What Muscles Do Lunges Work?

what muscles do lunges work

Lunges are normally used as a means to strengthen your buttocks and even the thighs. They are even used as a body weight exercise because at the end of the day you can use this as a means of exercise with the help weights as well to help tone your lower abdomen buttocks, thighs and legs. Varying weights can be used on various scales so as to get the ideal situation that you require when it comes to working out with the help of lunges. Lunges can be done at home with the right knowledge on the matter. To know more on what muscles do lunges work, keep reading-

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What Muscles do Lunges Work?

  1. Muscles on your hips. Lunges work on all the gluteal muscles in the hips working on them in a constant fashion so as to make a better environment for a healthy body in regards to your buttocks and your thighs. Your hips are part of the backbone of your body and give you the strength you need so time must be given in this regard.
  2. Muscles in your thighs. The quads in your thigh are the most used muscles when taking larger steps during a lunge. All four quadriceps are used during smaller lunges to give a better set up of muscle placement in the body.
  3. Abdominal muscles. During a lunge the abdominis muscle is used extensively by the body to help keep the body in position and to maintain the posture and dexterity that is required to help keep the body straight and fit during a lunge.
  4. Lower leg muscles. The soleus muscles that are located in the thigh are the muscles that are generally used when we flex our thigh during a lunge. We also use our heel muscles to keep our body centred when lifting up our feet during a lunge.

Different lunge variations to work on those muscles

Lunges with sliding. Lunges with sliding are the best way to get your body moving so that you can work out in a more orderly fashion. Using the ball of your foot on a paper plate or disk put your weight on your right leg and perform at least 8 to 10 reps of these lunges. Slide your leg up and down in an orderly fashion to gain momentum but without causing any strain on your body

Barbell Lunges. This is normally done with medium weight barbell that is placed on a meaty area of your shoulder. It is necessary to use a shoulder cover if necessary. Place your right leg at the back with the knee facing the floor and the left leg in the front and move your knee downward without touching the floor it can take some getting used to. Barbell lunges are not necessarily easy and would require strong upper body strength so it is advised that you first practise normal lunges before moving into this one.

Side Lunges.  This exercise requires you to step out to the side with your right foot and put your toes to a point facing forward. After that put all your pressure onto the heel of your right foot and lunge forward putting all the strain on the back of your legs which are primarily the gluts. Do this for about 12 to 15 reps and use your right heel to push yourself back up to do this exercise successfully.

Split Squats. To do this exercise successfully set up a platform of 3 blocks in front of you and place your left legs with toes facing forward on the blocks and the right leg on the ground. With as much force as you can muster lunge forward putting pressure on your left legs and using the blocks as support. Use your right legs and heels to return back into position. Do this exercise 10 to 16 times in reps to help give you an idea as to what muscles do lunges work.

Sliding Side Lunges. Sliding side lunges are very similar to the original side lunges with the only difference that you have to add a good amount of sliding when doing this exercise. It works on your gluts and your abdominal muscles really well to set you up with the best all round workout for your thighs and buttocks giving you a very ideal idea of what muscles do lunges work.

Low Lunges. Low lunges are comparatively easier to do though it does involve some amount of weight lifting as well which can turn out to be tedious at times. But if you are used to the exercise then it can be a lot easier for you to do. Low lunges give you a very ideal idea as to what muscles do lunges work because low lunges actually work on all areas of the abdomen covering all aspects of your buttocks and your thighs..

One-Leg Lunge with Reach. Place your left leg in front and put your entire pressure on it so that your body is resting with most its weight on your left left leg and lung backward. This puts pressure on your thigh muscles to a great extent and allows you to actually build up on your buttocks strength as well giving you a very avid example of exactly what muscles do lunges work so that you have an overall idea when going in. But stay safe because lunging can be a very strenuous exercise.

Lunge Deadlifts. Lunge deadlifts are for people who have already associated themselves with lunges for a long time and know the ins and outs of the entire situation. Lunge deadlifts involve a lot of hard work but give you the best results in this regard because they provide a complete environment where people can work on both their buttocks and their thighs in the most appropriate manner so as to fully understand the whole situation when it comes to lunges. It is the best to do 15 to 20 reps of this exercise and try not to over exert yourself but give your body the tension it needs to grow.

Cautions for Doing Lunges

In order to get what you want out of your lunges do the following:

  • By performing a lunge properly you are not putting excess strain on your joints.It is always better to keep your body straight, and your chin held high for the best result. Keep your back relaxed and look at a point in front of you to help maintain focus and keep you well within sight of the situation.
  • It is always better to step with one leg forward and your knees facing a 90 degree angle.It is better to follow this because otherwise it would put pressure on your legs and your core as well making it a useless exercise. It is better to follow this because it would otherwise hurt you physically.

How Many Squats a Day Should I Do?

How Many Squats a Day Should I Do

If you wish to strengthen your thigh, calf and buttocks muscles, squats are a great way to achieve it. Squatting is an all around way to strengthen the lower half of the body, the bones and ligaments in that area and even the supplementary tendons. The people suffering from back pain and knee joint pain are advised NOT to perform squats. Squatting is a weight training and thus it is advisable to know the right posture and method to perform the exercise, else the effect could be dangerous. How Many Squats a Day Should I Do is what we answer here-How Many Squats a Day Should I Do?

