Foods high in sulfur

Foods high in sulfur

Sulfur is a mineral required by every human body to build vitamins and amino acids. Sulfur is required for healthy development of skin, nerve cells, bones and other tissues. Sulfur is also required to keep joints and liver healthy, to maintain cardiovascular health and to prevent cancer from occurring. Several foods are rich in sulfur and you are not required to struggle to get the same. Sulfur is required to glutathione and taurine synthesis which is a premier endogenous antioxidant. Taurine is required for proper functioning of muscles, nervous system and cardiovascular system. Insulin is an essential element for living and is developed from the binding of two chains of amino acids done by sulfur. List of foods high in sulfur are mentioned below.

Health benefits of Foods High in Sulfur

Researchers have concluded the following health benefits of sulfur rich food –

  1. Cardiovascular benefits :- A study in Germany in the year 2008 indicated how important sulfur is for cardiovascular health. These researchers believe that sulfoxides and allyl sulfides usually occur naturally in sulfur rich food and act as a natural anticoagulant and will also help you reduce cholesterol levels.
  1. Relieving joint pain :- A sulfur compound commonly known as MSM found naturally in vegetables. This is a basic ingredient of supplements for skin and joint available over the counter. Although there are no scientific evidences available to prove the statement yet some believe that sulfur compound can help in relieving the pain in joints and get rid of allergies. Even our skin and nail get benefited by MSM.
  1. Liver cleansing and anti cancer functions :- Sulfur is known to fight cancer by increasing the immunity in the body and stopping the growth of tumors. Sulfur even helps to flush out the toxins present in the liver that usually have a tendency of accumulating in the organ which might affect adversely.
  1. Antioxidant benefits :- Sulfur is an excellent antioxidant. Antioxidants usually slow down the absorption of metals like lead which can cause skin damage and cancer. Antioxidants work inside the cells of one’s body and may even have cancer preventing properties.
  1. Other benefits :- Other benefits of food high in sulfur include acting as an antiseptic to fight acne and different types of skin infections. Sulfur has always helped to get good and glowing skin. Sulphur is also required to make keratin which is required for healthy growth of hair. Try consuming food high in sulfur to get rid of dandruff and flaky scalp.

List of Foods High in Sulfur

Almost all the food groups contain certain foods that are rich in sulfur. People are usually deficient in this mineral and the list of fruits and vegetables rich in sulfur are –

  1. Vegetables :- Vegetables containing sulfur in high proportions are known as edamame. Vegetables containing high amount of sulfur include sweet corn, peas, broccoli, mustard greens, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, cabbage, kale, okra, asparagus, eggplant, lettuce, kohlrabi, bamboo and spinach.
  1. Onion and garlic :- Seasoning favorites such as onion, garlic, chive, shallots and leeks these foods are known to contain high amount of sulfur compounds like sulfoxides, allyl sulfides which might increase cardiac health and help in repairing tissues in joints. Onion and garlic are known to be best source of sulfur which can help to prevent cancer.
  1. Meat :- In most of the cases sulfur usually come from proteins rich foods like meat. Guinea fowl, most fish, whale, goat, pork, turkey chicken, beef and rabbit meat are rich in sulfur. For a healthy adult requiring adequate protein intake need two servings of any meat providing enough sulfur. Universities in Maryland do not recommend sulfur supplements to its patients rather they insist on balanced diet.
  1. Eggs :- Eggs are one of the well known food high in sulfur. Whole quail eggs are known to provide sulfur equal to the amount provided by consuming meat. Usually yolks of the egg are rich in sulfur. Egg yolks contain fats so make sure you consult your doctor before consuming the same. Eggs are not healthy for a person suffering from high cholesterol and heart disease. Consuming eggs might worsen the condition rather than solving the same.
  1. Fruits :- Fruits such as avocado, kiwi, pineapple, bananas, melons, grapes, oranges, grape fruit, peaches and strawberries are highly rich in sulfur. Consuming these fruits will surely help you in gaining this mineral.
  1. Other sources :- Other foods that are rich in sulfur include milk products, chocolates, milk, tea, sesame seeds, grains and cashew nuts, pistachios, peanuts and other types of nuts.

While eating sulfur rich food try to get used to bitterness. Bitterness might indicate in some cases that you are consuming interesting compounds. Try to enjoy the crispness of slightly cooked foods like sprouts, broccoli’s etc. Make a proper diet chart and include food rich in different types of proteins. Try to include different types of foods rich in sulfur in your diet chart daily. You might not like the taste but slowly you will get used to it and develop the taste.

Considerations of Eating Foods High in Sulfur 

  1. Do not store the food for long time :- Storing vegetables and fruits for long time will reduce the MSM content in foods. Fresh and raw fruits and vegetables contain more minerals than the non fresh ones. Milk, milk products and nuts must also be consumed fresh.
  1. Be careful while cooking :- One must be careful while cooking. Heat can destroy the sulfur content in fruits and vegetables so cook your food carefully. Meat is usually cooked to wipe out the micro organisms present in it. Even after cooking meat remains rich in sulfur because it contains enough amino acids which can help you to get plenty of sulfur.
  1. Mind the side effects of sulfur :- Excess consumption of sulfur has adverse affects. These include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation and headaches. If eating foods high in sulfur causes such symptoms then stop consuming such food immediately. You should even consult your health care provider to get the best advice.