a natural antioxidant that when consumed helps to fight against any bacterial infections.
  • Honey is a natural carbohydrate base making it a great pre and post workout drink when enjoyed as honey with hot water.

Research also has been very adept at showing that consuming honey daily makes you withstanding against any environmental allergies.