Headache above the Right Eye

Headache above the Right Eye

Usually a headache would signify towards a serious health trouble that is underlying in nature and the reason for its occurrence may be known or unknown. If you are experiencing headache above the right eye chances are that it indicates an underlying nerve problem especially in and around the eye area. The pain may exist owing to different factors too such as impaired blood vessels, infections, intracranial pressure and such. In cases as such, it is for the best if you contact your medical assistance and get immediate diagnosis and treatment done.

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Headache above the Right Eye

Usually headache above right eye is usually called by the eye itself where disorders of the eye can cause the pain to occur. Some of the conditions that can be guessed at this situation are- wound, infection in the eye, glaucoma symptoms, inflammation of the conjunctiva or simply an irritation. The sinus or the allergy on acting up too can cause a painful sensation right above the eye.

Enlisted below are some of the common causes that may cause headache above the right eye:

  1. Cluster Headache :- Cluster headaches can be deemed a reason. However, they appear over a common area around the forehead and the head which includes the space covering right eye and above. The condition comes with excruciating pricking pain that is sharp and sudden in nature. These shooting pain conditions usually appear and reappear several times in a day or week and can even last till months. As said by the National Institutes of Health, this type of headache usually prefers men over women and therefore attacks men mostly. Even though the exact cause is not determined the guess says it has something to do with regulation of the hormones serotonin and histamine.  Certain medications, food items, alcohol, cigarettes, blinding lights or heat are some of the trigger agents for this condition.
  1. Migraine :- Constant stagnant headache above right eye may also signify towards a migraine attack. If this symptom is ignored for too long, the consequences may cause the nerve to dysfunction which is why apt treatment is advised. Some of the other symptoms for it are numbness, vomiting, nausea or confusion.

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  1. Sinus Infection Headache :- There are cavities present within our skull which is located quite nearby to our eyes and goes by the name sinus. When these cavities get infected by viruses or certain microorganisms they may stir up a headache which may extend towards the eye as well.

Usually a pain fueled by sinus would be felt on either side of the face, especially stronger around the eye or the cheekbone areas. If you are in a cool environment, the pain can experience a boost. Warm compress or heating pads therefore are used to contain the pain. Ibuprofen or Tylenol can be used as medical drugs to contain the situation.

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  1. Glaucoma :- Glaucoma pain occurs when the eye experiences an extreme case of pressure or strain. Aqueous humor rather known as the eye fluid can be blamed for this situation when the pain arises due to a condition where the eye fluid experiences hindrance in draining owing to the pressure of the iris backing up against the lens or due to some blockage. However, the exact definitive cause for glaucoma to arise has still not been confirmed.
  1. Blood Vessel Disorders :- Disorder in the nerves that connects the eye of the blood vessels nearby can also be blamed for headache above the right eye. Often the temporal artery located at the side of the head nearby to the eye may experience an inflammation where the condition is simply called temporal arteritis or giant cell arteritis. On the other hand, an aneurysm can be defined as dilation of a vessel due to the weakening of the blood vessel walls. If the dilation occurs near the nerves of the eyes it would naturally stir up a painful situation since the enlarged blood vessel now is causing a pressure situation. The blood vessel on dilating to its maximum may rupture causing a medical emergency situation to occur.
  1. Increased Skull Pressure :- Usually intracranial pressure would cause an all rounder headache situation but often it focuses or targets only parts of the head, especially the areas near the eyes. Abnormal growths or any sort of internal bleeding condition within the skull inside the head will add on to the pressure or strain since the skull is usually enclosed in a confined space. Meningioma, an abnormal tumor growth inside the meninges or brain covering can be some of the examples.
  1. Other Causes :- Headache above right eye can be caused by certain other factors as well. These may be irritation, conjunctiva inflammation, internal pain, allergy and injuries etc. make sure you book an appointment at the nearest date possible and get medical attention at the speediest rate.

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Headache above the Right Eye – Medical assistance and Additional tips

According to the experts on experiencing a painful condition arise in your right eye or any other area as a matter of fact one should make a doctor’s visit the first priority. This would prevent complications or chronic conditions from setting in.

The diagnose or the symptoms usually vary from person to person or from conditions to conditions which makes it difficult for you to build up a conclusion based  on why the headache above the right eye has occurred. Instead of playing a guess game, the best thing to do is consult a healthcare professional. The doctor can identify diagnose and treat the underlying cause of the pain. He may even prescribe some methods or medications that would assist you in keeping the pain within limits.

  • Precaution is always better than cure and therefore one need to be conscientious at situation like this. Always look out for complications and never keep your problems untreated or undiagnosed.
  • Self assessment of the situation, self medication and guessing the cause of the pain is completely the wrong way to go about it.
  • Consult and abide by the doctor’s guidelines.

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