Three sets of 10-15 sqats a day, and repeated 3 days a week is optimal for resistance training. The days should not be consecutive, so that your body gets necessary intervals and rest. You can add weights if you have been exercising for a while. But if you are a beginner, using weights in the starting days is not advisable.

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How Should I Do Squats?

How Many Squats a Day Should I Do is an important question but so is how do I do the squats. As in any other exercise, you should keep your focus on your breathing techniques. Keeping that in mind, step wise guidelines to achieve a perfect squat are given below:

1.Bodyweight Squats


  1. Stand straight and spread your legs, just slightly wider than your shoulders.
  2. Lift your arms in front, keeping them straight and shoulder wide, so that they are parallel to the floor
  • Inhale deeply and hold.
  1. Keeping your back, shoulders, and chest straight, slowly move the hips behind and bend your knees.
  2. Keep going down until your hips are a few inches below your knees.
  3. Push back up, slowly exhaling, keeping all the pressure on legs.
  • Put the legs back together

Adding Weight Squats

If you have introduced exercise in your routine, you should avoid using weight until you have achieved the perfect stance and can do them properly without straining your muscles.

The people who have already gained some strength with regular practice can add some weight to increase the effect of squat. This is equally imperail to know as it is to know How Many Squats a Day Should I Do.

Goblet Squat

In a goblet squat, a dumbbell or a medicine ball or a kettlebell, is held close to your chest with both hands as you perform the bodyweight squat, outlined above. While going down slowly bring your elbows between your knees. This helps the beginners to achieve a better body posture. A common mistake the beginners make is an awkward leaning in the front. With the help of this type of squat, this can be rectified.

Back Squats

For back squats you need bar bells, it is advised to first train under an expert to do this type of exercise initially to avoid any kind of self injury to your muscles. It is a lot harder then it may seem.

The weight of the barbell will be taken by the upper or lower back, whichever is easy for you, and your elbows will be pointing to the ground. The arms should be in front and in same line as of your shoulder. The barbell should be centrally placed so that neither there is too much weight on any single side, nor the pressure is on the hips. The weight should be equally balanced.

Control in breathing as in bodyweight squatting has to be maintained.

Front Squat

After continuous and regular practising of the other squats, and becoming experienced and strong, you can head up to this kind of squat. The barbell is in the front and its weight is on the collar bones, thus it needs more flexibility, focus, strength and confidence.

In a front squat, hold your barbell on your collar bones, with your finger tips, while your elbows point outwards. The upper arms should be parallel the floor.holding the weight with just your fingertips may seem unstable and risky, but as long as your arms are straight and erect, the barbell will stay in its position. The arms should be extending straight out from the shoulders, so that the barbell gets the edge of the shoulder blade.

Tips for Doing Squats

  • Warm Up .Warming up is an essential part, of any exercise regime. It helps to prevent any type of muscle injury due to sudden movements or pressure on the muscles suddenly. warming up includes stretching which helps to loosen up the muscles so that the squats are performed fluidly. Glute bridge is one of the best warming up exercise for squatting as it will open up the hip muscles and make the going down lower easy.
  • If the squats are deep, they engage more muscles. But a lower squat is not easy in the beginning. By keeping your stance wide, you can achieve it. The lower the squat, the more effective it is. But keep in mind to keep the posture correct, that is, keeping the back, shoulder, neck and chest straight.
  • One should focus on the position of the knees while doing a squat. The knees should not go out of the line with the ankles. To achieve it, the toes should be kept in an angle, about 5-20 degrees. This will help in keeping the position of the knees intact, avoid injuries, and also achieve a better squat.
  • The body weight should be focused on the heels rather than on the toes. As the toes are not strong enough to hold the whole body weight, it will be injured or strained. Keeping the weight on heels will help in achieving a perfect stance for a perfect squat. It also helps in keeping the body straight and erect.
  • While carrying weight, going down is a crucial aspect of squatting.  While descending a slow and steady pace should be kept, and a straight posture should be maintained, to avoid any straining in muscles. Descend should not be too fast, as it will cause injury. Standing back up quickly, is not an issue though, if the back, neck, shoulders and chest are in perfect alignment.

This helps you know the answer to- How Many Squats a Day Should I Do?

How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days

Losing 10 pounds within 10 days is indeed a difficult job. Even so, this is not impossible as you have to burn around 35,000 calories in a matter of two weeks or less. The smartest approach for it is to work with a combination of healthy diets backed by ample exercise and a little help from the health supplements. This combination of three allows you to burn calories proficiently. This would then assist you in your weight loss. If you want to know how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, you as an initiative have to drop way below the healthy calorie count suitable for an adult.

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4 Different ways on how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days

The most amount of weight that you will be dropping at around this time will be the water weight of your body. If you go back to your original diet or exercise routine shortly after or through this period, your lost weight may show up again. The side effects felt at around this time can be constipation, headache, dizziness, irritability etc. If you continue so for a longer time span, your body may go through some irreparable bad effects. If the question is- how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, this extreme form of diet should only be levied during emergencies such as a special occasion or time classified circumstances.

