Headache at Base of skull

Headache at Base of Skull

The main reason for headache at base of skull is the damage caused to the nerves passing through the neck. The pain may even reach the shoulder and in turn might disturb the functioning of neck and shoulders. Muscles in the neck become inflexible and firm due to the headache at base of the skull further resulting in stiff neck. It can even cause arm weakness and if the pain becomes severe then often the neck is unable to take the weight of the head and neck bends on either side. Below are few reasons –

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Causes of Headache at base of skull

  1. Neck problems :- Arthritis or neck injury may be the reason for causing pain at the base of the skull. Various injuries causing pain include –
    • Slipped disc :- The bones of the neck and cervical spine are arranged on top of the other to protect the spinal cord from where the spinal nerves become visible. Between these bones there are cylindrical elastic tissues known as disc which acts as a cushion while running or jumping and prevent friction. Any compression of nerves creates a burning sensation radiating from the base of the skull.
    • Neck arthritis :- An auto immunity disorder affecting the joints of the neck is known as Rheumatoid. This involves inflammation of elastic joint tissues known as cartilage which helps in avoiding the rubbing of bones against each other. Deterioration of cartilage causes inflammation, joint deformity and bone loss which causes headache at the base of the skull.
    • Trauma :- Any injury around the neck area causes sprain in the soft tissues like tendons and ligaments around the neck. This sprain causes a bad headache at base of skull.
  1. Excessive strain :- The head weighs approximately by 1.5 to 2 kilograms. Any unnecessary frequent movement without adequate rest causes undue stress in the neck muscles and in turn may cause strain in that area. This strain causes headache at the base.
  1. Nerve problem :- A body has innumerable nerves which branch out from the spinal cord and spread to different parts. Any problem in the neck due to accident can cause nerve damage resulting in occipital neuralgia which makes it apparent for headache at the base of the skull.
  1. Base of skull tumors :- Non cancerous tumors generally develop in the front, middle and at the back part of the skull causing pain in this area.
  1. Bone problems :- Often bones become brittle, weak or prone to fracture which is referred as Osteoporosis. The pain triggers from back of the scalp and may extend up to the base of the skull. This problem is common among the people who have passed the age of 50 years.
  1. Poor posture :- Poor posture is also one of the common reason for headache at the base of the skull. Leaning with head forward while sitting or standing causes unnecessary burden to the neck muscles. Spending long hours in an improper posture especially while using computer, watching television, reading books, talking over the phone for hours can be tiring for the muscles in the neck and in turn can cause pain in the base of the skull.
  2. Sleeping position :- Improper sleeping position can strain the neck muscles and can cause stiffness in the neck. Try sleeping on your back to reduce the strain on your muscles. People facing sleep deprivation problem are bound to suffer chronic neck pains especially at the base of the skull.
  1. Sedentary lifestyle :- A person’s lifestyle can also be the reason of headache. Long hours of sitting in a particular position can cause excessive pressure on the back and strain the neck muscles. Even slouching or drooping can strain the neck and back muscles causing headache at base of skull.

Remedies of headache at the base of the skull

  1. Corticosteroids :- Corticosteroids are a type of medication given to people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. These are meant to deal with inflammation at the joints and will also help in relieving pain temporarily.
  1. Muscle relaxants :- In case of muscle injuries, muscles tend to contract more often than the normal. To curb this a drug named Paracetamol (acetaminophen) can be used which is safe and quite effective.
  1. Exercises :- One of the best ways to get rid of headache at base of skull is to exercise the muscles in  the affected area. Move your neck in circular motions to improve its mobility.
  1. Surgery :- Often physicians resort to surgeries to reduce pressure on the nerve when one finds no improvement by drug therapy.

