Pain behind left eye

Pain Behind Left Eye

While we blame the potent eye problems as the most causes for the pain behind left eye, the usual complain that we hear from a lot of people would tell you about two kinds of eye pain. either it is the constant kind going steady with the pain or the sudden bursts of shooting agony experienced at intervals. one of the symptoms for this is droopiness of eyes along with pupil contraction, stuffed nose, tearing of the eye, sensitivity to light and reddening. Headaches too have been deemed to one of the causes for such pain and for this many home remedies are always available. The treatment for these, however, is based on the cause of the pain.

Reasons for the Pain Behind Left Eye to Occur

the jolts of pain are usually limited for a short duration as the pain behind left eye usually would stick around for a range of about 15 minutes to even 3 hours. These would appear without any warning and move away the same way. The drooping, reddening and tearing eye can be caused by many such reasons like the ones included in the following:


  1. Eye problems

A lot many times, eye problems are sighted to be one of the reasons the pain occurs and at mediocre levels, these can be easily treated without much hindrance. However, at chronic or serious stages, a medical attention should be levied for the eye pain.

problemCause for the pain behind left eye
Drying of eyesDryness of the eye can be one of the causes for the discomfort, itching and stiff pain. These are usually caused by sitting in front of a computer unprotected for too long an hour. Eye drops are always there to fight the dryness whereas resting of the eye is equally important.
Scleritis A swelling or a kind of inflammation that can often be related to the different forms of arthritis and gouts. Usually treated using steroids, the usual symptoms for this include reddening of the area and acute pain.
Orbital inflammatory syndromeEven though the symptoms or the side effects are same as any other eye issue, the diagnosis or treatment for this can only be determined by a CT scan.
Optic neuritisIn this case, the symptoms come and go and are of temporary nature as the main issue is caused by the inflammation of the optic nerve in our eye that causes vision problems and pain. A  good treatment procedure for this is steroids.


  1. Headaches

Headaches form yet another cause for the pain behind the eye and there are different headache types that follow. Usually, these can be a counter residual side effect to medication, but in a case of the serious kind, proper medication is required.


Headache typesCause for the pain behind left eye
migraineAlthough the doctor’s have not given a definitive reason for migraines to occur, the fingers are usually pointed at the blood vessels where the headaches usually grave in nature comes with side effects like nausea and vomiting, lethargy along with sound and light sensitivity.
Cluster headacheUsually localizing a spot on the area, say one side of the head or behind the eye, cluster headaches are dead serious in nature and may cause one of the most serious kinds of headaches. these pain arrives and leaves within a week.
Tension headacheHeadache caused by tension and stress is one of the most common types of headache that appears just about anywhere during a time of extreme mental pressure and not necessarily behind the left eye.
Sinus headacheCaused mainly by sinus infections, the usual place for this would either be the bridge of the nose or the underneath of the eye socket but often the pain may travel to the spot behind the eye as well.
Hormone headacheHead ache behind the eye can also be linked to flatulence of spiking hormones when the hormone level change may result in severe head or eye pain. this is common in cases of pregnancy or menopause when women experience hormonal spikes or drops.


  1. Nerve problems

A condition called cranial nerve palsies is often deemed to be the reason behind a faulty pain in the left eye where this painful experience revolves around constricted blood flow to the eye and in case this occurs, a doctor’s consultation is of paramount importance.

Treatments, Cures & Remedies for Pain Behind Left Eye 

  • Home care techniques

Before you go visit a doctor why not try out some of these home tips for a change.

  • Lifestyle and care: exercises to add strength to your eye muscles are of great help as you are advised to rest your eyes well and eat fairly healthy. A regular checkup once in a while would also do great.
  • Alternate temperature: either you can soak your feet in hot water and your hands in cold or simply alternate the warm and cool compress to elevate headache or eye pain.
  • This exercise: here’s an exercise for you to help. Start by lying down on a hard surface with your hands behind your head. Now locate the base of your skull at the nape of your neck and press the area lightly as you allow your head to fall back as you maintain the position for a while.
  • Health quotient maintenance: eating and drinking healthy always helps you as you try to cut down on the alcohol or smoking which would help you in getting rid of headache. Hydrating yourself fully takes care of pain and headache as well. Cutting down on processed foods or hormonal medications come into the equation as well.
  • Over the counter cures: pain relievers from any nearby medicine or drug store can help you get temporary relief from the headache part. There are OTCs specially manufactured for simple headache or migraine relief like Ibuprofen, Tylenol and other medications.