  1. Plan a low calorie intake meal schedule:

To shed 10 pounds in a matter of 10 days, the diet chart below should be followed that contains a list of low calorie foods. Strictly use only salt and pepper to season the food items. In the drinks section, apart from the obvious water, artificially sweetened tea or diet soda will help. This will help you move a step further on how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days.

Here’s the food table below:

Day 1
  • 1 cup of cut fruit, including strawberries and raspberries
  • 1 cup of plain yogurt or 1 cup of tomato juice
  • Generous serving of lettuce and tomato salad with a small amount of low-cal dressing
  • 1 cup of sprouts or vegetable/onion/tomato soup
  • 1 serving fruit
  • Fresh vegetable salad with cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, and tomatoes without dressing
  • 1 cup of cabbage soup
  • 1 serving fruit
Day 2
  • ¼ cup oatmeal
  • ½ grapefruit
  • 1 walnut
  • Whole wheat sandwich with tomatoes and avocado
  • 1 cup of sprouts
  • ½ cup of spinach
  • 6 oz. boiled or baked chicken breast
  • 3 small potatoes
  • 1 cup of broccoli
Day 3
  • Tea or black coffee
  • 1 sliced toast
  • ½ grapefruit
  • 2 tsps. peanut butter
  • ½ cup of tuna
  • 1 sliced toast
  • 1 small apple
  • 1 cup of string beans
  • 1 cup of beets
  • 2 slices of meat (any type, about 3 oz.)
  • 1 cup of vanilla ice cream
Day 4
  • Tea or black coffee
  • 1 egg
  • 1 sliced toast
  • ½ of a banana
  • 4 to 5 saltine crackers
  • 1 cup cottage cheese or tuna
  • ½ banana
  • ½ cup of carrots
  • 2 cups of broccoli
  • 2 sliced meat
  • ½ cup of vanilla ice cream
Day 5
  • Tea or black coffee
  • 1 small apple
  • 3 saltine crackers
  • 1 slice of cheddar cheese
  • 1 hard-boiled egg
  • 1 sliced toast
  • 1 cup of cottage cheese or tuna
  • ½ cup of cantaloupe
  • 1 cup of beets
  • 1 cup of cauliflower
  • ½ cup of vanilla ice cream

For the next 10 remaining days, repeat the cycle starting from day 1 for the remaining five days.

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  • Consume small proportion of meals: Instead of going in for a full fledged three meals a day, break down your meal plan to about 4-5 smaller portion meals for the days. If you consume three meals a day, it leaves a long gap between each eating session resulting in a blood sugar drop. This also increases your hunger quotient. Small portion of meals prevent binging and keeps your metabolic rates worked up and active.
  • Moderate eating: If you want to make a restrictive eating plan, it can be tough to maintain. You can limit your food intake by not eating the whole day but that would only lead to you binge eating in the evening. Even out your calorie intake equally throughout the day to reduce binge eating in the nights.
  • Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet: Not only will the fruits and vegetables leave you feeling full but they are also low in calories. They are enriched in fibers, vitamins and antioxidants too. Some of them even facilitate fat burning.
  • Also include more eggs and lean meat in the diet: lean meats and eggs contain vitamin b12. Studies showed that these actually help you burn fast. These along with fish are rich in proteins which leave you satisfied with your appetite.
  1. Increase the amount of water you drink:

Drinking ample amounts of water is one of the best ways to lose weight at a rapid space. Not only will it keep you hydrated but will also flush out toxins from the system. To kick start your metabolism start by drinking one glass of water in the morning. Ample amount of water will also leave you feeling full. The liver helps in metabolizing fats and this works in close relation with the kidneys. For the kidneys to perform its daily functions, it requires ample amount of water. Keep the kidneys hydrated to ensure your liver functions are updated and this would help you lose fat faster.

Your everyday water intake plan is enlisted below for how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days-

As soon as you get up each morningDrink between 300 – 600ml of water
1 hour later (before breakfast)Drink between 250 – 500ml of water
After every cup of coffee/teaDrink between 100 – 250ml of water
20 Minutes before each main mealDrink between 250 – 500ml of water
2 Hours before going to bedDrink between 300 – 600ml of water
Total amount of water per dayBetween 1200 – 2,450ml

Tips on how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days- 

Calculate your water consumption on the basis of your current weight. If you are overweight and the water chart above doesn’t fully hydrate you, you may consume more water. You may also calculate so on the basis of your activity level.

  1. Regular exercises are mandatory:

If you are wondering how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, the diet and water chart alone is not enough to trigger weight loss. One of the best ways to burn calories is to perform cardiovascular exercises. Even though toning your body and lifting heavy weights is healthy for your body, it may still increase your weight. (keep this in mind that the increase in weight will be the muscle weight and not fat). If you are determined on losing 10 pounds in 10 days, walks, jogs and working out on a stair climber machine or elliptical may be of help to you.

  1. Here’s some more tips and tricks:

How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days is of essential importance, so here are some more tricks to aid you in your venture.