Preventions for Headache at base of skull

  1. Avoid Monosodium Glutamate :- MSG or Monosodium Glutamate is a well known food enhancers are often used to bring out best in foods and to make it delicious. MSG have chemical composition which might cause many side effects to people who are sensitive to chemicals. Such side effects include headache, vomiting, nausea and stomach infection. Avoid consuming MSG to keep yourself away from headache.
  1. Avoiding nitrates and amines :- Chocolates often contain amine compounds known as Phenylethylamine which triggers headache by making blood vessels dilate and constrict. These compounds are also found in homemade yeast, lima beans and breads. Another similar compound is nitrate which are usually found in processed foods like salami, hotdogs and bacon.
  1. Consume fish oil :- Many have agreed that fish oil capsules may reduce frequency and severity of headaches.
  1. Using ginger :- Dilating blood vessels can be prohibited with the help of Thromboxane A2. Ginger is known to release thromboxane A2 which help to keep the blood flow well – balanced and thus prevents headaches.
  1. Reducing the intake of caffeine :- Caffeine will not help you to get rid of headache rather they increase the intensity of headaches. Few products that contain caffeine and should be avoided are coffee and soda. Try to reduce your caffeine intake slowly. Reducing caffeine intake abruptly will increase your headache rather than reducing it.
  1. Taking magnesium rich supplements :- Magnesium rich supplements will help you to reduce tension and muscle spasms. Supplements containing about 200 to 400 mg of magnesium will work the best

Left temple Headache

Left Temple Headache

Sometimes headaches only occur on the sides of the head and thus you might feel the pain either on the left side or the right side of your head. If you experience left temple headache without any cause then do seek medical consultation immediately. This pain sometimes become unbearable and can make a person restless. Headaches are quite common but sometimes these may even occur due to serious health issues. Pain in the left temple area has many causes which are listed below.

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Causes of left temple headache

Carefully analyze the reason of your headache. Seek medical consultation if required and if the headaches are severe. The causes mentioned below are just few reasons because of which left temple headache occur. The reasons are not comprehensive and only doctor will be able to tell you the correct reason for the same.

  1. Tension headaches :- Tension is one of the most common and frequent reason for temple headaches. The more you increase the level of tension the more it will pain. So try to relieve your stress first if you want to get rid of the left temple headache. Tension will create pressure and squeezing sensations which are an annoying and gives a persistent feeling. You can even try massaging the temple area slowly to get some relief which is usually temporary in nature. These headaches can become chronic slowly if not treated at the right time.
  1. Migraine :- Temple headaches are a symptom of migraine. Effects of this type of headache are nausea, sensitivity to light and noise, uneasy movements and develop a feel to lie down and rest. Migraines usually develop slowly.
  1. Ice pick headache :- This type is characterized by intense, sharp and stabbing pain. It usually affects only one temple and one eye. It is common among those suffering from migraines and cluster headache problems.
  1. Cluster headaches :- The name developed due its level of occurrence. These occur in cluster of episodes and last for about few days and in some cases even for few weeks. They can hamper your daily life and work very badly. Once the episode ends you might not again feel it for few weeks. It affects your head, eyes and nose.
  1. Nummular headaches :- You will usually feel this in the middle or coin sized space on your scalp. It might even lead to feeling of the sensations in your temples, top of the head and even behind the ears. Itching and prickly feeling accompany this pain. You can even notice hair loss during this type of headaches.
  1. Sinusitis :- Sinusitis is also known as sinus infection. It is characterized by headaches and congestion because the air filled spaces between the bones inside and around the nose gets infected. Swelling is noticed in the membranes of the mucus which creates pressure and in turn pain in the head.
  1. Temporal arteritis :- Aged people usually suffer from temporal arteritis. The temporal artery becomes inflamed and it will become tender leading to pulse being lost or faint. There is even loss of appetite and feeling of tenderness in scalp. If it remains untreated for prolonged time then it can adversely affect the blood supply in the eyes and can even damage it.
  1. Cervicogenic headaches :- This pain is usually noticed in specific locations of your body like behind the ear or eyes. It is a band of pain that starts from the temple area and ends behind the ear or eyes. Neck is the main source of pain in this area and it does not have any symptoms of migraine. Cervicogenic headaches occur due to prolonged airplane or car travel, sleeping in an awkward position and sitting in the same position for hours.
  1. SUNCT :- Paroxysmal hemicrania or SUNCT affects the eyes and causes burning sensation or piercing pain in the temple area. It is usually a short lived episode.
  1. Carotid artery dissection :- Carotid artery dissection is a continuous pain and can stay for even few number of days and nights. The pain centralizes in the forehead and can lead to falling of eyelids and blurring of vision. It might even lead to losing of eye sight in some cases.
  1. Craniotomy :- It is a surgical procedure in which the skull is opened for surgery. Temporal brain is taken out of the skull and then treated and screwed back. Headaches are quite common after such surgeries but it might even subside after few months or surgery.

