Elevated White Blood Cell Count

Elevated White Blood Cell Count

The WBC or white blood cell count in your body focuses on the amount of white blood cells that are present in your blood. The white blood cell also goes by the name leukocytes and is primarily functioned to fight off infections or allergens. These cells usually attack the external agent that is harmful for the body, be it external or internal and destroys or depletes them to ensure quick recovery from the said infections. Compared to the red blood cells or RBCs the white blood cells are fewer in count but they are sized larger than the red ones.  The condition elevated white blood cell count may occur in the event of a bacterial infection.

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Elevated white blood cell count- definition and statistics

Elevated white blood cell count usually varies from laboratories to laboratories where the exact statistic is different. However, the cells should be limited within 4,300 to 10,800 cells for every cubic millimeter of blood. Elevation experienced in the blood cell count may therefore vary from one person to another. Usually for a normal adult, elevation of white blood cell occurs if the count is over 11,000 WBCs in a micorliter. The same cannot be calculated for children. There count differs and changes along with size and age.

Why the elevated white blood cell count is important?

The need to calculate the elevated white blood cell is important and to justify the statement given below is some of the many reasons as to why the spike in the blood count occurs

  1. Stress

If you experience elevated white blood cell count, you can blame the condition on immense physical stress or emotional distress of the serious kind.  Anxiety or over exerting oneself may be one of the many reasons. The reason behind this is the stress hormone on experiencing stress boosts itself along with the other hormones which can be related to the increase in white blood cells in your blood stream.

  1. Infection

Often a bacterial or viral infection is deemed to be the main cause for elevated white blood cell count. However, parasitic or fungal infections are not far behind in the race. Owing to the infection the immune system’s natural response is to increase the WBC count. It triggers a sensation in the marrows that allows the bone marrow to release extra white blood cells so that they can identify and attacks the harmful agents. If the infection is viral in nature, the increase in the blood cell will be eminent during the initial stages when the immune system uses the white blood cells as the soldiers to fight off the virus.

  1. Inflammation

Disorders that end up in inflammations usually are the reason why your blood cell count may increase. Rheumatoid arthritis or inflammation caused by tissue damage or injury may be taken into account. Asthma, burns, surgeries, allergies or heart attacks are some of the instances. Also the condition COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a disorder often caused by frequent smoking. The arrival of this condition makes the air and lung passages swell up.

When the inflammation sets in the immune system in the body releases a chemical message which is filled in WBCs straight from the bone marrow to the fight destination, i.e. the inflamed area.

  1. Bone Marrow Diseases

A bone marrow illness or disorder can be related to the elevation of the white blood cell count but this only pertains to serious cases.

  • A disorder as such would be a condition when the bone marrow produces large amount of white blood cells and releases it into the blood stream. This condition is known as
  • Polycythemia Vera is yet another bone marrow disorder where owing to an abnormal gene, the red and the white blood cells experience a spike in their production.
  • Myelofibrosis is yet another cause and this time the bone marrow is replaced or substituted with scar tissues. This usually causes the blood cell production to experience a hike and if there is any persistent inflammation, the white blood cell would experience a hike in the initial stages itself.
  1. Other Causes of Elevated White Blood Cell Count
  • Reaction to medicines- some medications often results in the release of white blood cells. Some of these drugs are related to the curing of the cancer, inflammation, mental health condition etc.
  • Immunity diseases- disorders in the immune system may lead to increase in the production of white blood cells. Some of these are autoimmune disorders or Crohn’s and even Grave’s. Monitoring of your condition is of paramount importance now.
  • Exercise- if you test your blood immediately after you exercised it would show a spike in the level of the white blood cells. The intensity and the time span of the workout session has toll on the spike levels and this is nothing to be alarmed about .

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When does elevated white blood cell count become a worry?

In case you are suffering from an infectious disorder or illness, the spike or the elevation in the white blood cell is completely natural though not healthy. Once the infection or the disorder mends or repairs itself, the level of your white blood cell should go back to normal by itself.

A visit to the hematologist is essential in the event of experiencing elevated white blood cell count without any infection or illness occurring in the near past. The hematologist will put you through some tests and check up procedures to diagnose the exact reason as to why the body is producing an excess of the WBCs. A professional can easily identify and treat the situation.

Note: A vital part that determines the level of your white blood cell is your diet. To ensure the levels are in check and proper one should at all times avoid calories, fat, sugar and salts. Food items rich in antioxidants or the ones with low glycemic values will be apt for you at this time. Opt for food items that can contain or control the inflammation and always help yourself to at least six servings of vegetables and fruits each day. Garlic, vinegar, spices, olive oil, black and green tea, grapes and herbs are some food items that can contain an inflammation or help you tone it down.

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