  • A packet of stevia sweetener needs to be mixed with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and water. This not only creates a fat loss cocktail but also keeps you feeling fulfilled thereby reducing hunger pangs. You may even drink it up to five times in a day.
  • To reduce water weight, the best option for you is to add diuretic products to your diet. However, the diuretics that are artificial in nature facilitate diarrhea or dehydration which is why if you should, always stick to natural or organic diuretics.
  • Prior to and post workout includes liquid amino acids and protein powders in your diet. You may blend these with the fruits or vegetables to make a low calorie smoothie.
  • Once you reduce the calorie intake, you are also reducing the amount of nutrition you are supplying to the body. This is why during your 10 day weight loss plan include multi vitamins to your diet. This will answer your question on- how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days.


How to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month?

How to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month

Losing too much weight in too short time is usually dangerous if involuntary. But someone is obese or on the verge of obesity, they may want to target a huge target of weight loss in a short time period. To achieve this goal, however, a drastic lifestyle change is required. This may help you with the 3 Easy Steps on How to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month.

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How to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month with 3 Easy Steps

A proper weight loss program should be maintained throughout the period evenly. To lose 20 pounds in 30 days means losing 0.66 pounds extra weight daily. This may be achieved quite easily by following a balanced diet program and a proper weight loss exercise regime.

  1. Prepare for Losing Pounds :- . First step answering on how to lose 20 pounds in a month : Prepare your body and mind to achieve the great goal.

Understand BMR.  To undergo any type of weight loss program one must understand the basic metabolic rate (BMR) of the body. It is the rate at which the body burns calories throughout the day, just by living and breathing ( http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/). Once you are aware of it, you can now determine how much exercise is required to increase the BMR to your targeted weight loss.

Determine Calories Burn Goals.  To determine your calorie burn goal one needs to first know their BMR. You then multiply your BMR with your activity level. This will help you to understand how much activity needs to be infused in your daily habits to burn extra calories to help you reach your target weight loss per day. They need to multiply their BMR with the following numbers according to their activity level as below:

  • People with sedentary lifestyle =bmr x 1.2
  • People with light activity like light exercise 3 days a week= BMR x 1.375
  • Moderate activity means light exercise five days a week or some active hobby sports= BMR x 1.55
  • Very active people means who does heavy exercises at leats six days a week =BMR x 1.725
  • Very active people who do intense workouts daily= BMR x 1.9
  1. Cut Calories :- 2nd answering on how to lose 20 pounds in a month : First and foremost cut down on calories. For doing so, various methods can be implemented.
  • Cut Calories When Preparing Foods.  The best way to cut down calories is to cook low carbohydrates food. This can be done by changing the cooking method from frying to steaming and baking can make a drastic effect. Also, poultry with skin, and bread crumbs and various other high-calorie food should be avoided. This will help us to lose 20 pounds in a month in a month with ease.
  • Add Fat Burning Foods. Following impractical diet plans which starve you throughout the plan should be avoided. In fact, a good dietician suggests you eat food that helps you burn calories. He should eat seafood at least thrice a week, ginger, garlic, soy-based products, walnuts, citric fruits, antioxidants like green tea, tomatoes, spices, low-fat dairy products and lemon.
  • Eat Foods High in Fibre and Protein. The stomach and colon need to be kept clean during this period. This can be ensured by eating high fibre food and food rich in protein. Grains, pulses, and high fibre fruits like watermelon and papaya are good to eat during this time. They help to eliminate toxins from our body. They also increase our metabolic rate. The proteins in them help you keep your tummy fuller for long hours.
  • Drink Enough Water. A person needs at least 1 litre of water per 20 kgs of his weight. Therefore one should make sure to eat an optimum quantity of water or at least 8 glasses of it. Also drinking a glass of water half an hour before meals is a nice trick to help proper food digestion. It will keep you hydrated, avoid constipation, and also increase metabolism.

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  1. Set Realistic Exercise Goals :- if your really want to learn on how to lose 20 pounds in a month for sure then exercising is a major part of the weight loss program.
  • Focus on Cardio Training.  Cardiovascular exercises help in increasing the heartbeat and improve your metabolism. This helps in fast weight loss, and it also makes the heart strong. Always perform an exercise in a combination.
  • Try Interval Training.  Include interval training in your exercise regime if you can. The sudden spurts of jogging or running for 10 seconds in between 5 minutes walk, help you to lose weight faster during cycling also, you can apply this technique by pedalling faster for a few seconds at regular intervals. These sports help you burn calorie faster. It will help you achieve your goal to burn 20 pounds in a month more realistic.

How to Reduce Butt Size

How to Reduce Butt Size

Having problems with unwanted butt size and shape is one of the greatest concerns of modern time and whopping numbers of people are looking to shield some content of fat from their butts by storing the same in hip and thigh as well. It is the matter of disappointment that the size of butt gets unusual hike sometimes due to the gain of excess weight. In order to reduce a disproportionate size of a buttock, you may need to come through some exercises and diets, which are challenging but essentially ensures the improvement. Here is how to reduce butt size-

How to reduce butt size- Cardio Exercises 

Cardio exercises are effectively important to cut some pound of fat from butt and leg. Moreover, it will help you to reduce fat from the whole body keeping fit and healthy. A few particular exercises that strategies into the main focus to shrink fat volume from butt includes,

  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Stepping through upstairs and downstairs
  • Kickboxing
  • Bike riding

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Butt Reduction Workouts

Plentiful exercises and their categories are available to resist the unwanted hike of fat in the butt. These will directly target the butt muscles and will help to get them leaner. In order to avoid the addition of extra fat to butt, keep the loss of weight low.


