Factors Affecting Child Development

Factors Affecting Child Development

Child development is an important stage that every people need to go through this period. This is an attitude developing stage under which a child is trained to learn the way of treating with someone else. Moreover, they are given the lesson of the walk, talk, sit and other basic necessary approaches they need to conduct in their daily life. The five major developing areas in the age of childhood are revised here under this section.

  1. Emotional and social development.
  2. Development on the section of language or speech.
  3. Cognitive development
  4. Development of gross motor skill
  5. Development of fine motor skill

This development under the process of child growth is important as it builds the platform for your child to learn the behavior according to the social rule. It emerges the effect on whole life and it is not by default. This kind of biological and psychological development of your child is going to prolong the mental fitness and is generally introduced in the initial five years of life. It depends on the social ambiance; the child is living and on the interaction is made with him or her as well. A recent survey has shown that over the count of 200 million children on this growing stage fails to meet the required training of awareness mental action and cognitive potential. In order to make your children suitable for struggling and for surviving in this world, you need to take care of the environment of his or her to provide the best flexibility for growth.

Significance of Child Development

Development is a natural phenomenon that occurs during the age of five in the growing children. As much as she or he grows older, starts to grab the cup of mental, emotional, physical, social and biological development. In this regard, the initial five years are treated as the crucial stage and most typical one also. That is why, it is been considered as the foundation of children’s life based on which he or she learns to react in every possible condition such as happiness, health, growth, development, learning ability and much more.

The relevant research on this study has developed the phenomenal rule of providing exact training to the children, how and when according to their need. The very first 3 years are the period when the brain needs to be developed availing the actual structure of the mind. More accurately saying, these three years are the accurate time when a child needs to achieve your attention with the proper process of children training.

Factors Affecting Child Development

  1. Genes and Environment

The development of human brain depends on a comprehensive interaction between the eyesight experience and the body (Genes). This is absolutely a natural way in that a child can develop his or her awareness.

The body is an important part of this training, which will play the vital role according to the environment. It a nature via nurture or nature vs nurture program. What it means actually is that the children development can be fully blamed neither on this genes nor on the environment. However, the children need to be grown up in this same environment. By this above-mentioned factor, it is been granted that both the gene and environment has equal and important participation in the growth of children.

2.Early nutrition

Considering the development of children’s health, nutrition is another essential term that can come out as a large factor in near future. Nevertheless, the good nutrition is not only the factor that plays a role in this health program, but also the different environmental condition and relevant experiences are also similar important in this regard. Moreover, by elaborating the role of factors, it has been found that the intensity and duration of those conditions have a greater impact than that of the term.

Apart from children’s nutrition, parents are also asked to do the same to provide the best health to their children. Furthermore, the activity and well behavior can encourage your children to lead their life from the front.

3.Early Attachment

The effect of relationships is widely seen in the life of your children. Nobody can deny the importance of that, however, some come out as good while others as bad. The bad relationship between the parents can create an adverse impact on the social development of your child.

So many factors in a family are there to be discussed for which children could face a terrible growth. It can make sluggish the development or sometimes can block the process of life building.

It is important for the parents to ensure that the children are on the right track towards the formation of early attachments. However, more importantly, it is important to be prepared to handle all kinds of difficulties along with obstacles, which might otherwise cut the attachments. So more than forming an attachment, it is crucial to hold onto it while also regaining it after it is lost makes a huge difference in the development of the child.

  1. Culture

Culture is extremely important and it acts as influencing factor for the growth of the child. It usually comes from the observation of how his or family and the environment behave. It is imperative that the parents are completely aware what they are showing to the children. It indirectly pushes them towards the customers that are different from their own or simply bad for them.

  1. The Balance of Risk and protective factors

A parent wants to protect the child from each danger whenever they sense the word risk anywhere. This can be extremely harmful to the development of the child as it is formed largely by being exposed to a wide array of protective and risk factors. A child should be naturally allowed to experience risk.

The risks do not only include biological but also psychological and environmental, which further leads to poor and negative outcomes. Protective factors are all the factors, which a child usually develops while responding to the risks.

It is important for the parent to let go while making the child understand what a natural risk is. If this does not take place, then they are at a risk of being overprotective of the children.

  1. Parenting

Parenting is important where certain rules and standards are set out for the children to follow. It is essential for them to know that what is being expected out of them.

However, while there are good programming programs, there are shady programs as well. The shady programs claim to speed up the development of the child by providing more than it can be chewed. This further has an adverse effect on the development of the child, which makes it important to research.

  1. Specialist Services

In some situations, the child is in need of outside help to develop in a proper manner. This, in no way, means that you have not performed your job well or that the child is to be blamed. Some children are in need of special attention, which comprises of children with special needs.

There is a wide array of early intervention programs, which are extremely effective while also being an affordable option.

The implication states here is that the parents need to be aware of the children while getting them the help they need, as they appear to need it. This further increases the chances to recover from any kind of issues without causing any long-term or permanent damage.