Here’s a video on quick headache removal during pain behind left eye-


  • Take care of the subduing health

Keep these medical cures handy for the pain behind left eye to easily slide away:

  • Eye checkup: to get rid of the constant eye pain, the best way to go about it is to regularly schedule appointments with your doctor and treat the symptoms in its early stages. The doctor would surely prescribe some treatments that would make this journey easier.
  • Headache cure: Headaches may occur owing to different kinds of problems during pain behind left eye and so once again consult a health care provider who on requirement would prescribe the preferred dose to reduce the intensity of the condition. Then there are people who opt for ancient cures like acupuncture or say massage therapies or biofeedback to get rid of the pain.

Pimple on Eyelid

Pimple on Eyelid

Quite some cases have been documented where there are bumps or rash like pimples that appear on the lid of your eye for example, Milia or Sty. Usually, the end result of these consequences would simply be redness, inflammation of the spot or a tender region where the pimple has occurred. Apart from repeated tearing of the eye, pimple on eyelid may cause uncomfortable feelings, like something being in your eye which is a common symptom and the treatment for these varies according to the conditions.

A quick remedy to get rid of pimple on eyelid

Usually, the how to get rid of pimple on eyelid procedure can easily be treated at home itself. The best instant remedy is to warm compress the area, the eye at least 4 times a day for a good 15-20 minutes. However, make sure the cloth is hygienic and is not too scalding hot. This would allow the pimple to drain itself pressurized by the warmth. At this time do not opt for eye makeup or contact lenses and definitely do not squeeze or try to push the pimple by yourself.

Causes for Pimple on Eyelid and Their Treatments

In the section below, we have enlisted some of the many causes that may be responsible for the pimple on eyelid and their respective treatments are enlisted below as well.

  1. Sty

Reason for occurrence: either assisted by the chronic eye infection or passed on to your eyes by the bacteria in your hand, a sty resembles a reddened pimple that occurs at the edge of the eyelid and is usually quite a painful tearing experience. Once the sty starts to drain, a mild crustiness may appear.

Cure: give the sty a day or three for it to naturally go away but to ease on the pain or the inflammation, use a clean damp cloth as a warm compressor which provides instant relief. Apply it for three to four times a day keeping it there for, say about 15 minutes.  If the swelling doesn’t decrease or rather moves downwards to your cheeks, immediately seek medical attention such as antibiotics.

 Here’s a video on how to treat a sty

2. Milia

Reason for occurrence: often commonly found in newborns, milia is yet another type of pimple on eyelid that at times are not restricted only to the eyelids but possibly also any other parts of the body. these resemble small white or yellow rash like pimples that are actually cysts filled with a natural protein called keratin and doesn’t really cause any harm save a little itching.

Cure: usually mild milia don’t require a cure as they appear and vanish all by themselves.                However, if turned into a chronic condition, dermatological assistance may be required and the treatment for that usually involves either one of these- dermabrasion, laser treatment, cryotherapy, chemical peeling or whatever your dermatologist thinks is best.

Here’s a video on milia

  1. Blepharitis

Reason for occurrence: now even our eyelids produce natural oil or sebum and one of the reasons why Blepharitis arrives is due to the excess production of these natural oils. These are basically inflammations of the hair follicles on the eyelid and are often related to allergies, rosacea, sty, bacterial infection, chalazions and even seborrhea. The usual symptoms for it are itchiness, inflammation, redness and pain.

Cure: warm compress is a must at this time which should be performed more than twice in a day for a period of 15 minutes. Apart from this a no tear baby shampoo too will be of assistance as you can carefully apply the shampoo on the spot after cleaning your eyelid properly and performing the warm compress.