  1. Lay down on the ground supporting on your knee and hand, eventually bent one leg up to 90 degrees and raise it up from the floor.
  2. Completely stretch your hip in an upward direction, spent few second and again get it down to the initial position.
  3. Conduct the exercise 20 times for each leg in a set and repeat it till three times.
  4. Few gyms allow you to do the same exercise by adding weight externally using their machine. This will help you know how to reduce butt size.

Narrow-leg Squats

  1. Place your feet in reasonable distance and stand up literally moving to squatting posture.
  2. Keep your legs closed during the process to enhance the stress on the butt for optimum result.
  3. You are allowed to integrate dumbbell to offer more resistance to the exercise. This is one of the ways on how to reduce butt size.

Standing Kickbacks

  1. You need to stand 1 to 2 feet far from a vertical wall and get inclined on the surface stretching your arms.
  2. Carry your arm perpendicular to the wall.
  3. Shrink the butt muscles and lift one leg up to the maximum you can.
  4. Conduct three sets for each legs repeating 8 times in every set.

Step Backs

  1. Take a 15-pound dumbbell in your right hand, keep it parallel with a body and stand up by spreading the shoulder.
  2. Step your left foot back and curve the knee to set you in jumping position
  3. Limit your right knee up to the toes.
  4. When you step up back in the initial pose, compress the glute muscle
  5. Repeat it 10 times for each leg. This will help you achieve the goal of how to reduce butt size.


  1. Lift two dumbbells in two hands and rest in the position like the dumbbells are lying in a thigh.
  2. Bend the whole body to the front up to your flexible limit.
  3. Keep the back and legs straight.
  4. Go back to the original position.
  5. Perform 2 sets of 10 times.

Step Ups

  1. Take a short bench and stand in front of this tool.
  2. Step up and down 10 times for each leg.
  3. Keep your knee and ankle in the same line and focus on the spine to remain in straight line.
  4. By placing fingers on a rear head, this exercise can be converted to abdomen workout.

Hip Walks

  1. Take a rubber band used for exercise purpose and hold it as a cross in opposite hands.
  2. Stand straight and place a step largely in right side reducing the risk of turning out.
  3. Conduct 15 repetition on an individual leg. This is shurely going to help in how to reduce butt size.


  1. Recline in the rest position on the ground placing the feet in flat position and by bending knees.
  2. Place hands on both side of your body.
  3. Compress the glute muscle and abs while you are lifting pelvis section above the floor.
  4. Hold in that posture for 30 seconds and then come back in rest position again.
  5. You can continue this repetitive exercise till 20 to 40 times up to the elasticity of your abs.

Watch out for this video showing Cellulite exercises as an example of butt reduction exercise.

Healthy Diet

No specific workout has been revealed yet that can directly penetrate the impact of exercise to your butt reducing program. Nevertheless, eating properly according to the diet chart can accelerate the miles of your goal eliminating the untoward fat in butt and body as well. It is also beneficial for health in real terms.

The possible advantages of proper diet are,

  • It helps to lessen the overall intake of calorie in a form of junk food items like ice creams, buns, snacks and much more.
  • Choose less amount of food with high nutrition value.
  • Select lean meat, fibre-rich foods, plentiful vegetables and fruit to maintain the desired shape of the body.
  • Add lots of water in your diet habit to abolish the effect of extra calorie consumption.

Metabolism -Prompting Foods

You are asked to include such kind of foods that have a tendency to increase the rate of metabolism. You will get the best outcome from these foods as they can provide the compact result being combined with healthy diet and with exercise. Followings are the valuable instruction that can help you in this regard.

  • Make the habit of drinking the special type of green tea not by adding so much sugar.
  • You can easily integrate garlic, red pepper, chilli pepper, ginger to your regular meals.
  • Eating fruits directly not in form of juice or else can drink juice without sugar content
  • You can take soya items in the place of meat that can easily enhance the rate of metabolism and can accelerate the weight loss program.

These are some of the effective ways on how to reduce butt size without any complications.

Calories Burned with Burpees

Once a person starts exercising they tend to want to learn more about different exercises that they could use in order to get better advantages out of their workouts. One such exercise is known as burpees and it combines three or four methods in order to work out your core to such an extent that it was named one of the best core exercises in the world and does well to help you lose weight and shred muscle faster than any other exercise available in the world. Burpees can be done in various ways and the best part is the more you do it the higher your endurance grows because this is primarily an endurance based exercise. Below we will help you with information on how many calories do burpees burn.

Calories Burned with Burpees and More Benefits

Burpees have been listed as one of the best core exercises in the world because it works on all areas of the body in a very adequate manner. Burpees have been proven to help an individual lose more than 50 percent of the calories they would normally lose using other exercises.

  • Ÿthis is a great exercise for strength training as it works on the core and other strength areas of the body quite well. It is easy to do and can be done at home without the help of any kind of machinery.
  • Ÿthis exercise works well on the core and other areas of the body as well making it an all round exercise. The best part is that this exercise works on the metabolism as well making you lose weight long after you have stopped the exercise.
  • Ÿthis exercise does well to increase endurance which is why it is an integral part of endurance training.
  • Ÿthis exercise does not need a machine to put into action. You can do it easily at home or anywhere you feel like for the best results when it comes to calories burned with burpees.