Remedies for left temple headache

  1. Pain relieving methods :-  Sometimes headaches can turn out to be severe. Several medicines are available over the counter such as such ibuprofen and acetaminophen which are quite helpful in treating them. These medications have several side effects so make sure you do not take them regularly. If you are under some other medications do consult a doctor before taking these medicines. Get your head and back massaged. This can make you feel relaxed.

Video: 4 Massage Techniques for Headaches

  1. Reduce the risk of its occurrence :- Healthy diet is one way to keep the headaches under control. Eating well will improve your cardiovascular health and in turn prevent headaches. Unhealthy eating will clog the blood vessels, increase cholesterol and such other problems. Make sure you stay well hydrated daily. Dehydration shrinks your brain leading to temple headaches. Try to improve your blood flow by exercising and walking daily. You can even go for intense exercise 3 to 4 times a week but do consult a doctor before starting it. Very often it has been noticed that these headaches go away after a peaceful sleep. So try to get a decent amount of sleep daily. It is advisable to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours daily to keep yourself healthy. Having a peaceful nap plays a very important role to keep you away from unwanted temple headaches.
  1. Cold water shower :- Often cold water shower can even help you get rid of temple headaches. This is not a permanent way to get rid of such pain but it sometimes surely helps if the pain not so intense.

Temple Headaches comes in many forms. It might affect either the left or the right temple or both. It can last for few seconds or even for few days. Consulting a doctor is the best way of knowing the reason of the occurrence of left temple headache. It is always advisable to consult a doctor to avoid any permanent damage later. Temple headaches are a band of pressure around the head and you might even feel the pain all around the head. Few ways to get relief from them are getting a sound sleep, cold water bath, medicines such as ibuprofen and gentle massaging. There are even few home remedies to get rid of pain such as eating almonds, a spoonful of honey, ginger tea, caffeine, foot massage, head massage, headband, oiling your hair, stretching your neck and many more. Distracting yourself will even help you to get rid of the same.

Headache above the Right Eye

Headache above the Right Eye

Usually a headache would signify towards a serious health trouble that is underlying in nature and the reason for its occurrence may be known or unknown. If you are experiencing headache above the right eye chances are that it indicates an underlying nerve problem especially in and around the eye area. The pain may exist owing to different factors too such as impaired blood vessels, infections, intracranial pressure and such. In cases as such, it is for the best if you contact your medical assistance and get immediate diagnosis and treatment done.

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Headache above the Right Eye

Usually headache above right eye is usually called by the eye itself where disorders of the eye can cause the pain to occur. Some of the conditions that can be guessed at this situation are- wound, infection in the eye, glaucoma symptoms, inflammation of the conjunctiva or simply an irritation. The sinus or the allergy on acting up too can cause a painful sensation right above the eye.

Enlisted below are some of the common causes that may cause headache above the right eye:

  1. Cluster Headache :- Cluster headaches can be deemed a reason. However, they appear over a common area around the forehead and the head which includes the space covering right eye and above. The condition comes with excruciating pricking pain that is sharp and sudden in nature. These shooting pain conditions usually appear and reappear several times in a day or week and can even last till months. As said by the National Institutes of Health, this type of headache usually prefers men over women and therefore attacks men mostly. Even though the exact cause is not determined the guess says it has something to do with regulation of the hormones serotonin and histamine.  Certain medications, food items, alcohol, cigarettes, blinding lights or heat are some of the trigger agents for this condition.
  1. Migraine :- Constant stagnant headache above right eye may also signify towards a migraine attack. If this symptom is ignored for too long, the consequences may cause the nerve to dysfunction which is why apt treatment is advised. Some of the other symptoms for it are numbness, vomiting, nausea or confusion.

Given below is a video on how to get rid of migraine pains at home without much hassle.

  1. Sinus Infection Headache :- There are cavities present within our skull which is located quite nearby to our eyes and goes by the name sinus. When these cavities get infected by viruses or certain microorganisms they may stir up a headache which may extend towards the eye as well.