  1. Xanthoma

Reason for occurrence: due to a fatty build-up in and around your eyes, the condition Xanthoma may persist which too is a form of pimple on the eyelid, especially in the older adults. These are usually harmless as there yellow puffy texture is soft on touch and is not painful or malignant in nature. The concern is only shown if they start to obstacle your vision.

Cure: if it had to be any other body part, we can blame the xanthoma on high lipids owing their presence to diabetic or cholesterol conditions. However, for your eyes, Xanthoma may not come with a proper cure and only should be removed if it’s obstructing vision in any kind.

  1. Chalazion

Reason for occurrence: usually these occur or appear after a sty as the sty itself blocks the oil glands on occurrence and a part of that inflammation can be left behind once the sty is gone, something that we call the chalazion. These are caused by the blocking of the oil glands and results in a nodule like structure which is not tender when touched.

Cure: squeezing or poking this pimple on eyelid will not resolve the issue and the best way to treat is to opt for the warm compress along with some gentle massaging so that the soft oils can clear out from the duct. Keep the compress limited to thrice a day and in case it starts to hinder your vision, consult a professional.

  1. Papilloma

Reason for occurrence: A tumor like condition often is seen common amongst the elder people where the papilloma is a non-cancerous tumor that resembles less like a pimple and more like a “skin tag” formed on the eye. However, this does not cause any discomfort or pain.

Cure:  since this is not malignant or cancerous in any nature, usually your health care provider just keeps the condition in check regulating and repeatedly monitoring without any productive treatment unless it begins to obstruct your vision. In that case, the healthcare provider may recommend removing it.

  1. Cysts

Reason for occurrence: Nnow here is a ambiguous cyst that condition that is nothing but a pimple on eyelid that can be accurately described as anything from a sty to chalazion and even a nevus. A blepharitis condition gone chronic or simply contamination through bacteria from your hands may be one of the possible reasons for the occurrence of a cyst. Even blocked eye ducts or a old worn out cosmetics too can be a prominent reason for it. the usual symptoms are pain, tearing, crusting, eye discharge and inflammation and redness.

Cure: cure or treatment for this heavily depends on the nature of the cyst or its formation cause. The usual and most economical care for the cyst would be a warm cloth compress which reduces the pain, inflammation and crusting but apart from it keep a few tips in mind. If its bacterial in nature, keep your hands clean and always get rid of old contaminated cosmetics. It is better if you refrain from using someone else’s eye cosmetic as well.

  1. Rosacea

Reason for occurrence: Usually persistent in fair skinned adults, rosacea in your skin may or may not result in ocular rosacea of the eye. This is basically a swelling or inflammation of the eye with the primary symptoms of its formation being redness, swelling or persistent sties in the eye. Blurring of vision or photophobia may too be a symptom as this causes itchiness, burning, dry and stinging feelings. Alcohol drinking, spicy food, over stress or excess exposure to sunlight may encourage this situation.

Cure: avoiding the triggers are the most important factor as we find out that there is no proper or extensive cure for rasacea except the occasional oral antibiotics or artificial tears. Keeping the lids clean to dodge infection is important too.

  1. Allergy

Allergy to anything, be it a new drug or a new cosmetic or even a preferred set of food is quite a common issue. However, if you are suffering from allergy, chances are that a symptom of the allergy may arrive as a pimple on eyelid which is temporary. If you refrain the allergic substance the pimple should go away by its own.

  1. Similar other reasons

Apart from the ones already mentioned, here is a list of some of the triggers that may cause a pimple on the eyelid. Conjunctivitis, bacterial infections, dermatitis, psoriasis, or over drying of the oil glands may cause a pimple to appear. Also your lifestyle has a toll on your eye as over stress, lack of sleep, or too many greasy intake may cause a pimple to appear.

When Do You Need a Doctor for the Pimple on Eyelid?

On a usual note, the pimple on your eyelid usually goes away on its own, give or take 2-3 days. So doctor’s supervision is only required in the following scenarios:

  • Your eye sight or vision is blocked
  • Even after warm compress, the pimple size or inflammation does not reduce
  • If the entire eyelid is affected or the pimple starts to bleed or gets worse
  • Excessive tear or light sensitivity is heightened
  • Repeated showing up of the pimple even after you’ve recently recovered from one.