How Many Calories Do Burpees Burn?

The amount of calories that you tend to lose depends not only on your weight because a lot of weight will require a lot of energy to move but will also depend upon your conditioning level, metabolism and physical activity.

It is estimated that each burpee work out can help you to lose as much as 8 to 14 calories per minute but you must be ready to give it your all because the more time and pressure you put into doing tis the more the results you will tend to get.

Examples to show how calories burned with burpees can benefit the body when losing weight:

Doing burpees nonstop for an hour can help people of various weights to lose varying amounts of calories that can be very beneficial when trying to lose weight. For example a person weight about 250 lbs will lose not more than 375 calories when doing burpees for one hour and the best part is various weights tend to lose calories on various different levels making calories burned with burpees a proved concept.

Doing the math will tell you exactly how many calories you burn when you are doing a certain amount of burpees in a day,  Doing the math will give you the calculated answer that you require.

How to Do Burpees

Since we now know how many calories burned with burpees are available now let us see how to do it.

  1. Basic Burpees
  • Be in a standing position with your feet and shoulder width apart and then lower yourself into a squatting position with your hands in front of you at all times.
  • Begin to kick your feet back in order to come to a push up position, allow your arms to maintain the weight of your body.
  • Lower your chest and perform a push up after which you must start bringing your chest back up.
  • Put your feet together like the original position, jump in the air and clap your hands together.
  • 15 times you must repeat this process for the best results when it comes to calories burned with burpees.
  1. Burpees with Weight
  • Assume a standing position with feet and shoulder width apart from each other and place two dumbbells on any side of your body.
  • Go down to a squatting position with your hands out front to support your body weight.
  • Kick your feet back and come to a push up position.
  • Use your hands to bring your chest back up and perform a successful push up.
  • First put your feet back into the original position then take dumbbells in each hand and lift them over your head till they touch each other.
  • Begin by lowering the weights until they are on your side.
  • 15 times is how much you need to repeat this exercise in order for calories burned with burpees.

The following video shows details on the instructions:

Adding intensity by variations of burpees

  • If you feel that you want to increase the overall intensity of this exercise then go for long jump burpees that require you to jump forward and not upward.
  • The other means of this exercise to pull your knees towards your chest as you make the jump.
  • To help improve your endurance try starting out burpees over an obstacle.
  • A similar way of going about this is jumping onto a box rather than jumping up and down. People used to doing burpees can do this with just one hand.
  • The best part is the exercise can be done with holding two dumbbells in both your hands and carrying out calories burned with burpees.
  • The other type of variation is the inclined or wall burpee which allows you to land on the table when you jump.

Burpees are a very flexible exercise that can be done before a workout or even after a full fledged workout because it does not put too much pressure on your body at any time. A burpee is a great way to top off any exercise and you know you are a pro after you complete 100 burpee challenge.

The video that is provided below will give you a detailed account of the different types of burpees you can do in one set and how to do them in the best way possible. The video also provides adequate set makeup and allows you to experiment with your burpee exercises for your own personalized results.



How to Get an Inner Thigh Gap?

How to Get an Inner Thigh Gap

The inner thigh gap is an elusive masterpiece that gives women everywhere a look of sophistication and perfection. An inner thigh gap is the perfect resemblance of a lady with perfect hips and an adequate space between legs. The want for the inner thigh gap has increased so much over the past few years that many ladies have gone through extensive surgery to achieve this phenomenon and some women have gone through dangerous routes to get what they want. What you have to understand is that all you need is the due diligence to get what you want when it comes to how to get an inner thigh gap?

Exercises to Get an Inner Thigh Gap

Full body toning exercise also giving you the knowhow on how to get an inner thigh gap because exercises such as Pilates helps to work on the toning of the entire body which is actually a great way to get what you want when it comes to the body of your dreams.

Watch these videos showing exercises for inner thigh toning

  1. 5 Minute Inner-Thigh Workout

2.Inner Thigh Exercises for Toning

  1. Butterfly Stretching

Butterfly stretching is a great ay to stretch the body and make it more flexible.

  • Making sure your feet are joined at the soles, sit on a mat.
  • Open your legs while keeping your soles joint.
  • Bring your suspended knees to the ground slowly.
  • Depending on your flexibility your knees will touch the ground accordingly.
  • Force them to touch the ground.
  • Your inner thigh muscles should feel a tightening.
  1. Inner Thigh Firmer

The effect of this exercise is to make your thighs both firm and strong removing any excess fat in the area and giving way to a better means of how to get an inner thigh gap..

  • Use a rolled up towel to support your head and lie on your left side.
  • While maintaining a straight stance at your left side bring your right leg up front while bent at the knee.
  • Lift your leg above the ground about six inches while still in this position.
  • Two minutes is how long you must stay in this position.
  • Bring your left foot first down and then back up again.
  • Doing this on both sides repeat it for about 10 to 12 times.
  1. Squats
  • With your back against the wall stand straight.
  • With your toes pointing forward your legs should be shoulder width apart.
  • Move into a squatting position while inhaling deeply.
  • Keep your heels on the ground at all times, when squatting do not allow your knees to cross over your toes.
  • Exhales as you come up again.
  • 3 sets must be done with 16 reps each.

