GM Diet: General Motors Diet

gm diet

What is General Motors Diet or GM Diet

The General Motors (GM) Diet is a diet that targets at losing weight quickly by monitoring what you eat. The diet was initially aimed for the employees of General Motors but this is no longer true. The diet quickly became popular all over the world as it helps the obese patients to lose weight immediately.

It is a seven day diet program where you have to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, particularly in the initial two-three days. On day four, you are allowed to eat protein food like beef and tomatoes.

You can also have tea and coffee but in moderation. However you are not allowed to have aerated and sugared drinks like cola. It suggests you to increase your fiber intake. The most important of all is, however, water intake. It is very important to consume ample amount of water while you are on the diet.

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How Does The GM Diet Work?

The GM Diet may sound a little cruel to you but if you follow it religiously for the first two days then it will become easy for you to follow it. You will learn how to suppress your urge so as to not break the diet program. But before starting this diet plan, it is very important to consult your doctor.

Take a look at the day wise chart of the plan:

7 Days GM Diet plan

Day 1: You can only consume fruits on this day. You can choose from a wide range of fruits like melon, watermelon, apples, lime, pomegranate, strawberries, etc. However, you are not allowed to eat bananas, mangoes, litchi and grapes. There is no restriction on the quantity of fruits you wish to have and the number of times you are eating.

Day 2: Munch only on vegetables today. Begin your day with a boiled potato. It can be consumed with one small spoon of butter. Consume only raw, boiled or cooked vegetable for the rest of the day. You should not use oil while cooking. Vegetables like cabbage, cucumber, carrot and other vegetables can be eaten throughout the day until your stomach is full. Don’t forget to add seasoning like basil and oregano to your vegetables to help them taste better. If you win your battle today, then half of your job is done. But remember not to consume more than one potato on day two.

Day 3: Day 3 is a mixture of day 1 and day 2. You are allowed to have both fruits and vegetables on day 3. You can choose from any of your favorite fruits and vegetables except potato and banana. You should drink ample amount of water throughout the seven days of GM Diet. Eat to your heart’s content.

Day 4:Day 4 makes it slightly easier for you. If you are a fan of bananas, then is a delight for you! You have the freedom to have as many as six bananas and up to four glasses of milk on day 4. Your salt intake has reduced considerably during the GM Diet so bananas acts as a source of sodium and potassium for your body. Hence, eating bananas will not lead to weight gain. You are also allowed to have the delicious vegetable soup on this day. Such a relief!

Recipe of Vegetable Soup: You can prepare the soup by taking water, chicken soup stock, 6 large onions, fresh or canned tomatoes, 2 green pepper, 1 cabbage, 1 bunch of celery and garlic cloves. Boil all the ingredients and puree them. Add the herbs and seasoning. Bring to boil. The soup is ready.

Day 5: Come Day 5, you can eat six large tomatoes and ten oz. helpings of beef. You can consume the beef in the form of patties. It is important to consume all the tomatoes while you can skip portions of beef. The tomatoes will provide fiber to your body while the beef will provide your body with iron and protein. It is also important to increase your water intake today to help your body clean the formation of uric acid produced by the consumption of beef.

Day 6: Similar to day 5. You can have almost everything that you consumed on day 5 except tomatoes. Substitute tomatoes with other vegetables. You are still allowed to have the GM wonder soup.

Day 7: Finally you have come towards the end of your diet period. You must be feeling proud and happy. You can have a bowl of brown rice, fruit juice, and any of your favourite vegetable.

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Points to Be Noted:

  • It is important to drink around 12 to 15 glasses of water every day during the seven day GM Diet.
  • Should not consume any fruit juice (except day 7), tea, coffee or alcohol.
  • You can consume black tea, black coffee, and lime water (without sugar).
  • Exercising for around 45 minutes on the alternative days of the diet results in faster weight loss. 

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Benefits of GM Diet i.e General Motor Diet

The main advantage of GM diet is that it helps to achieve good health and fitness. It not only reduces your weight but improves your confidence level to continue the diet further. There are many advantages of GM Diet.

  1. It improves the digestive system of the body and gives you more energy which is important to stay healthy.
  2. The GM diet helps you to lose around 10 to 17 lbs. after the diet period. This also help in treating obesity problem. After losing weight, you become healthier and can bring your body back to shape.
  3. You can lose about 2 pound daily but it depends upon the fruits and vegetables that you are taking. The water based fruits like water melon is more beneficial to lose weight.
  4. It reduces the extra weight from the tummy area and adds natural glow to the skin.
  5. The GM Diet also helps you to get rid of the body toxins and hence you make feel lighter and happier.

Why you should not go for GM Diet?

The GM diet is also called a fad diet because you have to maintain a strict diet to lose weight rapidly. But once you are off the diet, you tend to gain weight again. These diets are not beneficial for people having a history of health problems or for pregnant women. It is always advisable to consult a doctor before you start GM Diet as you might face some side effects. Fad diet can become a reason for nutritional deficiencies in your body and GM Diet is not an exception. Nutritional deficiencies can lead to long term problems because the weight loss is not permanent.


If you are worried about growing weight and wish to reduce weight quickly, then the seven day GM Diet is best for you. It is a little hard but this diet is the quickest way to reduce weight in a healthy way. However, after your diet gets over, do not over eat as you may gain weight again. To lose more weight start the seven day GM Diet again after a gap of around 3 to 4 days.