Usually a pain fueled by sinus would be felt on either side of the face, especially stronger around the eye or the cheekbone areas. If you are in a cool environment, the pain can experience a boost. Warm compress or heating pads therefore are used to contain the pain. Ibuprofen or Tylenol can be used as medical drugs to contain the situation.

Here is video with some more remedies

  1. Glaucoma :- Glaucoma pain occurs when the eye experiences an extreme case of pressure or strain. Aqueous humor rather known as the eye fluid can be blamed for this situation when the pain arises due to a condition where the eye fluid experiences hindrance in draining owing to the pressure of the iris backing up against the lens or due to some blockage. However, the exact definitive cause for glaucoma to arise has still not been confirmed.
  1. Blood Vessel Disorders :- Disorder in the nerves that connects the eye of the blood vessels nearby can also be blamed for headache above the right eye. Often the temporal artery located at the side of the head nearby to the eye may experience an inflammation where the condition is simply called temporal arteritis or giant cell arteritis. On the other hand, an aneurysm can be defined as dilation of a vessel due to the weakening of the blood vessel walls. If the dilation occurs near the nerves of the eyes it would naturally stir up a painful situation since the enlarged blood vessel now is causing a pressure situation. The blood vessel on dilating to its maximum may rupture causing a medical emergency situation to occur.
  1. Increased Skull Pressure :- Usually intracranial pressure would cause an all rounder headache situation but often it focuses or targets only parts of the head, especially the areas near the eyes. Abnormal growths or any sort of internal bleeding condition within the skull inside the head will add on to the pressure or strain since the skull is usually enclosed in a confined space. Meningioma, an abnormal tumor growth inside the meninges or brain covering can be some of the examples.
  1. Other Causes :- Headache above right eye can be caused by certain other factors as well. These may be irritation, conjunctiva inflammation, internal pain, allergy and injuries etc. make sure you book an appointment at the nearest date possible and get medical attention at the speediest rate.

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Headache above the Right Eye – Medical assistance and Additional tips

According to the experts on experiencing a painful condition arise in your right eye or any other area as a matter of fact one should make a doctor’s visit the first priority. This would prevent complications or chronic conditions from setting in.

The diagnose or the symptoms usually vary from person to person or from conditions to conditions which makes it difficult for you to build up a conclusion based  on why the headache above the right eye has occurred. Instead of playing a guess game, the best thing to do is consult a healthcare professional. The doctor can identify diagnose and treat the underlying cause of the pain. He may even prescribe some methods or medications that would assist you in keeping the pain within limits.

  • Precaution is always better than cure and therefore one need to be conscientious at situation like this. Always look out for complications and never keep your problems untreated or undiagnosed.
  • Self assessment of the situation, self medication and guessing the cause of the pain is completely the wrong way to go about it.
  • Consult and abide by the doctor’s guidelines.

Look out for this video for more information on how to help yourself from headaches:

Waking up with a Headache

Waking up with a Headache

Waking up with a headache is quite a common problem these days. There is a link between sleep disorders and headache. It has been noticed that headache sufferers usually have a great problem of sleep disorders. Inaccurate sleep or late sleeping are two main important reasons of people waking up with a headache. Headache has many types such as cerebrovascular disease, infection of head, functional nervous disorder, neck sympathetic syndrome or migraine with atopic features. Treatment of headaches depends upon the reason for its occurrence. Some headaches are quite chronic and might need doctor consultation. Having a restful sleep can help you in improving these headaches.

