Why do you lose your voice

Why do you lose your voice?

Why do you lose your voice is a question that can be answered only after you have diagnosed the reason pertaining to the loss of voice. Seek medical checkup in case of necessity.
Lump Behind Ear

Lump Behind Ear

lump behind ear can be of two varying types and that is painless or painful of which the painless lumps are what you need to be afraid of and get help immediately.
How to Change Your Voice

How to Change Your Voice?

To know how to change your voice you need to know the basic knowledge of amending the different organs or methods that constitute a voice production. Take a cue from the tops given.
Staph Infection in Nose

Staph Infection in Nose

It is important to be aware of staph infection in nose. By understanding the causes, symptoms and remedies, things get a little easier during those tough 'under the weather' days.
Unplug Ears

How to Unplug Ears ?

Clogged ears can affect absolutely anyone anytime. It doesn’t have any set age groups or populace that it attacks. Any sort...
swollen nose

Swollen Nose

Swollen nose can cause a hell lot of problems for a person, from extreme pain and redness to a constant feeling...