Home Remedies For Vaginal Itch

Home Remedies for Vaginal Itch

Vaginal itches are experienced by women and are not only uncomfortable but embarrassing too. Vaginal itching is caused by yeast infections or Trichomoniasis, dryness in vaginal area and hormonal changes.  There are several of ways in which one can get rid of this itching. Vaginal itching can upset ones quality of life. Few of those home remedies for vaginal itch are given below.

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Top 5 Home remedies for vaginal itch

Home remedies to get rid of vaginal itching are safer and usually do not have any side effect in the long run.

  1. Wearing loose clothes

The best way to prevent vaginal itching is to wear loose clothes. This will keep your vagina dry and cool. Vagina is a very sensitive part of our body and must be taken care off. Make sure you wear undergarments which are made up of 100% cotton material. Cotton clothes will let your skin breathe and will help you to avoid such itching. If you work for long hours sitting in the same place make sure that you get up after every hour to avoid getting your vagina warm. Warming up can increase the intensity of itching and cause a lot of discomfort.

  1. Pay attention to your sex life

Vagina is a very sensitive part of your body. If you feel uncomfortable in this part of your body try to delay any sexual activity. Try to rest your vagina because often intercourse aggravates the situation. If it is necessary then try using some lubricant to make it easier. You can even use condoms to prevent transmission of any sexually transmitted diseases which can cause infection.

  1. Maintain proper hygiene

Having a proper hygiene plays a very important role to keep you fit. Keep your vagina clean but do not wash it too often because it might cause more itching. If you are suffering from vaginal itching make sure to take regular baths and change your underwear daily. Vagina is known to be a self cleaning organ and does not require much cleaning. Clean this area slowly and do not use any harsh soaps or cleansers to clean this area. Make sure you use soap with no fragrances to clean this area. Nowadays a number of products are available in the market specially meant to clean this area which can be used after proper inspection. While wiping this area after bathroom or after a shower, wipe it front to back that is start from your vaginal area and end at the anus to keep it clean.

  1. Combating infection

Few other home remedies for vaginal itch includes

  • Taking a sitz bath

Sitz or tub bath filed with warm water and about half cup of salt can help you combat infection. Soak yourself for about 15 minutes in this water after the salt completely dissolves. While soaking insert your finger in the vagina so that the salt water goes inside. Salt water is very effective to get rid of infections. Repeat this process for about two to three times a week to reduce itching to a great extent.

  • Applying ice or cold compress

Putting an ice or using cold compress will also help you to relieve the itching effect. Vaginal itching usually occurs during the night time so this can help you a lot and can also help you to avoid those sleepless nights.

  • Eating yogurt

Yogurt is known to have soothing properties and is usually advised by doctors to eat at least one cup a day. Eating a cup of yogurt daily is also one of the home remedies for vaginal itch. Make sure that you consume plain yogurt without any sugar. Plain yogurt contains acidophilus cultures which can help you to fight fungus and yeast infections. You can even put some portion of yogurt on tampon and put it in your body for about a couple of hours. Repeat this about one to two times a day for few days to see the best results. You can even try putting some frozen yogurt on your vulva to get immediate results.

  • Using cider vinegar

Using cider vinegar is also one of the home remedies for vaginal itch. Cider vinegar has properties similar to that of salt and also has anti infection properties. Mix about two table spoons of vinegar with two cups of warm water and clean your vagina with it twice a day for about three to four days. It might sting a bit but it will give you relieving affects later.

  1. Things that you should avoid

The following are the list of things which one should avoid to prevent vaginal itching-

  • Perfumed powders and scented soaps and toilet papers
  • Tight clothes which stick to your body and hinder comfortable movements
  • Bubble bath soaps or gels can irritate your vaginal area sometimes so it is always better to avoid it. These soaps and gels contain harsh chemicals which cause irritation in this sensitive area.
  • Vaginal hygiene sprays. These sprays are harmful and can cause a lot of itching if it does not suit you.
  • Underwear made up of synthetic material
  • Scratching is not a solution to itching problem. Rather it will intensify the condition and will irritate you more.

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When to see a doctor?

If the above mentioned home remedies for vaginal itch does not give you the required results then try consulting a doctor. Doctor is the best person to help you out with this problem. He or she can tell you the main reason for the itch and will give you permanent solution. If you experience the following symptoms then consult a doctor immediately–

  • Increase in appetite, excessive urination and sudden reduction in weight or exhaustion.
  • Sudden fevers or pelvic or lower abdominal pain.
  • Burning sensation in urine
  • Ulcers or blisters in the vaginal area
  • Unusual swelling or bleeding in vagina
  • Symptoms does not go away or reduce on its own or worse after a point of time.