Causes of Waking Up With a Headache

  1. Headache is stressful :- Stressful headaches are also common as muscle contraction headaches and psychological headache. This type of headache is frequent among middle aged female than male. In this type of headaches people often suffer with pain in the sides starting from the occipital side. People with depression or anxiousness also suffer from the same. This is one of the major reasons of waking up with a headache.
  1. Systematic headaches :- This type of headache is mostly noticed in middle aged men who are regular smokers. It occurs after 1 to 3 hours of sleep and then awakening with severe headache. This pain can occur continuously and may even last for a number of days.
  1. Migraine :- There are two types of migraine generally noticed :
    1. Migraine with warning symptoms – Migraine with warning symptoms gradually develop in 5 – 20 minutes and usually last for less than 60 minutes. This is followed by nausea, headache and photophobia.
    2. Migraine without warning symptoms – In this type the pain starts slowly and then becomes severe in some time. It is frequent during the morning after waking up and sometimes at night and hardly occurs during the daytime. It starts with the pain in the sides and gradually spreads to the skull and then to the face. It is often accompanied by vomiting, nausea, hypertension and bradycardia. It usually lasts for about few hours but often extends to few days and leaves with a soreness feeling in the head.
  1. Sleep disorders :- It is advisable that a person must sleep at least 7 to 8 hours daily. Sleep disorders are the most frequent and common problem of waking up with headaches. Nightmares, periodic leg movements, sleep apneas, noise, teeth grinding and medications are few reasons with can hamper your restful sleep. Nightmares usually keep people awake almost the whole night. You get a feeling of half awake and half asleep. Frequent nightmares have a bad effect on sleep and people might fear to sleep as the nightmare might occur again and scare them. Awaking in the middle of the night hampers sleep badly and all possible steps must be taken to avoid the same.
  1. Sinusitis :- Sinusitis causes insomnia, high fever, headaches, nostril discharge, wrestling, pus odor, pus mucus, etc.
  1. Diabetes and blood pressure :- There is a link between obesity, diabetes with insomnia and hormonal disorders. In addition to this even few sleep journals have indicated the relationship of sleep with heart diseases, high blood pressure and the most common is depression. People suffering from hypertension are the most common ones suffering from the problem or sleepless nights and thus waking up with severe headaches which may even last for few days.
  1. Dehydration :- Dehydration is often caused by insomnia and in turn will wake you up with headaches. Drinking enough water daily will not only quench your thirst but will also help you filtering your body waste and is better for your kidneys. You can even have cold water at times because it can help you to increase euphoria and will keep you alert.
  1. Medication overuse :- Once you are addicted to sleeping pills sleeping without its intake becomes difficult. Overdose of these pills can cause headaches, loss of concentration and fatigue.

Relief From Waking Up With a Headache

Few ways to get relief from morning headaches are listed below –

  1. Resting : – Resting does not mean that you sleep for hours and hours both in the day and night. It basically means to have a restful sleep. If you are too stressful try taking a short nap or listen to music or think about something else. Stay away from computer, television, texting in bed and reading. Also sleep in a place which is quite and does not contain any smell of strong perfumes. Avoid chewing gum and smoking before sleeping.
  2. Massage :- Massage is one thing which people usually never refuse. Massaging reduces the physical pain leaving behind a relaxing and pleasant feel. This method to relax is excellent for people working in office, having a habit of reading for long hours and suffering from fatigue. You can even use advanced massaging techniques to get the desired result. Head massage machines are widely available in the market these days which creates vibrations and provides massage and even improves circulation in neck and head. These machines provide massage as per your requirement and tolerance level ranging from high intensity to low intensity. If you feel that your head is paining just after waking up you can even use your hands to massage your forehead slowly.
  3. Drinking ample of water :- Drinking plenty of water will not only make you healthy but will also prevent headaches from occurring. Dehydration is also known to cause headaches so make sure you keep your body hydrated always.
  4. Taking a cold shower :- Headache is also caused due to dilated blood vessels. This pain can be reduced if exposed to cold water. Vasoconstriction is facilitated by cold water bath. Bathing helps you feel relaxed and will limit the headache triggers. You can even go for walks, jogging, biking and meditation to get relief from pain. Even these are sometimes effective.

It has been noticed that nearly half of the headaches are seen between 4 AM to 9 AM. Allow yourself to have a restful sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours daily. Both sleep loss and oversleeping triggers headaches. Hence accurate sleeping is important to avoid waking up with headaches. Change your daily routine and opt a healthy sleeping habit. This will surely help the person affected by morning headaches. Few ways to maintain a healthy sleeping habit are –

  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time.
  • Try to sleep for 7 to 8 hours daily
  • Create a quite, dark and optimal sleeping space for yourself
  • Avoid alcohol, nicotine and caffeine
  • Avoid watching television, reading or texting in bed.

You can even go for a nice head massage or cold shower to relieve your pain. It is advisable to prevent headaches rather than treating them after they occur. Develop healthy habits to stay healthy. This is the best way to keep yourself away from waking up with a headache and you can also watch this video to get more information on Headache you wake up with