An exercise ball comes in handy with a squats workout as well and can be kept on your back for the best results.

  1. Exercise Ball
  • Place an exercise ball in between your feet while seated on the floor.
  • With your feet raised off the floor in a vertical position lie on your back
  • Your arms must be spread out to maintain balance
  • Squeeze your feet together after inhaling deeply
  • While in this position count to five
  • Inhale deeply while releasing the pressure on the ball
  • In this relaxed state count to 2 and then repeat the process.
  • Ten reps must be done
  1. Lunges
  • With your hands at your hips put your feet together.
  • Keep your right leg on the ground, straighten it and bring it to your side.
  • Now shift your weight to your left foot.
  • Bend your right leg at the knee with your left leg staying stretched out.
  • Bring the right foot back to the starting point and push off the weight on the left foot.
  • 8 to 10 sets will do for the other side.
  1. Leg Circles
  • Lie on your back with your legs stretched out.
  • While keeping your left leg stretched out point your right leg up towards the air in an extreme point.
  • With the leg that you have lifted trace out five circles clockwise and anticlockwise while keeping your hips on the ground..
  • Switch to the left leg after 3 to five reps and vice versa.

Diet and Lifestyle Changes to Get an Inner Thigh Gap

  1. Limit Intake of Calories

Calories is the base of energy and fat in your body as any calories that you consume are either converted to energy by your body or created into fat. Therefore it is better that you limit the intake of calories to help lose weight and learn how to get an inner thigh gap. Try eating low calorie foods for the betterment of your body.

  1. Reduce Dairy Products

Dairy products are known to be loaded with fat which is bad for your body when you are trying to lose weight. Though this is the case dairy products are also rich in vitamins and proteins which you would require making it necessary that you do not stop consuming dairy products entirely but reduce the amount you consume and try to consume products like skimmed milk and low fat yogurt.

  1. Cut off Junk Food

Give up junk foods for the betterment of your body. if you can then avoid junk foods entirely at all times. Junk foods just hamper the weight loss process and can hamper your body as well..

  1. Record What You Eat

It is always better to keep a record of what you eat. If you ever need to make a change in your diet then it helps to keep a record of the intake.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is very good for the body it is best that you drink it in plenty. Dehydration has been known to slow down the fat burning medium.

How to Lose Weight in Your Arms

Lose Weight in Your Arms

Toned arms are the dream of every individual. However, it is not so easy to get. You have to maintain an overall controlled diet to lose weight in your Arms. Just focusing on your arms and letting the rest of your body go out of shape won’t help you in any way as fat deposition needs to be eliminated from the entire body even if you want to tone a particular part of your body.   

Well toned, slimmer arms can be achieved by eating right and exercising right. If you concentrate on your arms more while exercising, you will see visible results in just a few days. However, before we go into the details of the exercise routines that can help us, let us have a look at the required diet that we need to consume.

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Diet to Lose Weight in Your Arms

  • Breakfast – A good and healthy breakfast with the right amount of protein can give your body just the right kind of boost to carry out a healthy workout routine. People consuming high fiber diet with lots of protein are more likely to lose weight and get a toned figure than those who skip breakfast or have less protein during breakfast. Having the right amount of breakfast for your body will also make you feel full enough to not need more snacks throughout the day.
  • Drinking spring water – Drinking spring water between meals is considered to be good for the health as it increases metabolism and helps you digest your food more quickly. This can also prevent dehydration in our body by relieving our stress hormones. However, having too much water in between meals can also be dangerous as it can make you feel bloated, rendering you unable to finish your meals. If you want to tone your arms and get slimmer arms, you should actively stay away from coffee and soft drinks of any sort.
  • Reducing intake of calories – You should create a gradual deficit of calories by consuming lesser and lesser amount of high calorie food. It is crucial to take your time with this as reducing the calorie intake drastically can have adverse effects on the body and make you suffer from malnutrition. Reducing calories will help you on your quest to lose weight.
  • Healthy diet – Maintaining an overall healthy diet is key to getting slimmer arms. Just cutting back on high calorie and fatty foods and eating foods with more protein content can help you. Vegetables and fruits make great substitutes for all the fatty and cholesterol filled food that you have to leave behind. Meats, whole grains and dairy products are also a desirable addition. Also, instead of eating a few large portions of food, you should practice the habit of eating multiple smaller portions of food throughout the day as it helps the body to digest the food faster.

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 Workout Routine to Lose Weight in Your Arms

Weight training

  • Shrugs – In this routine, you have to stand up with your legs shoulder length apart, and carry weights in each hand. Then you have to lift your arms and shoulder as if you are shrugging, and then slowly bring them back down to your sides.
  • Biceps curl – Sit on the side of a bench with your legs apart. Place your left elbow on your knee and hold a dumbbell in your right hand and curl the dumbbell upwards and downwards slowly. Repeat the process for 12 to 15 times for each hand, and you will feel the pull of muscles in your arms soon enough.
  • Dumbbell fly – Hold the dumbbells at shoulder level and slightly bend your elbows. Then open and close your arms, maintaining the distance between the arms all the while. Do this for around 10 to 12 times.
  • Push ups – Push ups are the most common type of workout to get well toned arms and shoulders. You should do it for a minimum of 12 to 15 times per day for it to have full effect. Just lie down flat on your face on the floor and place your palms on the floor at shoulder level. Keep your feet apart and balance yourself on your palms and toes, and then push your body upwards, letting the whole weight of the body fall on your arms.
  • Triceps dumbbell extension – This is a very effective arm exercise and should be practiced every 2 to 3 days. Just stand up holding a dumbbell in your left hand, stretch it upwards and then curl the arm so that the dumbbell is right behind your head. Hold the position for a few seconds and then repeat with the other hand.

Cardio workout

Cardio workouts are the best when it comes to burning fat effectively. Any kind of fat burning activity can be considered to be a cardio exercise, be it swimming, cycling, dancing or doing aerobic exercises. You can even jog and walk and run on the treadmill as these are also ideal cardio workout routines. Cardio not only help you lose weight but also strengthens your heart by pumping more blood. Having alternate days of moderate and intense cardio can give you the slimmer arms that you so desire. Try to increase the duration of the workout routines with each passing day.

How to Make Your Butt Smaller

Make Your Butt Smaller

Everybody wants to have a well toned body with a small, well toned butt. However, most of the time, despite having a well maintained physique, we often fail in the butt department as they are either too big and flabby, or too small and flat. What we want is to after know How to Make Your Butt Smaller, perfect shape and size  .

Our butt is made up of three important muscles which are known as the gluteal maximus, the gluteal medius and the gluteal minimus. The gluteal maximus is the strongest muscle in the body and forms majority of the butt. The three muscle groups are surrounded by a layer of adipose tissue fat called the subcutaneous fat. These fat tissues determine the shape and size of our butt, and control of these fats can help us make smaller butt.

 Things to Do to Make Your Butt Smaller

Having proper diet

Having the right food can definitely affect the fat content in your butt. If you maintain the healthy, balanced diet, you are bound to the perfect smaller butt that you so desire.

  • The butt is the primary place for fat accumulation. Whenever someone gains weight, the first place the fat goes to are the buttocks. Eating right can decrease the amount of fat entering the buttocks in the first place, ensuring smaller butt. Eating fewer calories can reduce the fat content in your body, and hence your butt. Try sticking to lean proteins and leafy green vegetables as opposed to rice and carbs, especially after lunch. Having carbohydrates for lunch is quite fine, but stay away from them for the rest of the day.
  • Increasing your body metabolism allows your body to burn up more calories, resulting in a lean and proper physique. Drink lots of water to speed up your metabolism. Eating spicy food can also help you in that. Also, try introducing metabolism enhancing food, such as green tea, fish oils, broccoli and low fat yoghurt, in your daily diet. Apart from food, regular exercise can also help you maintain a speedy metabolism.

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Doing The Exercises to Make Your Butt Smaller

Smaller butt requires a lot of hard work and sweat. You don’t just get smaller, well toned buttocks in a matter of days. Perseverance is key when it comes to getting fit and strong. To make smaller butt, you should try doing exercises which can bring down the overall fat content of your body. The right combination of cardio and weight training can give you your dream buttocks in no time.

  • Lunges – Lunges work the muscles of multiple places like the hamstrings, calves, glutes and quads. They are of various types, the most popular ones being sliding lunges, static lunges, low lunges and wheel lunges. Although they are quite challenging at the beginning, with time, they can bring about a nice change to your buttocks.
  • Squats – Squats are the most important glutes exercises to bring down the fat content of the buttocks and help you get smaller butt. Apart from the butt, squats also work on the thighs and hips. They are also quite handy for strength building of the lower body.
  • Step ups – Step ups should ensure that the leg raises high enough, around 90 degrees, to reduce glute muscles. Working mainly on the glute muscles, they are the perfect exercise routine for reducing butt.
  • Hip extensions – Hip extensions work mainly with the gluteus maximum muscles, which are responsible for the shape of the buttocks. By doing this exercise routine right, you can get the perfect, pert little butt in no time.
  • One legged dead lifts – These work not only on the butt but also on the hamstrings and the lower back. This is the perfect workout routine for someone who wants to maintain an overall good and fit body. However, if you have back problems, you should definitely avoid one legged dead lifts.

Running and walking to Make Your Butt Smaller

  • Walking and running – Walking and running not only help make your body fit and healthy, but also make your mind feel fresh and rejuvenated as well. Walking and running especially work at the muscles if you make an uphill trip on a bumpy road.
  • Cycling – Cycling is the best exercise option for those who want to stay away from the gym. It is not as intense as proper gymming, but can still work wonders on the human body. Standing on the bike while riding intensifies the routine even further, making your heart pump more blood.
  • Hiking – Hiking is a major calorie burner and has amazing effects on the butt. It is intense enough at its easiest, so you don’t have to make it more difficult or strenuous.
  • Kickboxing – Kickboxing is a great workout routine for anyone who wants to shape up and lose weight. They have wonderful effects on the legs and the glutes, especially on the legs, thighs, abs, butt and hips. Even your arms get a good dose of exercise.

If you follow the listed diet and perform the workout routines as mentioned above, you will be able to make smaller butt in no time at all, without even doing anything very risky or extensively troublesome.